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EOS price with volatility optimally suited for CFD trading

Since 2017, traders have been able to trade EOS as a crypto currency either directly on the stock exchange or through a broker. If you take a closer look at the EOS share price, you will notice that it shows enormous volatile phases. It is often less suitable for trading at exchanges, and almost perfect for speculating on the EOS Coin price with crypto CFDs.

Even the difficult price situations and fluctuations are no problem at all for CFD traders due to the flexible trading times of the positions. We show how easily even less experienced traders can use the EOS price forecast for trading success.

  • Easily analyse EOS prices with free tools and indicators
  • EOS CFDs suitable for speculative trading
  • Crypto CFDs can be used with 1:2 leverage
  • Traders can test the possibilities of EOS CFDs without risk with demo account

Use EOS price profitably for trading on the stock exchange

The EOS Coin share price has been trackable since 2017 and can also be traded using the forecast. The crypto currency is now one of the top 10 on the market, which is a real achievement given the more than 3,000 digital currencies available (and rising). Anyone who has taken a closer look at the EOS crypto currency exchange rate since its publication will notice that there is enormous volatility. This phenomenon was also already evident with Bitcoin or other crypto currencies, although the intensity of the exchange rate fluctuations for Bitcoin has been significantly reduced.


Volatility, i.e. price fluctuations, is of particular interest to traders if they use the right financial instruments for this purpose. While traders on a crypto exchange are often faced with challenges and long waiting times for trading activity due to volatility, traders on a broker can take full advantage of price fluctuations. The movements in the EOS Euro price are triggered by various factors. Anyone who is familiar with these factors can possibly better predict price fluctuations on the basis of the current news situation and use this information for their trading activities. The fluctuations in the EOS crypto-currency exchange rate are caused by, for example

  • General mood on the crypto market
  • Reports from governments
  • Decisions by central banks
  • Decisions by crypto exchanges

Even news of hacking attacks on a crypto wallet can actually influence the EOS share price. Let’s look at how volatility works on the basis of the news situation.


EOS and other crypto currencies are still not officially recognized as means of payment by governments and are under criticism because of their technology and especially because of EOS Mining. Bitcoin in particular is repeatedly criticized by leading politicians and other experts in this field due to the high computing power required for transaction processing.

First countries have already clearly regulated or even completely banned the mining of crypto currencies. Some countries also restrict the trade in Bitcoin and Co.; others explicitly regulate it, even bringing their own currencies onto the market. Such decisions can affect the development of a crypto currency as well, positively and negatively. This is why we recommend that you always keep an eye on the current news situation when making EOS price forecasts, so that you do not miss out on any interesting price developments based on political decisions.


Changes in the EOS course can also be triggered by decisions of central banks. The European Central Bank, for example, has for some time been pursuing an interest rate policy that is no longer lucrative for conventional savers. Instead of receiving attractive interest rates on the savings book or on the call account and fixed-term deposit account, as in the past, there is now no interest at all. Instead, savers are even afraid of being punished for their credit balance at the bank in the form of extra payments. Therefore, many savers are looking for investment and investment alternatives, which they can find, for example, on the crypto-market. If the ECB, for example, sticks to its interest rate policy, this can mean higher demand on the crypto-market, which of course also has an effect on price and exchange rate developments.


The decisions taken by (large) exchanges can also have an important influence on the development of the EOS coin price. For example, an exchange that accepts a crypto-currency and thus makes a higher trading volume for the currency available virtually immediately can influence the price, because rising demand and the size of the trading volume also means price movements. The same can also happen if an exchange for example deletes a crypto currency and thus the trading volume suddenly decreases significantly. So that the dealers do not miss any more current messages, we recommend to use the numerous free notification possibilities with the broker. The traders can for example


Attacks on a crypto wallet can also lead to price fluctuations. The fact that this does not occur at all so rarely shows the view of the past of Bitcoin and other Kryptowährungen. Hackers actually managed it to attain in the last years access to unsecured Wallets and steal there Coins in million height. The consequence were unsettled traders who feared that their coins in the wallet were not secure and therefore often sold them in panic.

But even the theft of the enormous amounts of coins itself posed a challenge for the crypto market, because suddenly not enough trading volume could be generated due to the missing coins. The result was a collapse in prices not only for the stolen coins, but also for many other currencies on the crypto-market.

