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Use Litecoin course with matching Litecoin course forecast successfully even as a trading novice

Litecoin is as crypto currency already several years at the market and enjoys rising popularity. Meanwhile the Internet currency can become generally accepted under over 3.000 crypto currency also behind Bitcoin sovereign and ranks under the Top 10 of the crypto currencies according to CoinGecko. Traders can use the Litecoin course likewise for itself and acquire for example the Coins at the favorable price and sell with positive Litecoin course prognosis profitably. We have tested how easy it is and which steps are necessary to do this.

  • Using the Litecoin course with the help of technical analysis
  • Direct trading of Litecoin on crypto exchange with wallet possible
  • Secure Micro-Litecoin for free with Faucets
  • Compare Litecoin prices of different exchanges, as they can vary

Litecoin Course: Using volatility correctly made easy

The Litecoin rate is especially important for direct trading of the crypto currency. After all, it is important to find a suitable time for buying or selling with the help of the correct exchange rate forecast. Many investors look in times of penalty interest with assets and zero interest policy with classical investments for interesting alternatives. The crypto-market and Litecoin could offer these, although the approaches to trading activities differ greatly from the classic savings book or overnight deposit account. Nevertheless, traders should not be afraid to familiarize themselves with the steps necessary to use the Litecoin price forecast for their investments and investments. We will show how the price can be examined for good opportunities and how traders can make the most of such situations.


There is no uniform regulation of the crypto market, so there is no uniform Litecoin price. When trading on a crypto-market, also known as an exchange, the price is determined by the trading behavior of the registered users. Therefore, it may happen that, for example, the price at crypto exchange 1 differs from the price at crypto exchange 2. Traders can take advantage of these differences if they know about them. We therefore recommend that you compare the current prices of Litecoin Live and use the best one for your trading activities. Traders can even log in to several exchanges at the same time without incurring additional costs, as experience shows that account management is free of charge.

Litecoin rate Euro vs. Litecoin rate Dollar

When it comes to price viewing, traders will find either the Litecoin Dollar rate or the Euro rate, depending on the selected stock exchanges. The differences lie in the currency conversion. Traders should be well informed about this. For example, the current exchange rate is 56.33 Euro for one exchange and 62.12 USD for other exchanges. At first glance, this may not make much of a difference, but if you don’t pay attention to this, you can easily assume that the data you are using is incorrect. Therefore, it is important to always compare the current currency units with each other before the price analysis and actually only directly compare Euro with Euro or USD with USD at the individual trading places. If, for example, the traders compare the price in Euro at one exchange with the Litecoin price Dollar at the other exchange, this may result in wrong trading decisions.


Which rate is better for traders: Euro or USD? In principle, each trader decides this for himself, but traders should make sure that the exchange rate is at best in line with his own currency for account capitalization. For example, if the traders trade the USD rate, but if the account is held in Euro at the exchange, currency differences will occur. Those who trade with a stock exchange that offers account management exclusively in USD have to expect additional costs if they pay from the reference account in Euro and then the value date on the trading account is in USD.

Note: For optimal price analysis and forecasting, it is important to have a Litecoin price with live data. On the basis of the live quotes, the traders get an overview of the current supply and demand relationship in the market and can make their trading decision based on this information. Above all, those who use fundamental analysis to make the Litecoin price forecast should make sure that the data basis is up-to-date.


For trading decisions it is of course important that traders look at the current price development in order to derive their forecast. Various analysis options as well as tools and indicators can be used to support the trading decisions. Fundamental analysis and technical analysis have proven to be particularly useful, although technical analysis is easier to implement, especially for trading beginners, due to its ease of use. When traders want to forecast the Litecoin price with the technical analysis, the historical data of the Litecoin price is used to search for patterns that will be repeated in the future and to derive a forecast.


The technical analysis follows the simple approach that trends will eventually reverse and each trend will repeat itself in the market. Based on this starting point, it is easier to analyze the trends and, for example, use a downward trend for purchasing. For selling, traders use at best an uptrend that is before the trend reversal.


