IOTA Forecast

IOTA Forecast – The IOTA price forecast on the value of the Crypto Coin in five or ten years?

In this article we will discuss the Crypto Coin IOTA and also give an IOTA price forecast. The developers of IOTA want to achieve that their crypto currency becomes “the” digital currency for the Internet of Things. All in all, the concept of IOTA is very interesting, which is why large companies such as Deutsche Telekom and Samsung are also interested in the crypto currency. Crypto Coin is currently undergoing a major correction, which is why investors and traders can currently enter the market at low prices. In the following we will analyze how high the future price potential of IOTA is.

  • How does IOTA differ from other crypto currencies (keyword: scalability)?
  • Which fundamental and technical aspects speak for future price increases?
  • IOTA forecast 2030: How high will the crypto coin be in five or ten years?
  • What is the best way to trade the crypto currency (digital marketplaces, crypto exchanges and CFD brokers)?

Overview of IOTA: Why is the crypto currency so well suited for the Internet of Things?

Before we go into more detail about the IOTA forecast, we will first briefly introduce the crypto currency. For example, IOTA was developed in 2016 and since 2017 trading with the crypto coin is also possible. IOTA has a market capitalization of approximately 600 million US dollars. Thus, the crypto currency makes it into the worldwide Top 20 of the “Crypto Charts”. IOTA was especially developed as a crypto currency for the Internet of Things. This is already evident from its name: So “Iota” is not only the smallest letter of the Greek alphabet. In fact, the abbreviation “IoT” stands for the Internet of Things (” Internet of Things”). The Internet of Things describes the attempt to reproduce real existing objects in the Internet. This is often mentioned in connection with Industry 4.0: For example, in the future robots and machines in factories could use IOTA to process payments with each other. This would work completely without human intervention and without the intervention of a bank.

IOTA can also be used, for example, to make supply chains secure. This is particularly important when transporting medicines to prevent counterfeit products from being traded. It can also be used to prevent brand piracy of electronic goods and branded clothing. All in all, IOTA thus has numerous possible applications.


As is well known, crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are based on the block chain technology. Thus the information is stored in individual blocks. The peculiarity consists thereby of the fact that the blocks are connected by cryptographic procedures with one another. In this way, it is possible to prevent the data from being changed afterwards. Therefore the block chain is very well suited as a basis for digital currencies. However, the block chain technology also has a very big disadvantage: The more transactions have to be executed, the slower the system becomes. The developers of IOTA have also recognized this problem. Therefore, they do not use blocks to store data, but graphs (also called “tangles”). This way, IOTA can cope with a very large number of users: this is a basic prerequisite for being able to act as a crypto currency for the Internet of Things. All in all, it can be assumed that IOTA will become even more widespread in the future and that the demand for the crypto currency will also increase. This should then also be reflected in rising exchange rates.

IOTA prognosis: Previous price development of the crypto currency

Before investing in a crypto currency such as IOTA, it is recommended to take a closer look at the previous price development. As already mentioned, you can trade with the Crypto Coin since 2017. If you look at the long-term chart of the crypto currency, it becomes clear that IOTA was worth about 40 cents (0.40 US Dollar) in July 2017. Then there was a price correction and the crypto coin fell to around 15 cents. These prices were used by many investors and crypto traders to enter the market at low prices. As a result, there was a strong upward movement shortly afterwards due to strong demand. As a result, IOTA was able to rise to over 1.10 US dollars in August 2017.

Already here one recognizes that the exchange rate fluctuations can fail very strongly with crypto currencies. Thus the course jump of 0,15 to 1,10 US dollar corresponds to a versiebenfachung. In order to clarify the extent of this movement, a comparison with a stock index such as the DAX is recommended. If the DAX is quoted at 10,000 points, a sevenfold increase would mean a jump to 70,000 points – and this within just a few months. It is therefore not surprising that trading with Crypto Coins is becoming increasingly popular among investors and traders.


After reaching an all-time high of around USD 1.10, there was another correction. However, this was only short-lived: IOTA already managed to post another strong gain in December 2017. In general, the following jump in the share price to 5.80 US dollars can be described as a rally. This meant that IOTA was able to increase its share price fivefold again. This all-time high at 5.80 US dollars is still valid. Because after such a steep rise in the share price, it was not unusual for a major correction to be pending. This correction continues to this day. Therefore moment still favorable courses offer themselves to invest into the crypto currency IOTA.

Also with the Bitcoin one could observe a similar course behavior: Crypto Coin, for example, managed to rise from 1,000 US dollars to almost 20,000 US dollars (December 2017) in 2017. This twenty-fold increase in the price within a short period of time can also be confidently described as a price rally. Bitcoin then also experienced a strong correction, which led the crypto currency to up to 4,000 US dollars. However it is completely normal at the stock exchange that price rises and corrections alternate. As an investor and trader, one should make sure that one enters the market in correction phases if possible. Because there you can obtain Crypto Coins at much lower prices and therefore have a much greater price potential.

