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Ethereum Course: Ethereum Course: Making forecasts with little effort

With the right Ethereum price forecast, trading is even easier. However, many traders feel overwhelmed by this, especially at the start of trading and without much previous knowledge. With the right tools and indicators (which are often available free of charge from stock exchanges and brokers) it is much easier to analyze the Ethereum price. We show how the individual analysis techniques can be applied and how traders can make the most of their opportunities with the Exchanges and Brokers.

  • Better assess the Ethereum price with fundamental & technical analysis
  • Trading of the ETH course with CFDs at the broker optimally possible
  • Dealers can purchase coins directly from Exchange at a low price
  • Secure ETH free of charge and sell at the high Ethereum price for easy profit taking

Ethereum course: Benefit from the ups and downs

If traders would like to trade the crypto currency Ethereum exchange rate, it quickly becomes apparent that this may not be possible so easily in every market situation. After all, the Ethereum price often presents itself with extremely volatile phases. In order to better prepare the traders for this, we show how the analyses can be made easier even for less experienced traders. What many may not even know: There is support in the form of technical and/or fundamental analysis in order to be able to make Ethereum price forecasts more soundly. For this purpose, traders often do not even need a lot of previous knowledge, but use above all the indicators and tools that many exchanges and brokers already provide free of charge.


Let’s take a look at how the technical analysis of the Ethereum course Euro can be done. Traders look at the price development of a financial instrument or crypto currency in order to make a risk-based forecast of future price developments. Although the traders can find out whether the Ethereum Euro rate is bullish/bearish, this is often not enough in practice. Of course, traders are also looking for where they want to make profits or at what market situation they are active. That’s why the mere technical analysis also becomes the issue of possible entry and exit points in the market.


Many traders think that simply reading a chart image is enough to create an Ethereum price forecast and start trading based on this information. But far from it, because it is all about practicing price analysis and understanding what is happening there. In addition, traders should know that many indicators produce delayed signals, but often also tend to support or counteract the price. Such delays must be taken into account when making trading decisions or forecasting prices.

Ethereum Price at Crypto Stock Exchange: How Traders Proceed

Traders can take advantage of the Ethereum Euro exchange rate, for example by buying or selling on an exchange. If traders want to get hold of the coins first, the Ethereum purchase must of course be made, preferably using an Ethereum guide. If there are already ether in the wallet or even another crypto currency, these coins can of course be exchanged/sold. The question arises whether the access to a crypto stock exchange is actually equally possible for all investors and which hurdles are connected with it. We have done the test in practice and present the individual steps up to trading the Ethereum price forecast in more detail.


So that the Trader can trade at all only times Ether or another crypto currency, the selection must take place a suitable stock exchange. It is important that the traders pay attention to a trading volume as high as possible and look at the conditions. Which use particularly attractive prices, if for example the additional expenses are simply too high or the trading volume is too small. The question arises what effects a (too) low trading volume actually has. For example, if the traders cannot access a large ether trading volume, in the worst case, the orders will be delayed or cancelled completely. These delays can cause disadvantages for the traders, which of course is not optimal for the implementation of a trading strategy. However, since ether is one of the best known crypto currencies, it is available at almost every major renowned exchange with a solid training volume.


Experience shows that registration with the exchange takes place online. Mostly the traders need hardly longer than a few minutes, so that within a short time the trading entry is theoretically possible. Above all personal data are inquired, as for example:

  • Name
  • e-mail address
  • Address
  • Date of birth

In the case of crypto exchanges, experience shows that trading is only possible for everyone over 18 years of age or 21 years of age. In order to check the correctness of the information, verification must be carried out after entry in the registration form. During this process, the support staff checks the personal information using a valid identification document. This can be done, for example, via upload or a video phone call. Verification of the information is also required at the address. For example, future traders can provide a copy of their current telephone bill as proof. After registration and verification, the traders have the option of linking to the wallet and account capitalization.