Trends in the Litecoin Euro exchange rate are always characterized by upward or downward movements. It also happens that a trend moves sideways. Such a market situation is much more difficult for traders, at least for trading activities on crypto exchanges, because it is hardly possible to deduce suitable times for buying or selling from this. However, those who act with a broker can, for example, use CFDs on Litecoin Cash to take advantage of the pronounced sideways trend, because the positions allow even the smallest price movements to be traded in a short time frame.


The upward trend symbolizes at the market that the dealers have rising interest in a crypto currency. The upward trend in the Litecoin exchange rate reflects, for example, due to a positive news report, the increased attention and willingness to buy of the traders, although the upward trend is often only of short duration. For example, the Litecoin price reached an all-time high of over 340 Euro within a few days on December 19, 2017, but the upward trend then abruptly subsided and a downward trend set in. How long an upward trend will last can be determined somewhat easier with the help of the Litecoin price forecast, but there is no binding information. This is because some trends are significantly stronger and longer-term, while others are more short-term.

Tip: If you want to sell your Litecoin from the wallet, you should look specifically for an upward trend. Traders are then prepared to pay a higher price, which is of course enormously beneficial for profitable sales.


In contrast to the uptrend, the downtrend occurs when traders react cautiously in the market and the demand for Litecoin or another crypto currency decreases. The reasons for a decline in demand can be many and varied. For example:

Press releases about hacker attacks and the resulting uncertainty of the traders
General bad mood at the crypto market

Negative reports on the regulation of Litecoin or trade restrictions by some countries
Because the downward trend can be triggered by various factors, we recommend keeping an eye on the current news situation. For this purpose, crypto stock exchanges and brokers offer free SMS or push notifications as soon as there is interesting news or the market changes significantly. Traders can use such messages to buy coins when the market is down.

Tip: Traders can take full advantage of a downtrend in the Litecoin price by not buying immediately when the downtrend begins, but by letting it run first. This requires some patience and may cause some traders discomfort, but it can be worth it if prices continue to fall. If the downtrend is about to reverse, traders can get the best price in the current market situation. Those who find the exact time can even sell when the trend reverses and quickly secure profits.


The sideways trend is a bad starting point for traders on crypto exchanges to trade. There is no clear trend, which makes it more difficult to enter and exit the market. Here, trading with a broker is recommended.


A sideways trend in the Litecoin price is usually unsuitable for trading on the crypto exchange. However, traders do not have to wait until an upward or downward trend occurs at some point and better trading opportunities arise. If you simply change the financial instrument or investment strategy, you can make the most of even a sideways trend. For this we recommend switching to a crypto-broker and using Litecoin CFDs. Contracts for Difference offer traders the opportunity to speculate on the price trend and hold the positions for a short time without having to buy the coins directly.


Contracts for Difference not only have the advantage that traders can be more flexible in their trading activities, but they are also significantly cheaper and require less equity. In contrast to crypto exchanges and the direct purchase of coins, CFDs can be traded with just a few euros per position. Added to this is the use of leverage, which multiplies the equity capital. Private traders trading Litecoin CFDs can leverage with a maximum of 1:2, thus doubling the capital share in the market. According to Adam Riese, this also results in a higher profit if the position is not against the trader. Especially because of the leverage effect, the contracts for difference are very interesting for the trader on the one hand, but they also carry a higher risk of loss. That is why CFD trading always includes loss limitation in order to protect one’s equity in the long run and to gradually build up profits through crypto-trading.

Trading Litecoin Dollar at Exchange: What is necessary?

Traders have two options for trading Litecoin and Co: Exchange or broker. What is necessary for the traders to become active on a crypto exchange? We take a closer look at the individual steps.


Before the traders can buy Litecoin or another crypto currency, the selection of the suitable stock exchange is pending. Since there are countless trading places in the meantime, which differ in the selection of the trading volume as well as the conditions, we recommend to use a crypto stock exchange comparison. This can be used, for example, to make a targeted selection for exchanges with a high litecoin trading volume. The higher the trading volume for a crypto currency, the more certain the traders can be that no late execution or even complete cancellation of trades due to missing volume will occur.


