EOS investing

EOS Investment: Fast trading success with CFDs

EOS is a particularly interesting crypto currency and is among the top 10 in the ranking. If traders want to invest in EOS, they can get the chance to do so from the broker on the stock exchange. However, the EOS investment at the stock exchange often requires much more equity capital and above all the provision of the crypto wallet.

Trading with brokers is much less complicated and above all more flexible. Traders, for example, simply speculate on the EOS price trend and even use the leverage effect and favourable trading conditions offered by brokers.

  • EOS investment with brokers possible with CFDs
  • CFD trading can be performed with leverage of max. 1:2
  • Traders can use demo account free of charge for practice
  • Technical analysis can also be easily implemented by trading beginners

EOS Investment also successful with little equity through CFDs

Traders can invest in EOS in various ways. On the one hand, there is the possibility to buy directly the digital coins at a stock exchange or to sell them profitably; on the other hand, the traders can also become active at the Crypto Broker and use various financial instruments to the Crypto Market or EOS. Second investment and investment opportunities have a very different approach. Depending on criteria such as investment horizon, risk appetite, trading experience or available equity, traders can plan their investments with brokers or stock exchanges.


Note: If traders want to invest with the broker, they do not need a crypto wallet. This is an advantage for traders, because the wallets offer a risk if they are not sufficiently secured, because in the past millions of coins were stolen. With the broker the account is sufficient, which can be even led free of charge.

The EOS investment with a broker is particularly suitable because of its flexibility. Traders can not only choose from a variety of financial instruments, they also need less equity capital to do so, in contrast to the trading activity on an exchange. Brokers also offer investors a quick start, as the entry requirements for starting trading activity are extremely low. With the help of various account models and even often virtual credit, traders can try out their chances on the crypto-market in a matter of seconds and invest with virtual credit in the EOS Coin, speculate on its price trend with the CFDs.


In order for traders to start trading with the broker at all, they first need an account. There is a choice of accounts:

  • Live account
  • Demo account

The registration for the live account is a bit more extensive than for the demo account, because for this the traders have to fill in some more information in the registration form and complete the verification process. The live account can also be used to generate profits with your own capital, which is not possible with the demo account and trading via the virtual balance.


Once the traders have decided to register the live account, some information is required. This includes among other things:

  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Name
  • e-mail

The broker will also request the trading experience in the further registration process. Afterwards the traders are classified as private or professional traders. This classification is important because there are significant differences in the trading conditions and especially in the use of leverage when traders want to speculate on the price trend with the help of CFDs. Private traders can then “only” use a leverage of maximum 1:2, while professional traders can access a higher leverage.


After all data has been deposited, the information must be verified by a valid identification document. Proof of address is also necessary and is provided, for example, by a current telephone bill. Once the support has verified the account, the traders can deposit trading credits and thus take advantage of their chances on the crypto-market.

Invest with CFDs EOS: This is how successful traders go about it

Contracts for Difference have an enormous advantage over direct EOS investments, because they enable speculative trades without having to buy the digital EOS coins themselves. This naturally brings further advantages for the traders:

  • Less equity required
  • No Krypto Wallet is needed
  • No risk of coins being stolen from wallet by hackers

Instead of committing themselves to the coins over a longer period of time and saving this wallet, the traders take advantage of the hour on the market and speculate on the price development. As a glance at the EOS price shows, it moves in extremely volatile phases. Such market developments in particular are often a hindrance to traders on the stock exchange and can mean that investors have to wait several days or even weeks before I can show a tradable trend.

The situation is completely different for broker activities, because crypto CFDs also allow speculative trading in short-term price movements. Traders can invest in EOS even if there is a downward or sideways trend and use their opportunities on the market. Since CFDs are usually only traded intraday, the traders even know after a few hours how successful the trading decisions were in the first place. This gives a certain degree of security and also enables flexible trades, because traders can, for example, also invest in EOS the following day.


The forecast is the basis for every successful CFD trade. With the help of technical and/or fundamental analysis, traders look at the price development or the current market situation and try to make a forecast for the future based on this information. As EOS is particularly volatile, short-term forecasts, for example for the next few minutes or hours, are particularly recommended for trading activity. Volatility can cause the supposed forecast for the next few days or weeks to suddenly vanish into thin air, causing traders to regret their trading decisions due to the losses incurred, or to make adjustments to their trades.