Many crypto stock exchanges make a free on-line Wallet available to their users with the account opening. The service thought counts, so that naturally with the Wallet donated free of charge the commercial entrance is possible comfortably and without delays. However there are also some compromises with on-line Wallets, particularly with security. For the short term storage of smallest ether quantity the on-line Wallet is however quite suitable.


When it comes to an optimal start to crypto trading, the right wallet plays an important role. There are differences between cold and hot storage that we do not want to leave out. With hot storage, traders have the chance to use the wallet on their PC desktop or mobile devices. The advantage: the online wallets are provided free of charge and are ready for use in no time. Through their connection to the Internet, wallet owners can easily access the coins and check their holdings again and again. While this offers maximum flexibility, hackers can also take advantage of this supposed advantage. For example, if the online wallet is not very secure, it is possible that the wallet could be manipulated and the coins stolen via the interface. We therefore recommend implementing a further security level with 2-factor authentication.


While the hot storage convinces with flexibility and above all free of charge, not all wallet solutions are free with cold storage. Although users can generate the Paper Wallet free of charge and print on the piece of paper, the Hardware Wallet does not offer this cost advantage. The Hardware Wallet must be purchased with a one-time purchase price. Delivery can also take a while if the users decide to order the Hardware Wallet online from a provider.


If the hardware wallet is there, it may take some time to fully set up the hardware wallet. Especially if the entire block chain is downloaded, the first installation takes some time. Same applies in addition, if the users download for example the entire Blockchain with on-line Wallet on the Desktop the hardware Wallet has a substantial advantage: It is not only optimally protected by the housing, but also portable and offers maximum protection. Due to the missing connection to the Internet, the Hardware Wallet has no attack surface for hackers, unless the wallet owner issues the private key himself. Of course, the Paper Wallet is also not connected to the Internet and therefore offers equally high protection. The disadvantage of the piece of paper is its fragility, however, because the piece of paper can of course be damaged much more easily than the Hardware Wallet, for example.

Note: The private and public keys of a wallet should always be used separately. While the public key is the destination address for the coins display and at the crypto exchange, the private key is rather the access to the wallet, the PIN. Anyone who has the private address, the private key, can theoretically gain unhindered access to the coins and steal them.


If the traders want to trade the Ethereum price, equity is of course required. Experience has shown that crypto stock exchanges do not offer the possibility of trading with virtual assets, so traders have to use their own capital. Alternatively, they can purchase the coins with Fiat money or other crypto currencies. Who decides to make the deposit with Euro or USD for example, can use numerous service providers for this:

  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Bank transfer
  • Instant bank transfer

Experience has shown that the fastest way to capitalize accounts is with electronic purses and credit cards. Also the instant bank transfer often takes no longer than 24 hours. Traders, on the other hand, have to wait considerably longer for the account capitalization with the bank transfer; in the worst case up to five working days. Depending on the participating financial institutions, there may also be additional costs due to currency conversions and other transactions within the financial institutions, so the bank transfer is not always a good choice. Before the traders decide on a payment service provider, we recommend that they carefully check the current conditions of the Crypto Exchange with regard to the costs of the transfers.


Traders cannot trade the Ethereum Euro rate with Bitcoin or other coins, but they can exchange BTC directly for ETH. However, the exchanges must offer this function, which experience shows is not yet the case with all exchanges. If you want to remain flexible and want to deposit not only with Bitcoin and Co. but also with Fiat money, you should look specifically for crypto exchanges with different payment options.F


After the registration, account capitalization and the link to the wallet have been done, traders can finally start dealing with the Ethereum price forecast. It is the trading foundation for buying or waiting to buy the coins. Many exchanges provide traders with useful tools and indicators or even publish their own analyses of current price trends. Basically, traders can take such analyses as an impulse for their own trading decisions, but should still analyze the market themselves. If, for example, their own analysis produces the same result as the trading ideas of the stock exchange analysts, traders can take action.