Once the appropriate crypto exchange has been found, the next step is to open the trading account. Experience shows that this does not take longer than five minutes. The online form provided is used for this, which makes the whole procedure much easier. In the meantime, all renowned crypto exchanges have simplified the registration in this way, so that the traders can sit down comfortably in front of the PC or use the smartphone or tablet to register for trading with Litecoin in no time at all. Once all the information has been entered into the form, the information is confirmed and subsequently verified with the identification document and proof of address.


Once the traders have opened and verified their account, a crypto-wallet is still required. Some exchanges make it available automatically as soon as the account is opened, others do not. The traders can of course decide for themselves which wallet variant they want to use. The wallet provided by the stock exchanges has the advantage that traders can start immediately, but these are usually online wallets. They have a different handling and a lower security level than offline wallets and are only suitable for the short-term storage of small amounts of coins. Traders should be aware of the differences in order to eliminate potential risks of hacking attacks as much as possible.


In order for the traders to become active on a crypto exchange and buy coins at the favorable Litecoin rate, capital is required. How much the traders deposit is usually up to them. Experience shows that the exchanges have no limits, although we recommend a deposit of about 100 Euro, as this is simply more efficient for trading. Traders can also buy coins on a pro rata basis, which means that they can also invest with 50 Euros, for example. There are two options for account capitalization: with fiat money or with crypto currencies.

The thing with the Krypto Wallet: on-line and off-line storage explained

We have already seen from the approach to trading activities that linking to a crypto-wallet is necessary to manage the coins after purchase. There are different wallet, variants: online and offline. If the traders decide to use an online wallet, they have the choice:

  • Mobile Wallet
  • Desktop Wallet
  • Browser-based Wallet

Dealers can also use offline wallets. Here, there is a choice between a hardware and a paper wallet. Let’s take a closer look at the peculiarities of the individual wallet types in terms of application, costs and security.


The Online Wallets are, as the name suggests, connected online to the server. This offers the wallet owner the advantage that he can retrieve and transfer his coins almost autonomously and is always up to date on what is happening in the wallet. However, online access also has a decisive disadvantage: security. Just as wallet owners themselves use the interface with the Internet, hackers can also use the access to launch a targeted attack on the wallet if the security is inadequate. In the past, this concern has not been unfounded, as the theft of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Co. in the millions has repeatedly occurred in recent years.


To use the desktop or mobile wallet, users simply download the desired application/software and install it on their end device. Access to the wallet is then only possible on this end device. Experience shows that installation takes only a few minutes, which of course makes it easier to start trading activities. We recommend implementing a second security level and using 2-factor authentication. It is provided by all renowned online wallet providers. The providers have learned from the past and want to make the wallets more secure.


The management of the private key also contributes to security. It opens access to the wallet, comparable to the PIN for the credit card or account, and should therefore only be located at the wallet owner’s premises. In contrast, the public address is intended to be deposited with the crypto wallets in order to send the coins to the correct destination address.

Tip: Online wallets are particularly popular with users with their mobile devices, mainly because of their functionality and easy access. They often access the wallet via public networks, which may save their own bandwidth, but is also a security risk. Public networks are often inadequately secured, making it easy for hackers to gain access. They can access the wallet, especially if the second level of security is missing.


The cold storage is done without online access, which makes it a bit more difficult to use. But it offers maximum security and is especially recommended for larger quantities of coins or a longer storage period. Since the Litecoin price can sometimes be so long that it is unsuitable for trading activities, traders must expect to bridge several days, weeks or even months in order to sell the coins profitably. Of course, the coins should be stored as safely as possible in a wallet. Traders should not have to worry if hackers can steal their coins and they will no longer have a trading base. Therefore, it is recommended to rely on maximum security, which is guaranteed by cold storage.


The Hardware Wallet is a mixture of maximum security and mobility. Users can conveniently put their Hardware Wallet in their pocket and simply take the coins with them. It looks like a USB stick. The plastic housing prevents the data from being damaged. This is a great advantage of the Hardware Wallet. But it also has its price: Depending on the provider, you have to invest about 50 to 100 euros once for a Hardware Wallet. But there is maximum security, which is also guaranteed for the storage of different crypto currencies at the same time. However the users must wait with a hardware Wallet if necessary several days, until they hold their Wallet in the hands (depending upon the dispatch times of the Shops).


