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IQ Option Demo Account – secure trading for traders

The rather young binary options broker IQ Option, based in Cyprus, was founded in 2011 and has already won several awards in a short time. These include, for example, the “Most reliable Broker” award in 2014. Translated this means “trustworthy brokers”. The broker specializes in trading with binary options. The globally active online broker enjoys a growing number of active accounts in 178 countries, including the UK. Traders have access to the general terms and conditions and payment conditions in numerous languages. This ensures that all those interested in trading binary options at IQ Option do not have any misunderstandings from the outset, but rather a clear view.

The advantages and disadvantages of IQ Option:

  • Licensed by CySEC
  • Trading rates of DevExperts
  • intuitive use of the platform
  • free IQ Option demo account
  • VIP account
  • some hints and information only in English

The online broker offers a clearly structured, stable trading platform. It shows a high degree of user-friendliness, as the design has been kept the same on the different pages. A lot of information can be taken from the platform in German language, including info and learning videos. Trading is not only possible on the home computer, but also on the tablet or smartphone when out and about. A nice advantage results from the trading prices, which the broker obtains from the recognized news agency DevExperts. Since IQ Option is regulated by CySEC, the online broker is subject to EU guidelines. Positive is the easy account opening and the completely free QI Option Demo Account. The minimum deposit of 10 USD is also very low. Traders enjoy a customer service that is easily accessible via email, phone or live chat.

Conditions with IQ Option

Fees and costs sometimes reduce the returns on trading. With IQ Option, the costs and fees are as follows:

  • no fees for deposits and withdrawals
  • no commissions and spreads in trading
  • Custody account fees or account management fees 0 Euro
  • after 90 days of inactivity 10 Euro inactivity fee per month
  • for binary options maximum yield of 92 percent
  • 500 tradable assets
  • When opening an account, you can choose between IQ Option Demo or real account
  • Minimum deposit 10 USD
  • VIP account minimum deposit 3000 USD
  • Broker App for iOS and Android

The online broker offers almost continuous trading except on weekends, where traders can trade gold, silver, foreign exchange and indices. The tournament is also interesting, where traders can earn a high premium if they are successful. Here, of course, the general terms and conditions also apply. In the tournament, for example, there is a 250 USD bonus for the best trader.


To ensure that invested funds are well protected, traders must not only observe the trading intricacies of a broker, but also ensure that international trading standards are met and guaranteed. IQ Option is licensed and regulated by CySEC. CySEC is the abbreviation for Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commissions. There the online broker is managed with its own license number. As Cyprus is a long-standing member of the European Union, European minimum standards are guaranteed by the authorities. Among the standards is the membership in the Investors Compensation Fund. This is an association for deposit protection. It applies to the balance on the trading account. Client funds are safe, even if IQ Option experiences liquidity problems. Furthermore, the funds cannot be misused or seized for other purposes.

As a regulated broker, IQ Option manages client funds and corporate assets separately at leading European financial institutions. This provides maximum security for the traders’ deposits. Legal disputes are settled before European courts. Traders can therefore assume that there is a significantly higher level of security than with online brokers in Asia or the Caribbean.

Our experience with IQ Option at a glance

If you have not yet come into contact with Forex trading, binary options and CFDs and would like to start trading, you should first open an IQ Option Forex Demo Account or an IQ Option CFD Demo Account. Unlike other online brokers, where a demo account is only available in conjunction with opening a real trading account, IQ Option places great emphasis on customer service. For an IQ Option Test Account only a few details are required to use the demo account. With the demo version, unneeded traders are given a useful opportunity to get to know the functions and process of trading. But the demo account is also interesting for experienced traders to optimize their trading methods. When using the demo account, no real money deposit is necessary, as the use is completely free of charge. Likewise, there is no term limit, so that interested parties can enter into active trading with a live account at the same time, if they already have enough experience.

Only a few details are required for registration. The registration form can easily be found on the broker’s website. After complete details of

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Date of birth
  • e-mail address and
  • Password

have been made, traders only need to check the appropriate box to accept the terms and conditions. Once the opening of the demo account is complete, an IQ Option Demo Account will be created by the broker with a virtual balance of 1,000 USD. Compared to other online brokers this virtual sum is rather small. Also low is the minimum trading amount, which is only one dollar. So with 1.000 USD many trades can be set in order to practice trading sufficiently.

Not only the minimum trading amounts, but also the minimum deposits when opening a live account are extremely attractive. The opening of a Real Account is possible with 10 Euro, US Dollar or British Pound. When using the demo account, the virtual 1,000 USD does not allow you to generate a credit balance through returns. Accordingly, there is no payout because it is virtual money.

