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Trading platform is one of the essential features which, in our opinion, should not be missing in any broker comparison and experience report. After all, the trading platform is always the basis for the entire trading process. If you, as a trader, cannot find your way around the trading platform or feel it is insufficient, this will almost automatically have a negative effect on your trading success. A good trading platform should therefore be individually adaptable to the trader within certain limits and should have as many useful functions as possible. Broker Trading212 is one of those providers who have limited themselves to a single trading platform and do not put the trader before the decision to choose one of several trading platforms. Mobile trading is also possible via Trading212, so that a complete package in the area of trading platform is available, so to speak.

What should a trading platform be able to achieve?

Nowadays the trading platform has numerous tasks and must include various services that the modern trader simply expects from the trading platform. An important basis is first of all that the trading platform is designed in a visually appealing way. This includes that it is not overloaded with texts or pictures, but the trader should find the functions and information he needs as quickly as possible. Thus, the entire structure of the trading platform is of great importance, which is usually summarized under the keyword “user-friendliness”.

This also applies to the trading platform of Trading212. In addition, of course, professional traders in particular place further demands on a trading platform, which primarily concern the functions, tools and information that should be integrated into the trading platform. Thus, many clients especially want the following features of a modern trading platform:

  • Display of real-time prices
  • One-Click Trading
  • complete account and portfolio management
  • Financial news available
  • numerous charts can be displayed
  • Trading tools and order types
  • individual modules make trading platform customizable

These and certainly a few more features should be present in the modern trading platform today, so that it is as well received by traders as possible.

Mobile trading is now mandatory

Although many traders still use the trading platform primarily on their stationary desktop PC or laptop, customers on the other hand are increasingly attaching importance to the fact that the trading platform is also available in a mobile version. Therefore, there are hardly any Forex or CFD brokers who do not provide their trading platform via an app, so that one can speak of mobile trading. Furthermore, customers nowadays expect that this mobile version of the trading platform, i.e. the corresponding app, can offer practically all the functions and information that are also available on the stationary version. It is also important that the mobile trading platform can actually be used from as many end devices as possible. Today, the following end devices can be used with a mobile trading platform via app:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Android tablets
  • Android smartphones
  • Windows Mobile
  • BlackBerry

The vast majority of brokers now mainly provide apps that can be used via end devices that have either the iOS or Android operating system. Mobile trading platforms for devices based on either Windows or BlackBerry, on the other hand, are not yet quite as widespread.

Simply designed trading platform at Broker Trading212

As mentioned at the beginning, Trading212 is one of those brokers that only provide one and not several stationary trading platforms. The customer is therefore not spoilt for choice, but can concentrate on the functions of a trading platform.

Under the name “Trading 212 PRO” the Forex Broker provides a professional trading platform. The trading platform has a very simple design, but this is by no means meant negatively. In concrete terms, it is an online platform that can be accessed without detours via the browser. This leads to the advantage that the trading platform can be used not only via the computer on which it was previously installed, as there is simply no need to install the software. Furthermore, it is a so-called in-house platform, which means that the trading platform was developed by the broker himself. The main advantage of this is that the trading platform can be adapted relatively quickly to changes and special customer requirements at any time. It goes without saying for the broker that the trading platform can be used completely free of charge.

Via the trading platform, which at Trading212 works on the basis of modern HTML 5 technology, numerous financial products can be traded and also news and analyses can be called up at any time. Design and the whole structure of the trading platform are in our opinion very clear, so that the user-friendliness is given in any case. On the other hand, the broker does not skimp on information, such as an extremely detailed training area, which is also an important part of the offer.

Trading Modes at Trading212

Additionally Trading212 offers different trading modes, which can all be used innderbalb of the trading platform. These trading modes are the hedging and aggregation mode.

Hedging mode is a feature that allows traders to open multiple positions in the same instrument. Each position is opened at the current market price, depending on direction and volume, whereas in aggregation mode, only one position can be traded per instrument. Each additional position is added to the existing position and the price is calculated on average.

For those who do not wish to try out the trading platform directly and thus enter into real trading, the broker also offers the possibility of deciding on a demo account first. This will be equipped with 10,000 euros of virtual capital and can be used without any time limit to try out trading and get to know the real trading platform later.

Learning centre for the trading platform

In addition, Trading212 offers its customers numerous video tutorials on the functions of the platform. These explain quickly and clearly how to place limit/stop trades or use a trailing stop within the trading platform.

Mobile trading via the Broker Trading212

In addition to the stationary trading platform, Broker Trading212 also provides apps, i.e. offers a mobile version. This is suitable for all end devices based either on Android or on the Apple operating system (iOS).

This means that you can use the mobile trading platform if you have an iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone or Android tablet, for example. In terms of functions and information, the mobile trading platform is almost identical to the online trading platform, which can be used via PC or laptop.

Conclusion: Simple but professional trading platform

We do not see it as a disadvantage at all that Broker Trading212 only provides a trading platform that can be accessed either via a stationary PC or from mobile devices while travelling. The user-friendliness is high and despite the simple design of the trading platform there are numerous functions and information that the trader can access quickly and transparently. The trading platform is free of charge and was developed by the broker himself, so that any changes and improvements can be implemented quickly. Furthermore, Trading212 offers a lot of additional information about the trading platform such as free learning videos about functions and trading strategies.

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