In contrast to the Hardware Wallet, the Paper Wallet is provided free of charge and can be used in no time. Users can either create it by hand using a piece of paper or print out the wallet data. We recommend printing the generated addresses because of the higher comfort. There are various wallet generators available online, which can be used to create a unique individual address for wallet access. It is also possible to print out a QR code for faster access via a scanner with this generator. This makes it even easier for wallet owners to use their digital wallet.


When it comes to evaluating the security of the Paper Wallet, users can rest assured. It belongs to the cold storage methods and therefore offers maximum protection just like the Hardware Wallet. However, paper is fragile, so users must be aware that it may be damaged, for example by environmental influences. In order to protect the Paper Wallet optimally, we therefore recommend that you store it as safely as possible at home or cover it with a protective film for transport. In addition, owners should be careful where they leave the paper, because anyone who owns the Paper Wallet can theoretically access it and secure the coins.


In order for the traders to acquire Litecoin, the account capitalization with equity is also required. Deposits are possible with Fiat money, Bitcoin or other coins. If the traders decide to deposit with Euro or USD, they can use the following service providers:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bank transfer
  • Instant bank transfer

There are differences in processing time, limits and possible additional costs. Experience has shown that the longest time to make a deposit is with a bank transfer, especially if several international credit institutions are involved. This means that costs for currency conversions are also possible. In order to avoid this, we recommend using faster and more attractive service providers such as credit cards or electronic purses. If the traders want to capitalize the account with Bitcoin or other crypto currencies, a wallet is required for this. The Coins in the Wallet are used, in order to acquire for example Litecoin.


As soon as the equity capital is available in the account, traders can start buying Litecoin on the market. It depends on whether they use the dynamic market price or fixed price. The dynamic market price requires an observation of the price development, because, as the name suggests, it can vary significantly. The fixed price, however, is different: it is determined by the trader himself and is then available for sale on the trading platform. The principle is roughly comparable to that of eBay, the leading Internet auction platform.

Use Litecoin even without equity capital?

Do the traders always need equity capital to buy Litecoin or can the coins also be procured through other channels? Of course, it would be an advantage if the traders would be able to get hold of Litecoin without a cent of equity. But that is actually not possible, is it? In practice, there are indeed ways for the traders to get Litecoin without equity capital. Although these are the smallest amounts of Coins, the crypto currency is available without any equity. So of course the Litecoin sale becomes very interesting, because without costs for the purchase, the profitable sale is even easier.


Traders can use their public wallet address and the associated registration on the Faucet platforms Litecoin to secure their account completely free of charge. In return, they simply make their time available and receive the smallest amounts of Litecoin in exchange. In many cases, registered users do not even need to do anything, but receive micro Litecoin in their wallet for advertising purposes. Often, however, there are smaller tasks that have to be fulfilled to provide the coins. This includes, for example, participating in surveys, answering test questions or evaluating games and other applications. If you have a little patience, you can accumulate the tiny amounts of Litecoin in the wallet over a longer period of time until a significant sum is reached, and then sell these coins profitably.

Conclusion: Trading Litecoin course profitably with simple means

The Litecoin exchange rate Euro is offered for trading at countless crypto exchanges, whereby the traders need a Litecoin Wallet in addition to equity capital. The acquired coins are stored in this wallet in order to sell them at best at a profit. There are different approaches to wallet solutions: online and offline. For long-term secure management, we recommend an offline wallet, as this gives traders maximum protection against hacker attacks. To find the right time for trading, the traders analyze the Litecoin price and create a forecast. Technical and fundamental analysis, both of which provide information on future price developments, are helpful in this process. Due to its ease of use, technical analysis is especially popular among trading beginners, because it is easy to understand. When buying, it is advisable to take advantage of downward trends and at best buy when the price is about to reverse. On the other hand, if traders want to sell their coins from the wallet, we recommend trading an uptrend just before the trend reversal.

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