When is the right time to use the Ethereum price Euro for buying? Every trader should take a closer look at the current price situation to decide whether trading is worthwhile or not. If, for example, the price shows a downward trend, this indicates a decline in demand. Accordingly also the prices are, because finally the Ethereum Coins want to be traded nevertheless at the market. Such situations can be used by traders to buy ether at a low price. However, if there is an indication that the Ethereum price will not recover from the low in the long run, buying for short-term oriented traders may not make sense either. Therefore, it is important to not only analyze the price, but also to consult your own investment strategy when making trading decisions.


If the traders already have coins in their wallet, they usually want to sell Ethereum profitably or strive for the exchange against another crypto currency. Also here the question arises, when at all the optimal time for the sales came. If the Ethereum course euro shows an upward trend, symbolizes a rising demand behavior of the traders at the market. Optimal for all traders who want to sell coins. However, it depends on what the traders originally paid for the acquisition/generation of the coins. An upward trend is not always actually suitable to sell the coins in the short term. For example, if the price is moving in the current upward trend and is quoted at 150 Euro/ETH, the sale can make sense if the traders have previously purchased an ETH for 100 Euro. However, if the costs were at the level of 150 Euro/ETH or even higher, selling at the Ethereum price of 150 Euro does not make sense.


In order to keep the costs for generating the coins as low as possible, the traders can also use faucets, for example. Here they do not need any equity capital, but simply invest their time. By completing the smallest simple tasks, they can then receive coins for free; even in the smallest quantities. However, if you are patient and use faucets with a long-term orientation, you can gradually accumulate the coins and then sell them on the stock market when an interesting trend is detected.

Use Ethereum Mining for generating coins?

Many traders also use the mining of coins to generate new content for the wallet. This principle works for some crypto currencies, but not for others, because they are simply not subject to the mining algorithm. Let’s take a look at whether ETH mining is theoretically possible and whether users could actually generate coins for the Ethereum wallet.


Now the good news for all interested users: Yes, just like Bitcoin, Ethereum mining is also possible. However, this requires the appropriate (high-performance) hardware. If you really want to become active as a miner at a high level, you need hardware that cannot be found in conventional PCs. For this reason, miners often have to pay in advance and purchase expensive hardware components. Only in this way is it possible to actually provide the necessary computing power over a long period of time at a high level in order to prevail against ambitious miners. Those who do not want to act alone can also look for alternatives, such as

  • pool mining
  • cloud mining

With pool mining, users have the advantage of joining forces with others and thus significantly increasing computing power. This also makes it possible to process transactions much faster, which is of course an advantage for the reward. Depending on the selection of a suitable pool, there are various components, such as the size, the minimum Ethereum payout or the pool fee.


There are numerous pools, the number of members can vary considerably. Since however Ethereum belongs to the in demand crypto currencies, there are meanwhile also innumerable pools, with a large number of members. The more users, the better, because this increases the available computing power significantly. The minimum payout is also variable for the pools. Many providers have set a limit that must first be reached so that a payout of the earned coins can take place at all. For example, if the limit is set at 1 ETH, it often takes a particularly long time for the wallet to pay out the winnings.

Tip: The pool fees make a substantial difference with the offerers and are also responsible for whether the mining becomes profitable or not. Experience shows that the fees for most pools are around 1.00 percent; however, there are also pools where the fees can be as high as 3.00 percent. The higher the costs for the users, the less remains of course at the end of the profit, so that the pool fees should be as low as possible.


Besides pool mining, there is also cloud mining. Here, users can actually sit back and relax, because they only buy the computing power and earn the coins. There are various contracts with flexible terms, between twelve and 24 months for example. However, users must pay for the contracts in advance and only then are paid out the earned coins throughout the entire term.


