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Sell Dash – It’s that easy to sell Dash Coins!

Dash seems to be on a descending trend. It is no coincidence that many owners want to sell their Dash stock right now. For this purpose, various possibilities are open to them, whereby investors should make sure, as always, that they choose a serious and trustworthy partner.

We will tell you where you can sell Dash and how, and what you should bear in mind when doing so in order not to pay too much and to be able to act as uncomplicated as possible. Of course, we also look at the possibility of simply spending Dash and tell you how you can easily find one of the acceptance points.

  • Dash loses importance
  • Exchange against Fiat money or crypto currencies possible
  • Pay attention to the seriousness of the stock exchange
  • Security is also an important factor in sales

How to sell Dash? Trading for fiat money

If you want to sell a Dash Coin, you have two options: Either he sells it against another crypto currency or against so-called “fiat money”, for example Euro or US Dollar.

If he wants to exchange Dash for Fiat money, he has several options. Even private sales are conceivable, but customers use Exchanges or exchange offices much more frequently. At exchange offices, the exchange rates are often much worse, or the transaction costs are higher. In return, customers receive their money directly and do not have to wait for their order to be fulfilled.

An exchange office, on the other hand, is often much cheaper, but placing an order can be more complicated. In addition, some exchanges do not even offer trading with fiat money. One reason for this is that the demands on providers are becoming much higher, not least in terms of the security of the funds or the verification of customer data.

One problem with the exchange offices, on the other hand, is that they do not even offer dash as a change option. Clearly more frequently therefore a detour is necessary: Dash is exchanged only in Bitcoin or another more frequent crypto currency and can be exchanged then into Fiatgeld.

This has naturally the large disadvantage that a customer must pay fees twice. It can be nevertheless the more favorable variant. Currently, it is possible to exchange Dash directly into Euro or US Dollar at the following providers, for example:

  • Coinbase
  • anycoindirect
  • Octopuses
  • changelly

But there is another catch: not every exchange accepts customers from Germany.

Dash against crypto currencies exchange

Selling dash coins is much easier if the coins are exchanged for another crypto currency. The reason for this is that then no comprehensive registration and authentication is necessary. On the contrary it is then often already sufficient to fill out a short registration form at the stock exchange of its choice and to settle the trades directly afterwards.

Another advantage of this procedure is that the fees are usually very reasonable. Hardly an offerer, who permits only the trade with Kryptowährungen, is actually expensive.

Naturally there are also disadvantages with this proceeding. Thus crypto currencies vary clearly more strongly in value than euro and US Dollar. That makes it partly clearly more complicated to act Coins against Coins. In unfavorable market phases it is hardly possible to place an order successfully, because the prices fluctuate too much.

In addition, users remain naturally trapped in the “crypto world”. Since there is hardly a crypto currency, which is actually very well suitable for payments in “the real world”, the owner remains in the long run nevertheless in the long run only the renewed exchange, then however against Fiatgeld.

Nevertheless most customers, who want to diminish their Dash existence, will decide in the long run nevertheless in the end for a crypto currency. Dash is not a classical speculation object, but rather a currency for investors, who believe in crypto currencies. Accordingly it is not improbable that they exchange their Dash Coins against a crypto currency, with which they assume more potential.

What do customers have to pay attention to?

Basically, it is not complicated to transfer dash coins. Who would like to sell Dash, must therefore above all consider what applies to the trade with crypto currencies generally. Those who own Dash probably know the rules. Nevertheless, we list them here once again.

The stock exchange or exchange office, which is linked with the Wallet, should be examined in the apron exactly for seriosity and trustworthiness. Since there are hardly any binding legal rules for the operation of crypto currency exchanges, users should, in case of doubt, be guided by the familiarity of the providers. A much better proof for seriosity does not give it unfortunately up-to-date yet.

In addition customers must consider inevitably the quite high volatility of the crypto currency with the sales. Basically, it is often not advisable to act when news with much significance is published that affects Bitcoin or the block chain technology in general. Here often with difficulty transparent dynamics often complicate the sales for investors substantially. On the other hand, Dash can also experience a significant upswing through positive news. The sale can therefore be particularly successful. However, there is also a risk.

When the customer has sold his coins, he should transfer any backlog back to the wallet and not leave it on the exchange. It makes sense to transfer these back to another wallet. In this way the security can be increased once again.

Attention: Do not store Dash on the Exchange

As with any other crypto currency, Dash also stores coins on the exchange only as long as absolutely necessary. Most exchanges and other providers make the greatest possible effort to secure the coins.

Nevertheless, they are extremely attractive targets for attackers. If they succeed in breaking through the security barriers, the reward is often particularly high. Due to the pseudo-anonymous character of most crypto-currencies and the impossibility of reversing transactions, digital currencies are especially valuable to criminals.

Whoever wants to buy or sell Dash should therefore only transfer as many coins to the exchange as absolutely necessary and then transfer them back to the wallet. In case of doubt, even a simple paper wallet is much more secure than the Exchange, even if the necessary security standards are met:

  • secure storage
  • no storage on the PC/device with internet access
  • Trustworthiness of the provider
  • secure transmission

In some cases, however, it may be worthwhile to leave coins on the exchange. However, this is especially true if users can use them as investments and receive interest in return. In these cases, customers should also make sure that the provider has made provisions for emergencies. Some exchanges, for example, use funds that replace losses through theft in an emergency.