IOTA forecast 2020: Will the crypto currency succeed in ending the correction?

As already mentioned, IOTA is currently undergoing a major correction – just like Bitcoin. However, due to the advantages of IOTA already mentioned, it can be assumed that the exchange rates of the crypto currency will rise again sooner or later. This is also supported by the following fundamental considerations: We have been in an environment with very low interest rates for several years now. With this policy, the central banks are pursuing the goal of stimulating the economy and relieving the national budgets. At the same time, however, this also means that “savers” nowadays receive virtually no interest on their capital. In fact, you have to be happy if the banks and savings banks do not charge you negative interest rates. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly difficult for you to invest your money profitably. In recent years, a great deal of capital has therefore already flowed into the global stock markets. Increasingly the investors discover however also crypto currencies as investment of funds. This trend might still strengthen itself in the future and lead thus also to higher courses with Bitcoin, Ethereum and IOTA.

In addition it comes that the “normal” money becomes less and less worth like the euro and the US dollar. For example, the European Central Bank (ECB) is aiming for an inflation rate of around 2% per year. This means that after only ten years, money has lost around 20% of its value. With crypto currencies, however, inflation is usually ruled out. Also for this reason, investors are increasingly discovering crypto coins to protect themselves against the creeping depreciation of money.

The question is therefore whether IOTA will succeed in ending the correction as early as 2020 and start a new upward trend.

IOTA forecast 2025 and 2030: The all-time high of 5.80 US dollars should be reached again

Technical analysis also supports a rise in the share price: IOTA now appears to be bottoming out in the range of 0.10 and 0.20 US dollars. This behavior is typical at the end of a correction phase. However, it is difficult to predict when prices will rise again. However, the price targets are already clear. Thus, the following phenomenon can be observed very frequently on the financial markets:

After a high is reached, a correction movement occurs. After this is finished, the high is usually restarted. In our case, too, it is therefore to be expected that IOTA will again head for the all-time high at 5.80 US dollars. However, this mark is now a strong resistance. It is therefore quite unlikely that the crypto currency will succeed in breaking through this resistance in the first attempt. However, as soon as this hurdle will be overcome, strongly rising exchange rates can be expected. So it is typical that the prices stay in a certain range over a longer period of time. As soon as this range is left – either up or down – the range is often mirrored. For IOTA this means the following: The crypto currency has been in the range between 0.15 and 5.80 US dollars for several years. As soon as the Crypto Coin succeeds therefore a lasting breakout over the mark of 5,80 US Dollar, the next large price target is approximately 12 US Dollar.

IOTA Price Forecast: How to trade with the crypto currency

All in all, the crypto currency IOTA has a great price potential. In order to trade with the Crypto Coin, one can basically use the three following possibilities:

  • Digital market places for crypto currencies
  • Crypto exchanges
  • Crypto Broker (Trading with CFD)

Shortly after the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, the first digital marketplaces for crypto currencies were created. Buyers and sellers can trade their crypto coins on these marketplaces. The special feature of such a digital marketplace is that transactions are conducted directly between buyers and sellers. In contrast, the marketplace operator only provides the necessary infrastructure. However, this means that the transactions in this way are quite slow. This is different with a crypto exchange: Here, one always trades via the platform operator. Therefore it is necessary to open a user account at the exchange and to deposit capital on it. This is then immediately available afterwards for buying and selling IOTA.

Trading IOTA with a CFD broker is even easier. It only takes a few minutes to open a trading account. In addition, this usually requires only 100 or 200 €. The advantage of trading with CFD is also that you can use leverage. In this way you can increase the purchasing power of your capital and thus profit more from the price movements of the Crypto Coin. To find a good broker, you can use our big broker comparison.

Conclusion: The IOTA price forecast is positive

As shown, the crypto-currency IOTA has a great upside potential. Thus IOTA succeeds in distinguishing itself from other crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum: An example for this is the very good scalability. Thus IOTA offers itself as crypto currency for the Internet of Things. In all probability this technology will play a very important role in the future.

Also the technical analysis speaks for future increasing IOTA prices. Because after reaching the all-time high at around 5.80 US dollars, the Crypto Coin is in correction mode. In the meantime, however, a bottom has been reached. Therefore, IOTA should start the next upward movement sooner or later. The previous all-time high should then be reached again. If IOTA manages to break through this resistance, further price jumps are likely. All in all, one can therefore use the currently still favorable prices to enter the market at a favorable price. For this purpose it is advisable to use a CFD broker. With most providers you also have the possibility to create a free demo account. On this account you do not trade with real money, but with virtual capital. In this way you can get to know trading with IOTA without risk. In order to find a good broker, it is advisable to use our extensive broker comparison. So it is very easy to find a cheap and reliable provider.

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