Even for less experienced traders, course analysis with the right tools is not at all the same. Brokers provide countless possibilities (mostly even free of charge) in the form of tools and indicators and give instructions on how, for example, price analysis can work particularly easily. For this an innovative trading platform is often used, which already proved itself with the foreign exchange trade: the Metatrader. The platform has been available on the market for many years and is equally available for PC and mobile devices. Traders not only benefit from the high speed of the charts, but can also access real-time price charts and configurable graphical objects and indicators. There are also other useful functions for technical analysis, including:

  • 24 analytical objects: lines, channels, geometric figures
  • 3 chart types: Bar, candle and line charts
  • There are also over 25 technical indicators available for even more in-depth price analysis.


At first glance, price analysis may seem a bit challenging for traders at the beginning of their trading career. However, traders have the opportunity to improve their skills and abilities at the broker.

Many brokers provide the free demo account with virtual credit for trading activities under near-market conditions, but also interesting information about the crypto-market, the analysis possibilities and much more. Those who use the advanced training area can also as less experienced traders enter trading under facilitated conditions. The theoretical knowledge can then be practiced, for example, with the free demo account to become more confident in the use of the analysis tools and the resulting trading decisions.


Many brokers offer online events with experienced traders in addition to the free training opportunities. Not only is the current market situation analyzed, but the traders also give, for example, a look at their own strategies or give important tips. Who can, should use the possibilities for free knowledge transfer and for learning from professional traders calmly, particularly if they are offered free of charge.

With the help of the demo account, the traders can even intensify their theoretical knowledge once again and put it into practice under near-market conditions and with virtual credit and test their understanding of it. Even if perhaps the own trading decision was wrong, no own capital is lost, but the traders lose only a part of their virtual credit.

How much equity do I need for my EOS investment?

If the traders toy with the idea of investing in EOS, the legitimate question naturally remains as to how much equity capital is actually required for this. Here there are clear differences between the trading entry of a broker and a stock exchange. If you decide to trade on the crypto stock exchange, you need a little more equity capital, because the coins have to be purchased directly.

Depending on the current price, for example, an EOS can cost EUR 2.00 or, as with the all-time high in April 2019, over EUR 20.00. Trading with a broker is considerably cheaper if the traders decide to use crypto CFDs. However, those who want to invest in crypto shares must pay the share price directly with the purchase.


Trading of contracts for difference is possible with little equity capital. Traders who would like to explore their chances on the crypto-market themselves can even trade with virtual assets and the demo account with the broker. A further advantage of trading CFDs is that the learned traders themselves decide how much they want to invest in EOS. The CFDs can be traded with just a few Euros, but traders can of course also invest more equity.


If you have little equity available or want to invest, you can use the leverage of crypto CFDs. Traders have the chance to use the maximum leverage of 1:2. This means they only deposit a security deposit when trading and receive the rest as temporary capital from the broker.

Securing CFD trading and taking profits made easy

It is already known that easy access requirements apply to CFD trading. However, traders can also invest in EOS Coin in an uncomplicated and at best successful way and make use of contracts for difference. It is important that an EOS price forecast is made beforehand, because traders open their position and trade long or short on the basis of the results. How long the position is held depends on the investors themselves.

Those who fail to set a limit on profits or losses may trade until no more equity is available. This is of course a less successful trading solution for traders, as it has nothing to do with strategy and overview of the risk. Successful traders always keep an eye on the market and make sure that profits are taken, but also that losses are limited.


In order to control the risk, we recommend that traders calculate precisely in advance up to which threshold they can absorb losses. The same applies to taking profits, as they should also be limited in order to implement successful trading strategies. For this purpose, brokers have provided the possibility to trade stop loss and take profit positions.

Traders can also trade guaranteed stop loss and take profits if they want to be sure that the position will close exactly at the set limit. Otherwise, it may result in the second position closing at the limit, but the time delay may cause the second position to deviate.

Conclusion: EOS invest and use the CFDs optimally

The EOS investment is possible for traders without having to meet any major access requirements with a broker. Although investors also have the opportunity to invest directly in EOS on the Crypto Stock Exchange, this requires not only sufficient equity capital but also an EOS Crypto Wallet and a trading account. It works completely differently with the broker, because traders can even start trading with virtual credit and learn about the opportunities on the crypto-market without risk.

Those who want to become active with their own capital simply open a live account, which experience shows works after just a few minutes. Then the innumerable possibilities open up, because the brokers make different financial instruments available for trading at the crypto-market. This includes CFDs, which allow speculation on the price trend.

Even with little equity capital, you have the chance to take advantage of short-term price fluctuations and, with the help of leverage (maximum 1:2 for private investors), to bring significantly more equity capital into the market than is perhaps even available yourself. In order to use these Trading chances, the dealers do not even need extensive knowledge, because also here the brokers support; make free training further possibilities available.

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