CryptoCurrency Ripple: CFDs for speculation on Crypto Currency Ripple Course

Buy the crypto-currency Ripple directly or rather use only the course of the exchange rate? Traders have innumerable possibilities to use the Ripple crypto currency for the realization of their investment goals. While the direct purchase requires frequently clearly more expenditure and own capital funds, the speculation on the crypto currency Ripple course is possible with the help of the difference contracts more flexibly and above all with less own capital funds.

Traders need for it an account with the broker of their choice and can start frequently already with few euro; owing to the leverage nevertheless hope for large profits. We show, how the crypto currency Ripple prognosis is optimally used.

  • Crypto currency Ripple with CFDs available at the broker
  • Ripple CFDs have maximum leverage of 1:2
  • Traders can also use volatility in the XRP price very easily & flexibly
  • Trading entry is also possible free of charge with a demo account with the broker

Successful use of the crypto currency Ripple with CFDs

Ripple is the crypto currency for the network of the same name, which was founded in 2012 by the company Ripple Labs Inc. in San Francisco, USA. The network had made it’s duty not only to process transactions faster, but to create a network not for private, but rather many institutions and credit institutions. Exactly here difference between the crypto currency Ripple and for example Bitcoin or Litecoin exists.

By the focus on credit institute or other financial institutions Ripple stood since its establishment in the criticism, because many crypto fans feared to lose the decentralization so singularly desired for crypto currencies. That it can become however nevertheless successful, if a crypto currency goes new ways, proves Ripple by its course development and the position under the crypto currencies.


Who looks at itself once, where Ripple stands under the over 3.000 Internet currencies in the list on basis of the market capitalization, will be perhaps surprised: Despite enormous criticism with the introduction Ripple could maintain ground meanwhile under the best three crypto currencies. Thus traders have the chance to invest in one of the top crypto currencies par excellence. A maximum of XRP are to be in circulation, whereby meanwhile the total supply lies with approx. 99.991.237.614 XRP.

If the users want to profit from it, they can either buy the crypto currency Ripple directly or speculate on the course of the exchange rate. Both variants have their chances and risks for the traders, whereby the CFDs and the associated speculative trading on the course of the price are clearly more flexible.

Crypto Currency Ripple Course Trading: It’s that easy

The view of the crypto currency Ripple course shows that there were enormous fluctuations in the last years, since introduction. This volatility knows the one or other perhaps already from Bitcoin or other crypto currencies, so that it is little surprising with Ripple.

What is decisive, however, is how traders deal with the volatility and use it for themselves at best. For example, while traders often have to wait (too) long at an exchange until the fluctuations result in an optimal trading opportunity, traders have better cards with a broker. They can speculate on the course of the crypto-currency ripple rate and do not have to buy the coins themselves. In contrast to trading activity at an exchange, there are even more advantages with a broker:

  • Traders need the Crypto Wallet
  • Additional costs for processing transactions are incurred
  • Traders often need less equity
  • There is no risk from hacking attacks on wallets

If the dealers do not want to buy the crypto currency Ripple directly, brokers are a good investment and investment alternative. The dealers can trade for example difference contracts on Ripple or other crypto currencies and diversify thereby their Portfolio; also the Investment in the crypto securities is meanwhile possible with many brokers.

Tip: If you want to start trading with a broker, but are initially still shy of the risk, you can usually use a demo account provided free of charge. Many brokers offer the demo account not only for an unlimited time, but also with a virtual credit balance. In this way the dealers have the chance to get to know the broker for themselves calmly


In order for traders to get the most out of trading Ripple CFDs, it is crucial which position is traded: long or short. Traders look to see how the price will develop in the future using technical and/or fundamental analysis. Suitable for the crypto-currency Ripple Forecast is above all the technical analysis due to its simple application.

Traders can usually even use free tools and indicators to make statements about possible future developments based on historical data. However, it should be said that volatility is a major unknown in the Ripple price. Therefore, traders should still pay attention to hedging the risk sufficiently and trade their positions with stop loss and take profit, for example.


The Ripple Crypto currency rate is influenced by several factors. Often they have nothing to do with the market situation itself. For example, if a state government decides that ripple or other crypto currencies will be prohibited or restricted for trading or mining in the future, this can have a direct impact on the price movement.

Still crypto currencies are not yet recognized as official means of payment and terms more or less a shadow existence. Therefore, many governments and financial experts are uncertain how to deal with crypto currencies and how to regulate them. The uncertainty is also reflected in the volatility of the price trend, which traders in the market often react immediately to news reports in this area; either with uncertainty and an associated fall in prices or euphoria and an associated rise in prices.


There are several reasons why traders can trade CFDs on the crypto currency Ripple so well. One of the reasons for this is that:

  • Time saving
  • Equity savings
  • Flexibility

Contracts for difference are usually traded intraday, which means that the positions are closed at the end of the trading day. In this way, traders can immediately see the results of what gains or losses they were able to achieve with their decision. Another argument in favor of intraday trading is that it saves traders the additional trading costs of holding positions overnight.

Those who decide to trade CFDs are oriented towards a short and medium-term investment horizon. This means that the traders know how to take advantage of the volatility on the crypto-market and at best also what risks are involved. Nevertheless, CFDs offer the possibility for hobby traders to profit with enormous time savings in the market without having to constantly watch the price.