Making profits with EOS price forecast: This is how the traders do it

Trading activities in the crypto-market are available to the traders of a versatile nature. They can become active either at the crypto exchange or at the broker, whereby the individual trading possibilities take a completely different approach. If the traders want to use the EOS coin directly for themselves, for example, all that often remains is to register with the exchange, because experience shows that brokers offer hardly any trading opportunities for the coins. However, if the traders prefer flexibility and want to speculate on the EOS Coin price, the brokers are often the better place to go.


Of course the question arises why traders should be active with a broker and not with the crypto exchange. In comparison with the trading possibilities, there are some advantages for the traders at the broker. These include:

  • More flexibility trading activities
  • Less equity capital required
  • Traders do not need a crypto wallet

Above all, flexibility in trading options is crucial for many traders. While they have to wait for falling or rising prices on an exchange to buy or sell, brokers have more potential to take advantage of a sideways trend, for example. Traders who are looking for exactly this flexibility should take a closer look at trading opportunities with brokers. There are even free test possibilities in the form of a demo account, which is provided by almost all renowned brokers equipped with virtual credit.


The lower capital requirements are also a major advantage when trading through a broker. For example, if traders want to buy EOS directly, they have to dig deeper into their pockets, depending on the current price. Especially for other crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, direct trading is extremely costly, as the coins are considered the most expensive on the market. With the all time high Bitcoin with a price of over 18.000 euro/Coin was traded. An all-time high of the EOS crypto-currency exchange rate shows that the coins cost more than EUR 20 in April 2018 and thus were not quite as expensive as Bitcoin, but they were much more price-intensive than trading with a broker, for example. Those who opt for EOS CFDs can, for example, trade the positions with just a few euros of equity and thus have much more scope for diversified trading.


The selection of a crypto wallet is a prerequisite if traders want to become active on an exchange. In order to manage the coins, the link to the crypto wallet must first be made, which sounds very simple in principle. In practice, however, it has been shown that the selection of digital wallets is often not so easy due to the large number and different security features. For traders who do not want or are not able to spend the time, the way to the broker remains, because here the trading account is sufficient to start trading.


Note: With the Metatrader the traders can access for example current financial news and audio notifications. In this way, the traders secure an information advantage so that they no longer miss any news from the world of politics and business that is known to influence the EOS Coin price.

With most brokers, traders receive the EOS price in real time free of charge. This means that trading decisions are made much more confidently and, above all, are actually based on the current market trend. Forecasting is particularly crucial for trading activities, because traders can use various analysis options for this purpose:

  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis

The technical analysis is, due to its simplicity, well applicable even for less experienced traders. For this purpose, many brokers provide free indicators and tools that make it even easier for traders to perform the analysis. Proved above all a platform, the one or other perhaps already from the foreign exchange trade Ken: the Metatrader.

With the help of the user-friendly interface and technical analysis options, traders can create their EOS price forecast in no time at all, using the historical data of the crypto currency. In addition to more than 20 popular technical indicators, there are over 20 analytical objects, various time frames and chart types to choose from. Since traders can even configure the object and indicators graphically, the analysis is even more user-friendly.


Brokers offer various financial instruments when it comes to the flexible investment and investment opportunities in the crypto market. Crypto CFDs are especially popular because they are extremely flexible in use and basically easy to understand. Of course, the basic understanding of a financial instrument is always a bit challenging for bloody trading beginners, but experience has shown that brokers provide support when entering a trade and, for example, provide free basic knowledge or demo accounts to test the possibilities. The main advantage of contracts for difference is the leverage effect and the low cost of equity. Traders speculate on the EOS Coin price and use the preceding price analysis to do so.


No matter if the price rises or falls or even shows a long sideways trend, the traders can become active in almost any market situation. It is precisely this uncomplicated trading procedure that many traders use and prefer brokers to a crypto exchange. By way of comparison: anyone wishing to buy or sell EOS Coins on an exchange must of course pay attention to the appropriate market timing.