Trading opportunities and underlyings at IQ Option

Via the live account, Broker IQ Option offers numerous underlyings from the assets currencies, indices, stocks and commodities. Yields of up to 92 percent can be generated in regular trading. With the demo account, the trading possibilities are limited so that the trader has only a few tradable underlyings available. However, these are completely sufficient to try out Forex trading and CFD trading in peace and quiet. There are not only binary options, but also classic options, which provide unlimited trading possibilities. Interesting is also the newly added offer of Digital Options. With these, the opening price can be selected from 22 different specifications. As with other brokers, it is common for IQ Option to not display the complete trading environment in the demo account. Since trading in binary options is speculative, the online broker offers attractive opportunities in the demo account to develop methods for trading and test them for their suitability. The best known methods are:

  • Trend following method
  • Volatility method
  • Hedging method

The different methods for trading are designed for specific market conditions. The trend following method provides information about a clear price trend. It shows whether the price of a particular underlying asset is maintaining its direction. If the market fluctuates strongly, the volatility method is used for successful trading.

Even though the demo account of IQ Option only provides underlyings from the real trading offer, traders can still gain helpful experience and develop sensible methods that can be used in active trading with real capital investments.

CFD trading with IQ Option

CFD trading is basically just another investment opportunity with potentially high returns, but which can result in equally large losses. Trading is not done on the stock exchange, but in over-the-counter trading. The trader bets on a rising or falling price of a particular market or instrument such as commodities, indices or shares without buying the product that is subject to the price. Different crypto currencies such as Bitcoin are also traded on these digital marketplaces. In CFD trading, where price fluctuations are bet on, terms like going long (bet on the rising price) or going short (bet on the falling price) are used. A lot can happen from buying a CFD to selling it. If the price actually goes up, you can expect nice returns.


IQ Option concentrates on Forex trading, as the sometimes high price fluctuations create numerous trading opportunities. Since the currency market is available around the clock, even professionals have the opportunity to trade currency pairs in the evening or at night. Trading with index funds and shares is not possible on the platform. Forex trading does not focus on long-term trends, but on short-term fluctuations. A lever is used, which is called leverage. It enables the maximization of returns. The leverage in the Forex area for non-EU traders and EU traders with a Professional Account ranges up to 1:300 and in the stock area up to 1:50.


Anyone who has gained sufficient experience with the IQ Option Demo Account and finally wants to get started as a hobby trader or private investor with a live account usually takes a high risk if there is not yet too much knowledge about the trading features. A great opportunity is provided by social trading, as it allows you to follow professional traders and take over their executed threads. The professionals who are active at IQ Option do not make decisions when trading based on fundamental data, but use chart analysis. If the professionals generate profits, these can also be found in their own portfolio, just like losses. Therefore, users should be aware of this fact so that there are no unpleasant surprises. The professional traders are clearly listed on the platform, based on the returns achieved in the last weeks and months. However, it should be remembered that past performance is no guarantee for future returns. Therefore, one should also look at the risk attitude of the respective professional to ensure a match with their own risk tolerance. If you want to invest for the long term, you have chosen the wrong platform with IQ Option, because most traders focus on Kyoto currencies, Forex and binary options.

However, if you would like to trade short-term, this online broker is definitely fun and can generate nice returns. The performance of a professional trader can best be judged when an analysis is made over a minimum period of six months. Risk minimization is also given if the own capital is controlled by several signal generators. But before you start into the real world of online trading, it is worthwhile using the free demo account from IQ Option.


The online broker IQ Option offers traders different options, classic and digital. For example, there are the classic call/pull options, where traders speculate on the underlying instrument at a fixed time via call or under pull on the current market value. Turbo options are also available. Especially with foreign exchange, fluctuations can occur within a single minute. In order to be able to react quickly, IQ Option offers turbo functions with a duration of 60 seconds and five minutes. Regular options have a time span in 15-minute intervals and usually a maximum term of 30 minutes.

Open a demo account with IQ Option – it’s easy

The majority of online brokers provide interested parties with a free demo account, but this is only offered together with a real money account. For the user, this means that various personal details must first be provided in order to take advantage of the demo account. In this context, a first deposit into the real money account is necessary. Once the money has been booked, the demo account is activated. Whether or not this has a time limit depends on the selected broker. A handful of brokers do not have a time limit. Nevertheless, sometimes only a use of the demo account for 24 hours is provided. In addition, without registration and deposit, there are very few providers who provide traders with a demo account.

IQ Option is one of the few online brokers to offer such an option. The demo account can be opened without any deposit of funds. Within a few minutes the interested party has access and can start trading. In the free demo account, four tradable assets are available to gain first experiences with trading. The demo account is equipped with a virtual money amount of 1,000 USD. If the money is used up, the account can be recharged by the support. This gives traders unlimited opportunities to gain knowledge about online trading and try out methods. A positive feature is that you can switch to the broker’s real money account at any time. In contrast to registering for a demo account, the information to be provided during registration is somewhat more extensive. Nevertheless, it can be done in a few minutes using the online form. IQ Option also has excellent customer support available 24/7 and offers extensive, free training opportunities such as video tutorials.


