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Trading platform is still the foundation if you want to trade successfully in foreign exchange, CFDs, binary options or even securities. Therefore, we also pay special attention to the trading platform provided by the brokers in our broker reviews as well as in this guide. In this guide, we would like to take a closer look at the trading platforms that the broker FXPro makes available to its clients. After a short introduction and general information about what distinguishes a modern trading platform today, you will also receive some useful information about the services offered by Broker FXPro in this segment.

Trading platform in general: functional and effective

Many traders want a modern trading platform to be characterized by a high degree of user-friendliness. This means that the customer can quickly find his way around the trading platform and can immediately find all important functions. In recent years, the demands on the trading platform have generally increased significantly.

Today, professional traders in particular expect brokers like FxPro not only to place orders via a modern trading platform, but also, for example, to be able to call up real-time quotes, track news, manage their trading account and use technical tools. In summary, the following are the main features that many clients today expect from a modern trading platform:

  • simple design
  • great usability
  • functional surface
  • many tools
  • Display of charts
  • One-Click Trading
  • Account and portfolio management

free real-time quotes, news and financial information
These features and various other functions are what traders today expect when they want to use a trading platform.

The trading platforms at Broker FXPro – an overview

Broker FXPro provides its clients not only one, but several platforms that can be used to trade CFDs and currency pairs.

First and foremost these are the FXPro MT4, the FXPro MT5 and the broker-own FXPro cTrader. There are also mobile trading platforms that customers can use as well. In addition to the respective trading platform, customers can first decide on a demo account, with which the trading of foreign exchange and CFDs can be tried out. In the following sections we would like to go into more detail about the trading platforms offered and their most important features and functions.

The FXPro MetaTrader 4: powerful and renowned

Probably the most renowned trading platform available for trading CFDs and foreign exchange is MetaTrader 4.

The broker FXPro offers this well-known trading platform in its own version under the name FXPro MetaTrader 4. The platform provides the trader with everything necessary to display charts and to get a good overview of the current trading opportunities. Via FXPro MetaTrader 4 you can trade foreign exchange as well as spot metals and futures. This works with leverage between 1:1 and 1:500. The MetaTrader 4 supports Expert Advisors and the broker also offers protection against a negative account balance for these platforms.

FXPro MetaTrader 5 as an alternative

An alternative for many traders is the MetaTrader 5, which is the successor of the MetaTrader 4. The FXPro MetaTrader 5 distinguishes itself especially by the fact that it continues the numerous advantages of its predecessor (MetaTrader 4) and can even extend them.

The powerful trading platform is easy to use and the placement of numerous orders can be done transparently, quickly and effectively. With the trading platform FXPro MetaTrader 5 you can trade in the so-called tick chart, enter different buy and stop limit orders or receive information about the market depth. The trading platform is also equipped with a protection against a negative account balance.

The brokers own trading platforms: FXPro cTrader

In addition to MetaTrader 4 and 5, the broker FXPro also offers its customers two specially developed platforms, namely the FXPro cTrader. The broker itself refers to the cTrader as a flagship platform that allows clients to obtain complete information about market volume and depth of each product. Spreads start as low as 0.0 pips when trading on this trading platform if you choose to trade one of the major currency pairs. There are no requotes and algorithmic trading is possible via the FXPro cTrader. The FXPro cTrader also has negative balance protection and the levers range from 1:1 to 1:500.

Some time ago, in addition to the FXPro cTrader, customers could also choose the then relatively new FXPro Super Trader. According to the broker, this was a revolutionary portfolio management environment that allowed clients to identify, follow and copy strategies. In principle, the FXPro Super Trader thus offers a kind of social trading, which is becoming increasingly popular. The platform itself is characterized by the following advantages, among others:

  • no commissions for in-house strategies
  • automated investment platform
  • free credit line from the broker
  • Individual risk management possible

However, this platform is no longer offered.

Mobile commerce via iOS or Android operating system

In addition to the stationary trading platform, customers of the broker FXPro do not have to do without mobile trading. This is provided for example as MT4 for iPhone and iPad as well as for mobile devices, which work with the operating system Android.

You can use both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 in its mobile version. Furthermore, the Broker provides its own trading platform, the cTrader, also for mobile trading, namely as “cTrader Mobile”.

Conclusion about the trading platforms at Broker FXPro

With the Forex Broker FXPro you can use different stationary as well as mobile trading platforms. On the one hand, the broker relies on the renowned MetaTrader 4, but also offers the latest version of this well-known trading platform, the FXPro MT5. Alternatively, however, customers have the option of choosing the broker’s own platform, the cTrader. Mobile trading can also be operated, so that you can access most of the trading interface’s functions via all end devices that work with either the Android or iOS operating system. Of course, it is easy to place an order to trade currency pairs or CFDs while on the move.

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