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EOS Wallet, successful traders do not have to have CFDs at all!

With an EOS wallet, traders can manage coins directly when they trade the crypto currency on the exchange. However, the path to the wallet is a rocky one, as there are countless types of wallet that differ in terms of security and functionality.

Traders often need an enormous amount of time to select an EOS Wallet Ledger. Time that is unused for generating profits elapses. It is much easier to start trading with brokers without an EOS Wallet. Traders can, for example, use the price history of the crypto currency and trade with CFDs.

  • Becoming active with brokers without an EOS wallet
  • Trading EOS CFDs successfully even with little equity
  • Crypto CFDs have 1:2 leverage for profit optimization
  • Start of trading can be easily realized with demo account

EOS Wallet successful traders do not need

In addition to the trading account and equity capital, the EOS Wallet is the ticket for traders to become active on a crypto stock exchange. What at first glance sounds easy and uncomplicated is often a challenge in practice; less experienced traders in particular are often overwhelmed when it comes to selecting a wallet.

It can’t be that difficult to open an EOS Wallet Deutsch, can it? Of course, the challenge does not lie in following the instructions to initialize the EOS coin wallet in the first place. The actual effort must be made by the traders as early as the wallet selection stage, because there are different types of wallet:

  • Desktop wallet
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Hardware Wallet
  • Paper Wallet

Which wallet is suitable for which trading requirements and what should traders keep their hands off? The decision for or against an EOS coin wallet can easily take a few hours. Although a wallet comparison helps to specifically compare digital wallets on the basis of various criteria, in the end the traders always decide for themselves.


The requirements for selecting a suitable crypto-wallet are not necessary when trading via a broker. Traders not only save time but also nerves and can start trading much faster. We show where the possibilities lie with the broker and why the selection of a wallet is unnecessarily time-consuming for flexibility-loving traders.


More and more often, traders are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by brokers to trade, for example, crypto CFDs. In order to enable a quick start of trading, brokers have kept the access requirements extremely low. For example, traders can already start with a free demo account, usually just need their e-mail address to start trading. Provided with virtual credit, with which the traders can trade the crypto CFDs under landmark conditions, even with a lever. In this way it is even easier to get to know the broker and try out the trading possibilities.

In contrast, the trading city with a crypto stock exchange is a bit bumpier and especially the preparation is more time consuming. Only with the registration with the trading account or the deposit of trading credit is not enough. The traders also need Wallet in EOS. Which crypto wallet should it be: online or offline? Although many stock exchanges support their investors and provide wallet access as soon as they register in free wallet, this is usually an online wallet, which can pose an enormous security risk.


While traders can start trading within a few seconds at the broker, it can take a little longer at the stock exchange. In contrast to the broker, experience has shown that Exchanges do not offer free demo accounts to start trading activity without any credit of their own. Instead, the traders must actually register step by step, which can take much longer just because of the verification process and, in the further course, the selection of the wallet.

If there is an enormous volume of requests at the exchange, verification can be significantly delayed, so that the traders may have to wait several hours or even days for trading to begin. The same applies, of course, if traders delay the decision to choose an EOS wallet for a long time, because linking to a crypto wallet does not allow trading to start on the exchange.


The one or other trader surely asks himself, why the selection of a crypto wallet actually takes so much time. Theoretically nevertheless a comparison of the Wallet offerers might be sufficient, in order to find an optimal digital storage possibility after the desired conceptions. Theoretically yes, in practice it is however somewhat more complex. The traders do not only decide whether it should be an online or offline wallet. No, they also have to keep an eye on the level of security, which by no means every wallet has the same level of security.


Does it make any difference whether the traders use an EOS Mainnet Wallet or an offline wallet? Why do users have to go through all the trouble of selecting a wallet in the first place? Past events show what consequences an incorrect wallet selection can have. With the introduction of the crypto currencies, there were of course the first wallets, but they are no longer comparable with today’s security standards. Hackers take advantage of the supposed gap in the security system to gain access to the wallet, manipulate it and even steal coins. As a result, countless wallet owners lost a large part of their coins and even the renowned crypto exchanges were affected. At times even trading had to be suspended because the reserves for the trading volume were simply no longer available.