It can often take a long time for the price to make the purchase or sale interesting, for example. During this waiting period, the people behind the opportunities on the crypto-market can hardly take advantage of them, and attractive profits can possibly be missed. Trade the traders the EOS CFDs hardly a market situation, with which the profitable investment is not possible. However, the prerequisite for this is a sound price analysis.


At the beginning of their trading careers, many traders are overwhelmed by the volatility on the crypto-market and often don’t know exactly what the price trend actually tells them. Exactly therefore many brokers offer further training possibilities as well as Tipps apart from the free Tools and indicators for the analysis of the course also; make often even already prefabricated free analyses available. The traders are actually taken by the hand from the beginning and are led step by step to their opportunities on the crypto-market if they want to. Those who would like to become active themselves and already have trading experience can of course also act immediately and independently based on their trading decisions.


We recommend a short timeframe so that traders can make the most of the volatility of the EOS Coin price. This makes it easier for investors to make a forecast, because a long-term timeframe makes the forecast extremely inaccurate, especially in extremely volatile phases. Traders can avoid this risk by using a short timeframe and historical data to forecast the next minutes or hours of trading activity. Those who wish can also consult fundamental analysis to verify the outcome of the forecast.

However, fundamental analysis requires a little more data effort and experience, which can quickly become too much for trading beginners. Therefore, we recommend that you first create the forecasts using technical analysis and, as you gain trading experience, include fundamental analysis.


Due to their flexible use, Contracts for Difference offer many options so that traders can emerge as winners even in supposedly difficult market situations. Especially the leverage effect makes it so interesting for the traders, because with the help of a leverage of maximum 1:2 (for private traders with crypto CFDs) the equity is multiplied.

For hinter, this means less equity capital expenditure and yet significantly higher profit opportunities in the market. Instead of having to provide a lot of equity capital themselves, the traders use the leverage to have the broker provide them with liquid funds in the meantime (compared to a loan). If the position is successful, the traders collect the full profit made with it. However, if the position is against the trader and no loss limitation has taken place before, the traders can also hear the desire of the traders.


Traders can also use the leverage without fear of loss, although of course they do not want to hide the risk. Without loss limitation, traders can lose all of their equity when trading CFDs. Therefore, it is even more important for traders to set their limits when trading CFDs and, above all, to limit losses. In practice, stop loss and take profit positions can be used to define in advance when the trade will be closed.


Brokers offer not only the crypto CFDs and associated speculation on the EOS price, but also other financial instruments:

  • Securities
  • CFDs on other underlying assets
  • ETFs

Resourceful traders take advantage of the many options available from your broker to spread their equity as widely as possible. Diversification results in a spread of risk, which is of course optimal for traders to protect themselves from total loss. Short-term oriented traders often prefer the contracts for difference, but these are not only available around the crypto-market, but also for other underlying assets.

For diversification, traders can invest in foreign exchange CFDs or commodity CFDs, for example, and use even higher leverage up to a maximum of 1:30. Further diversification possibilities also exist in the combination of securities and CFDs. This allows traders to kill two birds with one stone: they can invest with a long-term orientation and acquire company shares and balance out short-term fluctuations.


Long-term oriented traders like to invest company shares, of which there are now also many in the crypto market. Traders can, for example, acquire shares of Bitcoin GROUP SE or securities of companies that, for example, provide the components for the hardware of the crypto mining. Every share, no matter how good it is, has a downward trend at some point, which the traders can also use for themselves with the appropriate financial instruments. This is where the crypto shares CFDs come into play, because they make speculation on the downward trend very easy.

Determine trading strategy: With a plan to success

The appropriate trading strategy is the be-all and end-all for resourceful investors when it comes to successful activity in the crypto market or with brokers in general. Frequently, inexperienced traders make the mistake of starting trading immediately after their registration. This can of course work, but in practice this is usually not the case. Trading without a strategy or plan is roughly comparable to driving a car without knowing three road signs or rules.

Of course, the driver may be able to steer the car, but a driver who drives over a stop sign due to ignorance may cause an accident. This is exactly why the trading strategy is so important for investors, because it gives them a certain security and ensures the right choice of suitable financial instruments depending on the market situation.