Since binary options are based on falling and rising prices, nothing should be left to chance. This is exactly what the demo account is for: to try out different existing tactics. Appropriate trading methods are used for this purpose, which are tailored to the respective type of trader. The three most important ones are the trend-following, volatility and hedging methods. However, not all tactics are equally applicable to all types of trading. The trend-following method is popular with traders because it only looks at the movement of the trend. Speculation is only made on the continuation of the trend. It does not matter whether the trend is rising or falling. Those who already have extensive experience can use the volatility method to achieve high returns. This mainly concerns the markets where there are high price fluctuations. The 60 second options are much riskier, but offer the trader much higher returns. To hedge another trade, the hedging method is used. It is also known as hedging. But before trying the other methods, you should start in the demo account with the popular trend following method.

IQ Option Account types and their payment options

IQ Option’s offer is aimed at experienced traders who want to learn how to trade binary options. There are two different types of accounts available for this purpose, which differ in terms of the scope of services and minimum deposit. The demo account is free of charge. When opening a real money account, IQ Option requires a minimum deposit of 10 EUR/USD/GBP. Unlike other online brokers, there is no conventional bonus. Instead, the demo account is available for unlimited use. Compared to the standard model, the VIP account at IQ Option offers a much better and more personalized service. Every holder of a premium account is provided with an individual account manager after the deposit, who is available 24 hours a day and takes care of the traders’ concerns. Users of the standard account are not eligible. With both account variants the yield payout is 92 percent.

Since trading often has to be very fast, deposits and withdrawals are optimally optimized at IQ Option. The trader can enter the desired amount directly in the Trading Sceen and make the deposit there. The range of payment options is very extensive. In addition to free credit card payments and fee-based bank transfers, payment services such as WebMoney, Skrill, Neteller, GiroPay, Sofortüberweisung and several others are available. Paypal payments are unfortunately not possible.

Special features with IQ Option

Even though the online broker specializes in trading binary options and offers tradable assets in this area, there is also the possibility of investing with currency pairs in the form of underlyings and in direct forex trading. The selection of assets is certainly interesting. In addition to the so-called majors, i.e. pairs of major currencies such as the euro, US dollar, CHF and JPY, there are so-called minors such as NZD/USD and USD/NOK. There are 188 currency pairs. In many cases, the best forex brokers rarely reach this level. IQ Option knows exactly which underlyings are interesting for traders and designs the offer accordingly with an extensive selection.

Trading is also possible with various shares of large national and international companies and of course with the most important indices such as DAX, FTSE 100 and S&P 500. In the area of commodities, the value of gold or silver can be traded. However, since direct forex trading is also possible and there are also plenty of currency pairs, traders who prefer this instrument will find IQ Option to be exactly the right online broker for them. Furthermore, it is also possible to trade with six different crypto currencies. For example, Bitcoin, Litecoin, IOTA, Dash, Ethereum and Ripple are available. IQ Option thus offers numerous interesting investment opportunities in digital currencies, which are comparatively less extensive with other providers.


Since traders have to decide within minutes, IQ Option offers the possibility to buy a mobile app for smartphone and tablet in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Like many other brokers, the platform is a social trading app for on the go. It is clearly laid out and has all the important functions of the desktop version integrated to use it on the go.


Customer service is a top priority for IQ Option. Especially newcomers to online brokers have many questions and would like to have a competent contact person for the IQ Option demo account, registration, topping up and other questions that arise during the course of using the platform. Whoever decides to get a VIP account will be assigned a personal contact person right from the start. The support is available 5 days a week around the clock. Contact can be established via e-mail, telephone or live chat. The support is multilingual, so that there are no problems with communication.

Conclusion: IQ Option – recommendable online broker

The quite young online broker IQ Option attracts attention above all with his great demo account. Since 2011, he offers traders and especially beginners different services and many opportunities to get into trading, to practice with the demo account without limits and to try different methods. Interesting is 92 percent profit per trade, if the investor has the right nose. With a small deposit of 10 Euro the registration for the live account is completed, so that trading of binary options, crypto currencies, classic and digital shares, foreign exchange and commodities can be started immediately. Traders need not worry about security. The broker is based in Cyprus and is regulated accordingly before CySEC. The regulation takes place according to valid EU guidelines. Especially those who start trading are interested in a high level of security to make trading as safe as possible and to avoid losses. Although there is no bonus, there is a demo account with a virtual 1,000 euros. If this money is used up, the demo account can be recharged via support to gain further trading experience. The app for iOS and Android gives investors the opportunity to invest their money and follow developments even when they are on the move.

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