If traders opt for an EOS wallet download, it is usually a mobile wallet or a desktop-based wallet. The advantage of such an EOS Wallet Ledger is that users can access it quickly and use their digital wallet free of charge, but there is also the security risk. Online access theoretically also gives hackers the opportunity to manipulate the wallet and steal the coins if there is no protection. More secure than an EOS Wallet Ledger, which is used online, are offline solutions such as Hardware and Paper Wallet.

This is how the traders start without a wallet at the broker

The mere selection of a crypto wallet is already too much and above all too time-consuming for many traders. Instead of first selecting the EOS Wallet Ledger for hours and comparing the various options, traders can start trading directly, although perhaps not yet with their own capital. Investors don’t even need an EOS Mainnet Wallet to take advantage of trading opportunities with the broker. Registration with the e-mail address is enough to at least guarantee access with the demo account.

Access via the demo account reveals a further difference between broker and stock exchange: the broker not only dispenses with the wallet request, but even offers traders a free test option under near-market conditions. For all traders who are undecided whether trading on the crypto-market is something for them at all or, for those who want to get to know the broker, the demo account is the optimal solution for a quick start of trading.


To register the demo account, traders need only their e-mail address and they can start trading under near-market conditions. However, if they want to make real profits, they need to activate a live account. Again, experience shows that brokers provide low access requirements so that traders can start trading with ease. Required for the registration:

  • Name
  • Address
  • e-mail address
  • Date of birth

Filling out the form takes little time, but verification is required in the next step.


We have once again summarized the most important questions in order to ensure greater clarity among investors.


With verification, traders not only protect themselves against the misuse of their data, but the broker also takes their data verification obligations seriously in this way. The verification is done with a valid identification document either via upload or video phone call.


How long the verification process takes depends on the volume of requests to the Broker. Experience has shown that the fastest way is for users to use the video telephone call, because then they are in direct contact with a service employee and can complete the entire process within a few minutes. Afterwards, the account is released so that the deposit of equity capital can take place.


Most brokers offer various financial instruments to become active in the crypto market. Contracts for Difference or crypto securities are the main component. There are also brokers where coins can be purchased directly, but their number is extremely small. If you decide to trade with such a broker, you still need to use crypto wallet. For those who want to use the CFDs or securities to build up assets, they can act without a wallet.


Crypto CFDs are a proven means to work on asset accumulation in the short or medium term. Traders have the opportunity to speculate on the price trend and can take advantage of even supposedly challenging developments. While traders on a crypto stock exchange often have to wait a long time for the right EOS price, traders on crypto CFDs can take advantage of falling, rising and sideways trends. This not only saves them waiting time for “optimal” prices, but also allows them to act much more flexibly. A further advantage of Contra Contracts for Difference is the low cost of equity, because traders have the chance to start with just a few Euros.


In order to make any profit at all with the crypto CFDs, it is important that the traders know how to analyze the prices. After all, the position is traded based on the forecast. If the traders have not confidently carried out their price analysis, wrong decisions can be made when trading, which in turn can lead to losses. In order to avoid this, the concentration on price analysis has the highest priority. Traders can choose from various methods:

  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis

Because of its simple basics and application, technical analysis is a good way for less experienced traders to make a forecast at all. Although the volatile price movements that can occur at EOS can make analysis difficult, suitable hedging can also help to keep the risk under control.


Traders have access to free indicators and tools at many brokers to easily perform technical analysis even without much previous knowledge. Above all the Metatrader has proved itself because of its functionality and user-friendliness with the trading beginners and ambitious investors equally. He is used not only with the analysis of the foreign exchange, but also with the crypto currencies. His strengths are among other things:

  • Real-time quotes
  • Complete trading history
  • Financial news for free
  • Car notifications

Added to this are the many options for carrying out technical analyses in no time at all. In addition to the interactive real-time price chart, there are more than five and 20 technical indicators, over 20 analytical objects, countless time frames and various chart types. The application is almost self-explanatory, so even traders at the beginning of their trading career will understand with a little practice how to best use the tools in order to make a prediction for future price movements based on them.


