Trading 212 minimum deposit

Minimum deposit with Broker Trading212

a trader, the minimum deposit required by the broker is an important issue, while other clients are not really interested in the minimum deposit. This is especially true for professional traders, as their deposit on the trading account is over 90 percent higher than the minimum deposit required by the broker anyway. Many traders even ask themselves why there is a minimum deposit at all and what else there is to know about this condition. We would like to answer this question in our guide and also explain what minimum deposit is required by Broker Trading212 and why there is some confusing information on this topic at least on the website.

What is the minimum deposit or minimum deposit?

In practice, brokers talk about either the minimum deposit or a minimum deposit. In both cases it is the minimum amount of money that must be deposited into the trading account in order to be able to use all the services of the Forex broker. However, the definition is not very clear, because sometimes the minimum deposit is the minimum amount that must always be available on the account. Sometimes, however, brokers define the minimum deposit more as a minimum deposit, so that it means the amount that must be chosen as the minimum when depositing money into the trading account. However, in common parlance the minimum deposit or minimum amount of capital is usually understood to mean that this capital must be at least deposited to the account.

In practice, there are sometimes very big differences between brokers if you look at what is required as a minimum deposit. Therefore, the estimated minimum deposits range from zero to several thousand euros. On average, it is often between 100 and 200 euros, which is typical for a minimum deposit. Here Trading212 with its minimum deposit is even lower.

What does the broker want to achieve with the minimum deposit?

In all likelihood, the minimum deposit is what many brokers require in order to make the processing of the deposit to the trading account more profitable for the provider. If, for example, customers were to deposit only ten euros into their account several times a day, perhaps using different payment methods, the broker’s processing costs might be higher than the income generated by trading. Some CFD brokers, however, would like to target the minimum deposit to a specific group of customers. This is especially true when a very high minimum deposit of for example 5,000 or 10,000 Euros is required. If this is the case, the broker’s main intention is to address his offer primarily to institutional investors and professional traders.

Which payment methods can be used?

In connection with the minimum deposit, there is of course the payment method that can be used by brokers for deposits. The vast majority of Forex and CFD brokers offer several payment options, such as credit card, bank transfer and today’s modern online payment systems. Sometimes there are fees for depositing, whether it is only a minimum deposit or a higher deposit. However, on the other hand, there are also numerous brokers who provide one or more deposit methods free of charge. Here, you should pay particular attention to the fact that the different deposit methods have major differences in terms of the speed at which the capital is available. For example, if you make a deposit to your trading account via bank transfer, you can assume that the money will only be available after one to three business days. Online payment systems are much faster and credit card deposits usually guarantee that the funds are credited to the trading account immediately.

For whom is the minimum deposit particularly interesting?

As mentioned at the beginning, many customers do not even bother about the minimum deposit, as they usually deposit a larger amount of money into their account anyway. This is especially true for institutional investors and professional traders who, for example, rarely deposit less than 5,000 or 10,000 euros to trade into their account. As a result, the minimum deposit is primarily of interest to clients who have perhaps just started trading currency pairs or are among the so-called small speculators. For such customers, even minimum deposits of more than 500 euros are sometimes critical, so that the amount of the minimum deposit can certainly be a decision criterion when choosing a broker.

What minimum deposit does Broker Trading212 require?

At the beginning we already mentioned in our guide that there is some misleading information on the Forex and CFD broker’s website regarding the minimum deposit required by Broker Trading212. On the one hand there is talk about a minimum deposit of 100 Euro, more precisely about an account balance ( In the FAQs, the broker answers the question “What is the lowest or highest account balance?” by saying that the lowest account volume is 100 Euros. However, there is no specification regarding a maximum deposit.

However, under “Conditions and commissions”, which can also be accessed via the website, the broker writes that the minimum deposit is 39 euros or 49 US dollars ( We can only explain this discrepancy by stating that on the one hand, there must always be a minimum account balance of 100 euros, while on the other hand, when depositing with the deposit method provided, there is only a minimum amount of 39 euros. However, this information still causes some confusion, as brokers almost always refer to a minimum deposit or minimum deposit, which automatically means both the minimum account balance and the minimum deposit. However, after we asked the support team, they told us that the minimum deposit is definitely 39 Euros or 49 USD.

Conclusion on the minimum deposit with Broker Trading212

With the required minimum deposit, Broker Trading212 is within a very moderate range. The minimum deposit is explicitly mentioned in the price list, where the broker states that the minimum deposit is 39 euros or 49 dollars. However, in the FAQs, when asked how much the minimum account balance has to be, the broker mentions an amount of 100 Euros. Thus, it is not quite clear what Broker Trading212 now understands by the minimum deposit and how high it must be, but due to the mentioned figures it can be a maximum of 100 Euros. Thus, the broker with his offer should be interesting for beginners as well as for professional traders, at least regarding the required minimum deposit.

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