Is now a good time to sell Dash?

Actually, it seems like the best time to turn Dash Coins back into money is now. If you want to sell Dash now, you have missed a very high profit compared to the highs.

In November 2019 the Dash exchange rate is below 70 US dollars. At absolute highs the exchange rate was almost 1,500 US dollars. However, not many owners will have been able to sell their own coins at such a good rate. The peak phase lasted only a few days in December 2017 before the price plummeted again.

However, it would certainly have been possible to achieve around three times the price last year as well. At the same time, the Dash share price even started 2019 below 60 US dollars, but anyone who was able to sell Dash at a value of 100 US dollars was certainly lucky.
Even though Dash will probably not rise to the old highs, it is certainly possible to find better and worse selling times. Investors must therefore decide what is more important to them: sell Dash as quickly as possible or wait and see and get a good price, even if it may not come.

Sell Dash short as a derivative?

It is not necessarily necessary to own Dash in order to profit from price changes. Some derivative providers, such as CFDs, even allow their clients to short sell Dash to profit from further price losses. So, if you expect Dash to continue to decline in importance in the future, this is an easy way to profit from it.

However, trading CFDs and other derivatives usually involves a much higher risk. Due to the leverage, price changes have up to twice the effect. Customers should be able to assess this risk and invest accordingly cautiously. Because even if the downward trend of Dash seems very obvious, the price can always recover.

Due to the high risk with crypto currencies there is however hardly a possibility apart from the CFD-Trading to trade Dash individually. Most derivatives instead tie up packages of different crypto currencies. And even with CFD trading, there are only a few providers who offer Dash at all. With the dwindling importance of Dash it becomes more and more improbable that brokers include the crypto currency in their program. There are some much more important coins, including not only Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash but also the Altcoins:

  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Iota
  • Tether
  • Litecoin

Many of the offerers limit themselves therefore to these crypto currencies. However, possible providers for CFDs on Dash are Admiral Markets, AvaTrade, eToro and IQ Option.

Alternatives to selling: Issue Dash

Crypto-currencies are usually created so that they can actually be used as means of payment. Dash ranks thereby among the few crypto currencies, which actually succeeded in this. Thus Dash is considered the most popular crypto currency in Venezuela, which could attain large popularity in the context of the currency crisis.

Of course it is not only possible to pay in Venezuela with crypto currencies. Dash has set up a special website at, where you can find a database of acceptance points. There users can enter their desired location and get an overview of possibilities to spend Dash. The partners accept Dash as a means of payment and provide information about their offer on the website.

The number of acceptance points in the vicinity naturally depends on the location. In the larger cities in Germany, however, there are. Altogether there are currently almost 200 stores or service providers in Germany where customers can pay with the crypto currency. The Federal Republic is thus in seventh place.

Clearly more acceptance places are in Venezuela and Colombia and the USA, but also in Austria or France. In the doubt thus the next city trip or a business trip is suitable, in order to spend still existing Dash. By the way, DASH machines are the most common, followed by restaurants.

However, the number of registered acceptance points has been decreasing in recent years. The high point of more than 5,000 partners does not reach the Kryptowährung thus up-to-date any longer. Since September 2019, there are almost 4,000.

What is Dash anyway?

Dash is one of the oldest and best known crypto currencies. You can buy or sell Dash since the end of 2014. In the beginning, the currency was also called “XCoin” and “Darkcoin” before Dash was able to establish itself as a name.

The main reason for this naming was the fact that Dash placed much more emphasis on data protection than Bitcoin. Although both work very similarly, Dash offers more anonymity because transaction information is not made public.

Instead, several transactions are always mixed up, so it is not so easy for outsiders to see which transaction was made to which Dash wallet.

Another peculiarity concerns the use of the mining funds. Dash uses ten percent of the mining fees for marketing purposes and thus also enables further training via block chains. The money supports many different projects and advocates.

Dash became known very quickly and was also very well received by the community. Thus Dash was partly one of the five Altcoins with the largest market capitalization. So it is not surprising that almost all major stock exchanges have Dash in their selection.

In the end, however, the crypto currency does not offer enough innovation and improvement compared to the newer generation of Altcoins. Therefore Dash loses constantly in the last years at meaning. In November 2019, the crypto currency Dash is only to be found among the 20 largest crypto currencies. It is therefore not unlikely that Dash will continue to lose importance.

Conclusion: Dash can be sold in different ways

Users who want to sell their dash coins have several options. They can exchange the crypto currency (first) into another crypto currency or have it paid out directly in Euro or US dollars. It is important thereby however that they select themselves a respectable and as safe an exchange stock exchange or exchange office as possible, in order not to take unnecessary risk.

Currently it seems that owners of Dash have missed the best time to sell their Dash stocks. The exchange rate is constantly falling and with it the importance of the currency. Currently, Dash seems to be on a downward trend and is being overtaken by other crypto currencies. Dash ranks therefore up-to-date only among the 20 largest Kryptowährungen, after it belonged some time long quite to the Top 5.

Those who assume that Dash will continue to lose value can take advantage of this without owning the currency. Short selling through CFDs makes this possible. Those who own Dash can also use the crypto currency to pay in transactions. Dash reveals which acceptance points there are in the vicinity on its website.

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