In addition to technical analysis, fundamental analysis also provides information on future price developments. Traders have the opportunity to make a forecast for the future based on current market data and to trade these forecasts using CFDs as well. Since the data acquisition and analysis with the right conclusions is a bit more complex with the fundamental analysis, we do not recommend it for the bloody trading beginners yet. However, with the help of the demo account, the traders can practice the basics of fundamental analysis again and again and use virtual assets in their trading decisions based on it. Even if the decision was wrong, no own capital is lost.


Another reason why crypto CFDs are so popular with many investors is the leverage effect. Yes, traders can actually take advantage of the benefits of the crypto market with little equity and even generate enormous profits if they wish. Of course, this also increases the potential for losses in contracts for differences, which traders should always be aware of and take appropriate precautions.

Loss limitation and the optimal assessment of risk are essential components for successful trading. If traders decide to use Crypto CFDs, they have maximum leverage of 1:2 at their disposal. The leverage has the function of a multiplier, so that the traders can move a lot on the market with little equity investment. CFDs on other underlyings have an even higher leverage, up to a maximum of 1:30 (for foreign exchange). If the traders want to trade Crypto Shares CFDs, a leverage of 1:5 is available.


Without a doubt, the trading activities around the crypto-market with CFDs are an interesting, but at the same time risky affair. However, traders can work on risk mitigation themselves. This is made possible by stop loss and take profit positions, which allow traders to take profits and limit losses. The advantage of such positions is that the traders set the limits in advance at which the trades are closed. This makes the trading day much more relaxed for investors, as they do not have to fear unlimited losses.

Tip: Combining CFDs with other financial instruments creates diversification

Diversification is the secret of success for every good trader, which even less experienced traders can adapt for you. There are countless diversification possibilities, especially with brokers; considerably more than with a stock exchange, for example. For example, in addition to CFDs, traders can also invest in securities or funds and thus broadly diversify their equity. Depending on the investment horizon and risk appetite, there are several possibilities to become active even with a leverage effect.


Especially the crypto securities are exciting, although of course the traders cannot invest in Bitcoin itself as a company. However, the shares of Bitcoin GROUP SE or numerous securities of crypto companies that provide the hardware for EOS Mining or use the block chain technology would be processes are available for this purpose. In recent years, the trading opportunities in the crypto market have steadily increased and they still do so today. Therefore, there is an enormous diversification potential for interested investors, which is many times higher than on the stock markets.


Many traders even combine the short to long-term investment horizon with one another and decide, for example, to invest in EOS crypto shares and to trade crypto shares CFDs when the price of crypto shares falls. At best, this allows traders to offset short-term losses through a falling share price and even trade CFDs with a maximum leverage of 1:5.

Is trading strategy important?

The trading strategy is always an aid for investors and is recommended in any case. Through the strategy, traders have a guide even in seemingly difficult market situations and can optimally select their appropriate financial instruments. A trading strategy can be constructed on the basis of various criteria, whereby the following influencing factors are also decisive in addition to the willingness to take risks:

  • Trading experience
  • Investment Horizon
  • Equity
  • Projects with the crypto currency

Risk appetite plays one of the most important roles in the development of the appropriate strategy, as traders can act cautiously (conservatively) or more willing to take risks in the market. Those who opt for a conservative investment option often use mainly crypto securities or Internet currencies, which have a lower volatility. Many traders can also trade contracts for difference with a conservative attitude, but usually do not use the leverage or only very cautiously. Since EOS is one of the Internet currencies that still shows a particularly high level of volatility, conservative traders should perhaps look for alternative crypto currencies.


Trading experience is also important for the application of the trading strategy. Traders who are just starting their trading career often feel overwhelmed by particularly risky and costly procedures in the market and resign or, in the worst case, make the wrong decision due to the excessive demands of trading activity and lose a lot. To avoid this, the strategy should be adapted to the trading experience. For example, traders who are still in the early stages can analyze the trend and trade it. This approach is one of the simplest of its kind and is easier to implement with the support of tools and indicators.