Many brokers already offer ready-made trading strategies, which are shared by successful traders. However, investors should only understand these strategies as impulses and ideas for the development of their own strategy and not implement them unfiltered. Every trader is different and has, for example, a different perception of security or risk. All these are essential factors when it comes to designing an investment strategy. They also include:

  • Trading experience
  • Investment Horizon

The amount of equity capital is also important for the implementation of a trading strategy. Let’s take a look at how such a strategy can look like in the first place and what effects the factors influencing the strategic approach have.

Opportunities for short-term oriented investors

Note: Investing in Crypto CFDs can also save you a lot of trading costs. Since the positions are usually traded intraday and thus closed at the end of the trading day, traders save the rollover costs.

Traders can pursue a short, medium or long-term investment horizon. There are various financial instruments for this purpose. Crypto CFDs are particularly suitable for short-term oriented traders, as they offer the possibility of closing positions after a short time (usually at the end of a trading day at the latest). Long-term oriented traders often use the securities and keep the company shares in their portfolio for years.

The reason for this is simply explained: the shares are naturally, like other financial instruments, subject to fluctuations, which should, however, be compensated by the long-term investment horizon. In addition, the traders naturally want to profit from the dividend payments of the companies with the long-term investment horizon.


Not every trader has a lot of experience when starting his trading activity. However, this should not prevent traders from logging on to the broker and taking advantage of opportunities in the crypto-market. For example, even traders with little trading experience can use CFDs for themselves, as they are easy to trade from a basic understanding. Getting started is even easier with an uncomplicated strategy. For example, traders can determine the trend and then trade it. For traders with more experience, who perhaps want to be more ambitious, it is also recommended to trade against the trend or hedging.


Do I want to take risks with my trading activities or not? This is for the most important question that concerns many traders. Experience shows that traders are not always completely honest with themselves when answering this question, and this can have fatal consequences.

For example, someone who classifies himself as a risk taker, but is not a risk taker at all, will become uncertain in his trading decisions and in the worst case this will result in a wrong decision. Traders can see that this can have monetary consequences with losses if the position goes against them. In order to better assess the risk appetite, traders can use a free demo account with the broker to trade under near-market conditions. In this way, it quickly becomes apparent whether their own assessment of their risk appetite was correct or whether there is not a need for improvement.


The risk-taking traders often rely on the crypto CFDs because the derivatives are so popular due to their leverage and flexibility. The leverage is tempting on the one hand, but in the worst case scenario it also brings higher losses. If you calculate the risk correctly, you are trading with a better gut feeling. The fear of losses should never be an emotion that determines a trading decision, but traders should instead rely on the results of their technical and/or fundamental analysis.


Traders can make it easier for themselves to get started with the Broker by using the demo account provided. This makes it possible to first get to know the broker and his offers, but also to test the own trading features. Am I willing to take risks, do I want to invest a lot or do I hold back?

It can be challenging, especially for deeply experienced traders, to keep track of the multitude of financial instruments and investment opportunities. That’s why the demo account is just right, because under near-market conditions, traders have the opportunity to test in peace. The advantage: your own capital is not lost even if you make the wrong trading decisions. Instead, the traders have to invest at most the virtual balance.


It is even recommended that traders share the demo and live account. With the demo account, traders can try out strategic approaches and, if successful, transfer them to the live account. However, the demo account also helps to calmly deepen the theoretical knowledge that is often provided by trading professionals in online events. The learning effect is thus recently higher, which of course can also pay off during trading activities with your own capital on the live account. However, it is important that traders make sure that the conditions on the demo account are similar to those on the live account.

Conclusion: Forecasting EOS prices and making the most of CFD trading

Traders can use the EOS Coin price for their own benefit, despite or perhaps because of the enormous volatility. It is important to know WHERE the investors are active and what financial instruments they use. Due to the sometimes enormous price fluctuations in the EOS crypto currency rate, it is much more difficult to find the right entry point for trading on crypto stock exchanges. Traders have a much easier time with a broker, however, because this is where the contracts for differences are available, among other things. With little equity capital, under the leverage effect and completely without a crypto wallet, traders can take their chance by forecasting.

For all, which want to test the offer and above all the possibility at the Krypto market, many brokers make even free demo account with virtual assets available. Who wants to miss this chance? Now simply register for free with the broker and learn how the crypto course is analyzed, in order to profit from it in no time even as less experienced traders.

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