The question arises whether or not Ethereum’s mining is profitable in general. We cannot give a general answer to this question, but we will show how users can make a statement about it themselves. With the help of a mining computer, for example, the users can calculate for themselves whether the effort is worthwhile at all on the basis of the current prices for the crypto currency. Necessary information for this is among other things:

  • Electricity costs
  • Level of difficulty
  • Hash rate
  • Current ETH Prize

Electricity costs should not be underestimated as a significant cost factor. For example, if you leave your PC running all day and have an expensive electricity contract, mining is often not worth it at all. Electricity prices in Europe are particularly high, which means that many miners are based mainly in other countries (for example Finland or China). The hash rate is also important because it determines how quickly the mathematical problem can be solved. The higher the rate, the more efficient the mining becomes. Other cost factors are, for example, the one-time purchase of the hardware, the possible pool fees or the purchase of a hardware wallet. If you want to store the coins safely for a longer period of time, you often use the Hardware Wallet, but you have to pay a one-time fee for the purchase in the beginning. This can range from 50 to more than 100 euros, depending on the provider and store.

ETH sell – how are the taxes for it calculated?

If the traders can sell successfully a crypto currency at the stock exchange, that is naturally first a reason to celebrate. Often the positive tendency does not last however for a long time, because the taxes should not be neglected. Often the traders do not know at all that with the sales the treasury is involved and would like to have a piece of the cake off. If the tax demand comes months or even years later, there is often a rude awakening. So that the traders are prepared in the best way for the questions of the tax office, we looked at ourselves once, how the present fiscal situation looks at all with the crypto currency Trading in Germany.


First of all, the good news first: traders do not have to pay taxes in every case if they take certain criteria into account. In principle, there are still no uniform tax laws for dealing with crypto trading in Germany. Although the Federal Ministry of Finance is working feverishly on this, there are sometimes only recommendations for the tax offices on how to deal with the tax considerations of crypto traders. For traders this means: There is a lot of leeway and, if necessary, with the optimal persuasion and a friendly employee at the tax office, there are possibilities to reduce or save tax, because the legal situation can be interpreted variably under certain circumstances. It is certain, however, that if the wallet is held for at least twelve months, the coins can be sold without having to pay tax on the proceeds.

Ethereum price at the broker

Traders have the possibility to buy or sell euros directly on the stock exchange at the optimal Ethereum price, but they can also use alternatives with a broker. Many brokers not only provide the securities, foreign exchange or commodities for trading, but now also many financial instruments to the crypto-market. These include the crypto CFDs or the securities. Yes, even crypto securities can be traded with a longer-term investment horizon (including the Bitcoin GROUP SE share). However, if the traders want to remain flexible and pursue a short to medium-term investment horizon, ETH CFDs could also be an advantage.


Contracts for Difference are not only available for different crypto currencies, but also for other underlying assets. Traders prefer to trade with them because they are flexible and can be used even with little equity capital. In addition, there is the possible leverage, which is designed for private traders in the crypto CFDs with a maximum of 1:2. On the other hand, those who trade other underlying assets can trade with a maximum of 1:30. The leverage multiplies the equity capital on the market, but it also causes higher losses if the traders have failed to hedge their positions sufficiently. Therefore, contracts for difference are also considered high-risk derivatives and are suitable for all investors who have at least a little practice or who are not afraid of the risk. Brokers enable even less experienced investors to enter CFD trading by providing free demo accounts with virtual credit.

Conclusion: Ethereum course can be used optimally with some skill

The Ethereum Euro price can be used by traders with some tools and indicators to make a forecast for the future and to become active on the Crypto Exchange. Direct trading is particularly suitable for medium to long-term oriented traders, although volatility and a pronounced sideways trend often make trading on the stock exchanges difficult. However, investors should not be put off by this, because after all, every trend reverses at some point and traders have the chance to sell their coins profitably or buy them at an attractive price. Those who are completely averse to direct trading can also become active with a broker and trade Ether CFDs for example. In this way, the traders speculate on the price development without having to commit themselves on a long-term basis. Instead, the positions themselves can be traded for a few minutes or hours to take advantage of the current market situation. In order to avoid total losses when trading CFDs due to wrong decisions and knowledge, we recommend that traders first practice with a free demo account to familiarize themselves with the peculiarities of CFD trading.

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