Not every trader has large amounts of equity available for trading activities. However, the amount also determines the trading strategy. If, for example, you have a lot of equity capital, you can of course invest in numerous financial instruments and thus achieve higher profits more quickly. However, even if you have a lot of equity, investors should make sure that there is sufficient diversification. Traders who have less liquid assets often invest much more carefully and selectively. For them, it is all the more important that equity is protected as well as possible. Therefore less risky trades are more recommendable in this case.


What do I actually want to achieve with my activity in the crypto market? Traders should ask themselves this question before choosing a broker or exchange in order to lose time and opportunities in the market unnecessarily through a wrong trading approach. For all traders who want to own EOS Coins directly, the only thing that usually remains is the activity on a crypto-market. Although a handful of brokers also offer direct trading of the coins, the choice is extremely limited. Anyone opting for direct trading must bear in mind that the EOS wallet is also required. For all traders who do not attach importance to actually owning coins, the broker is often the better alternative because of the many investment and investment opportunities.

So trading newcomers can realize CFD trades like professionals

Every successful trader, no matter how successful, started out small and had little previous knowledge at the beginning of his career. However, what makes the difference between successful professionals and the beginning of trading is the willingness to continuously educate oneself and to learn from failures; not to be discouraged by supposed failures. In order for trading beginners to create an optimal basis for trading activities, it is important to become familiar with the markets and financial instruments to be traded. Therefore the motto applies:

Further training is the highest principle.

If the traders want to trade EOS or another crypto currency, for example, we recommend that the foundations are laid. This means becoming familiar with the history of the crypto currency, its advantages and supposed disadvantages and the opportunities in the future. Is there anything that makes the crypto currency special compared to others? Those who know about these special features can better assess the developments and thus gain a trading advantage.


The assessment of the forecast also includes a look at the current news situation. EOS and other crypto-currencies are influenced by innumerable events, for example, that a news item from politics or the economy as well as innovations at the central banks can trigger a price movement. Anyone who secures the latest market news and asks the broker to inform them by e-mail or SMS, for example, never misses an interesting trading opportunity again.


Emotions have often led to trading decisions being made, perhaps quickly, but often without thinking. The gut feeling can put a damper on traders’ trading success, because markets function according to their own laws. If traders ignore the results of price analysis or current news reports, this can quickly lead to enormous losses. It is important that traders have their emotions under control and know how to react to certain situations, for example.

Therefore it can be helpful if traders consciously expose themselves to emotional trading situations, but using a demo account. In this way, traders can experience for themselves what losses feel like and how they deal with them in the best case. However, instead of testing this feeling with their own capital, the demo account with the virtual balance is the optimal way to do so.


Practice makes perfect, knowledge makes successful traders. Therefore, it is helpful to use every opportunity to practice. For example, traders can use the demo account to act within the scope of their virtual play money options and put the theoretical basic knowledge, which is usually offered by brokers anyway, into practice with the demo account and trade under near-market conditions. Those who stay on the ball continuously will quickly notice that the trading decisions are made much more confidently and that the traders thus achieve ever better results. The demo account also helps to perfect risk management in order to limit losses even more sustainably.

Conclusion: EOS Wallet traders do not need to be afraid to trade crypto CFDs successfully

Traders can trade the top 10 crypto currency EOS at a broker or a crypto exchange. Anyone who decides to use the stock exchange must fulfil a number of conditions: Trading, open an account, select the crypto wallet and link it to the account, provide equity capital. Selecting the EOS wallet alone can take longer due to the many possibilities. Time that is lost to investors and in which they may not make use of their opportunities on the crypto market. Registering with a broker is much quicker, because traders can start using the demo account in just a few seconds. The virtual credit and the trading conditions close to the market make it possible for the investors to test their chances and risks on the crypto-market and to get to know the broker without any risk.

If you want to make real profits, you naturally need equity capital. However, it is possible to open a live account much more quickly than on the stock exchange, because the time-consuming search for an EOS Wallet Ledger is no longer necessary. Instead, traders can open the account within minutes and, after successful verification and capitalization, trade EOS CFDs and other financial instruments. Why wait? Open a free demo account now for your first own trading attempts with crypto CFDs.

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