Who would like to improve for example by the trade of the Ripple CFDs its pocket money and generate an additional income, can analyze before its actual activity the market and trade with a good course prognosis the CFDs. With the help of stop loss and take profit positions, the traders then determine their limits for closing a position (when a certain profit amount is reached or when a loss limit is reached). This makes them safe and ensures that no major losses are incurred, even if the market moves against them.


Contracts for Difference also have the advantage over trading on a crypto exchange that they can be traded with little equity. For example, if you want to buy ripple coins directly, you have to pay about 0.19 euros per coin, depending on the market situation. When an all-time high was reached on January 4, 2018, a ripple coin cost 3.47 euros. However, the digital coins at the alternative on July 7, 2014 were already available for a lot of about 0.0025 Euro.

Those who decide to trade contracts for differences often need less equity capital for the positions and the desired trading quantity, because the lifting of the coins turns even supposedly little capital into a lot on the market, which in turn can lead to higher profits.


For example, traders can use a maximum leverage of 1:2 for Ripple CFDs as private traders. This makes it possible to multiply the equity, whereby only a smaller amount is required. The traders receive the difference to their own capital and what is traded on the market as a loan.

Of course, the leverage also works in both directions, so that in the event of a loss, even without hedging, significantly more losses are incurred than perhaps planned at the start of trading. Therefore it is especially important that traders not only focus on the increased profit opportunities with CFDs, but also concentrate on limiting losses.


Flexibility is another advantage of the group CFDs, as traders can become active regardless of the market situation. Regardless of whether the price is in a sideways, falling or rising trend, the traders place their position according to the market conditions. This flexibility is not always available with direct investments at the Crypto Exchange, because if you own coins, for example, and want to sell them, you are naturally waiting for an upward trend at best.

If the dealers would like to use however to the Kryptowährung buy Ripple, then they look primarily for a downward trend and want to secure themselves the favorable prices of the Coins. From flexibility there frequently not at all the speech can be there, which naturally for the Trader not only a test of patience represents, but also usually capital binds. CFDs are different, because traders forecast the price development and open their position accordingly.


Often, the volatility of the ripple price creates short-term opportunities in the market that last only a few minutes or hours. Traders can still take advantage of these supposedly small opportunities and trade using CFDs. Even closing the position after a few minutes is not a problem at all, although traders can also use the automated position closures for this purpose.

Note: Many brokers offer their investors support in making trading decisions and provide, for example, free price alerts or market news. In this way, traders are well informed and can be individually informed about prices, price movements and market news.

Trading the Ripple CFDs: the top tips from the practice

Trading Ripple CFDs is associated with low access barriers. The traders can, for example, gain initial trading experience with the help of a demo account even without their own capital and get an idea of the opportunities on the crypto, market. Resourceful traders know what they need to consider in their trading activities in order to achieve rapid success. We share these secrets based on practical experience to make it as easy as possible for traders at the beginning of their trading career to get started.


With the help of their own trading strategy, traders can choose exactly which financial instruments are suitable for the respective market situation. The strategy is developed based on various criteria, including trading experience, risk appetite, available capital and investment horizon.

Many traders miss the opportunity to develop a trading strategy at the beginning, which often results in overstraining decisions or unsettling the traders. In order to avoid this, traders should always develop an investment strategy in the first step and can at best even use the demo account for testing purposes. However, since no real profits can be made with the demo account and the virtual credit, we recommend that after some practice, traders start with their own capital at the broker and secure the profits on the crypto-market


Successful traders know that further training is essential. Even the most brilliant investors have never stopped learning and dealing with new trading opportunities. Especially for traders at the beginning of their trading career it is important to understand the crypto-market and the basics. Unlike foreign exchange or other markets, the crypto-market is subject to enormous volatility and has its own unique factors that can influence the price development.

In order for traders to understand how to interpret possible news and price developments, it is important to know what makes Ripple and other crypto currencies so special in the first place and why the market is moving as it does right now. Many brokers make free possibilities available for the further training in the form of videos, regular Webinars or other Tools.


Risk management is one of the most important pillars when it comes to successful trading activity over a long period of time. After all, the equity capital should be protected as much as possible to avoid a subsequent margin call.

Risk management includes not only the hedging of positions, but also the prudent use of leverage or diversification. How traders can make the best use of risk management can also be learned. For this purpose, many brokers also provide free information material and a demo account, which is also ideal for testing your own risk management.

Conclusion: Make optimal use of the crypto currency ripple with the leverage effect of CFDs

The Ripple crypto currency has been around since 2012, although it was introduced only gradually at crypto brokers and exchanges. Many crypto exchanges are available for those wishing to purchase the coins, although the traders need a wallet and sufficient equity capital to do so. Often they are also bound to a trading decision for a long time due to volatile price movements or have to wait until I find the ideal time for trading.

More flexible are the traders with the Ripple CFDs, which is available from many brokers. The contracts for difference speculate on the course of the price so that the traders do not need a wallet and do not buy the coins directly. Instead, the flexibility in the price development is used to make profits.

For this even the leverage with a maximum of 1:2 is available for private traders, in order to relieve the trader of the equity. Even with little liquid funds, CFDs are tradable and still bring possible higher profits thanks to the leverage (voluntarily applicable by the traders). Who wants to test the chance with the Ripple CFDs himself, can start now with a broker with a free demo account and secures at best in seconds the first (virtual) profits.

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