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EOS Coin CFDs: A must for all traders with crypto affinity

The EOS Coin future looks extremely promising because of the special features of the technology behind it. Why should traders not benefit from it? Of course, traders can, for example, trade EOS Coin directly on stock exchanges, but that means a great deal of (monetary) effort.

Access to the crypto-market is much easier with the trading opportunities offered by a broker. For example, traders can use the EOS Coin forecast with the CFDs. The advantage: no wallet is required and, thanks to the leverage effect, traders only need a fraction of their own capital.

  • EOS Coins CFDs can already be traded with brokers with little equity
  • Leverage for crypto CFDs: maximum 1:2
  • EOS Coin Prognose itself is child’s play to create with free tools and indicators
  • Brokers offer free demo account for practice purposes

EOS Coin now trading with brokers and becoming part of the success

The EOS Coin or the block chain technology behind it was introduced with an ICO in June 2017, having already collected cash from interested parties who believed in a positive EOS Coin forecast and therefore invested at the then price of USD 0.99. Such ICOs are more common on the crypto market, as more and more investors want to profit from the hype surrounding digital coins modelled on Bitcoin and seize their opportunity to buy cheap coins as early as possible.

However, this is also possible according to an ICO, if the traders trade the coins of an exchange directly, for example. For this, however, a wallet is necessary. Also, the entry into crypto trading on an exchange is not always easy. Experience has shown that it is much easier to do so with brokers, where traders can speculate on the EOS coin forecast with the help of CFDs.


Anyone who does not want to buy the EOS coin directly from a crypto stock exchange or who has already secured a share of the coins from the ICO can also speculate on the future of the crypto currency EOS. In many cases, this not only means less effort in registration, but also less equity capital is required if the traders decide to use a broker. With the help of crypto CFDs, traders can use the price history even without extensive trading experience and become part of the crypto success story themselves.

EOS Coin experiences: How to get started with a broker

In order to invest in the EOS Coin future, traders do not necessarily need a crypto stock exchange behind them. It also works with less effort if the traders decide to use a broker. Although there are numerous providers in this case too, it is much easier to choose with the support of a broker comparison. Traders have the possibility to search specifically for a broker with crypto financial instruments. If you want to use EOS Coin Prognose in a very targeted way, you will simply look for the providers that make EOS available as a trading option on CFDs, for example.


Registering with a broker is much easier than with a stock exchange, because brokers often offer a variety of account models, often including a demo account. Who decides for the demo account, has the possibility of realizing the registration only with indication of its E-Mail address.

For it the dealers need again own capital funds still another document of identification or other, but may be pleased within seconds about the market entrance. The demo account offers the unique opportunity to test the opportunities on the crypto-market with EOS Coin under near-market conditions and then to realize real profits with the live account and your own capital. Experience has shown that traders do not have this opportunity in their activities on the exchange.


Note: The verification process can be done either by uploading documents to the broker or by a video phone call. Verification from the live account is particularly fast if the traders use the video phone call and hold the ID document into the camera of the support employee.

EOS Coin experiences show that there is an incredible amount of potential in the crypto currency and its market movement. Resourceful traders can, for example, use the contracts for difference to speculate on the price trend and use their own capital to generate real profits. For it however the change from the demo to the live account must take place. In order for traders to have the chance to capitalize their account at all, verification is required. The entire registration process for a live account is much more extensive than for the demo account. The required information includes

  • Name
  • Address
  • e-mail

The assignment of a password or a user name is also necessary for many brokers with the actual registration for the live account. Experience shows that traders need up to five minutes or more to fill out the form. Afterwards the verification has to be done, where the traders confirm their identity and prove the correctness of their data with a valid identity card or passport. Only when this has been done in full will the trading account be activated for actual use and the traders can immediately capitalize the account and use the EOS Coin forecast for speculative purposes.

The fact check: this is why brokers are often better than exchanges

The question arises, of course, why a broker is usually the better choice than a crypto exchange for many flexibility-loving traders. It can’t be only because of the simplified registration or the use of the demo account, can it? To answer the question why a stock exchange is better suited for traders, let’s take a closer look at the other advantages of a broker.


Traders who have had little or no experience of trading EOS Coin can do so much more easily with a broker, without any trading risk of their own. But what really makes a broker’s quality, especially for less experienced traders, is the number of training options available.

Most brokers provide interesting information about the crypto-market and other interesting markets and trading opportunities and take the traders by the hand. Also, those who may not have had any experience at all, have the opportunity to build up the basic knowledge step by step at the Broker and thus come closer and closer to making successful trading decisions. Brokers provide training material in different versions to choose from, including

  • Trading videos
  • webinars
  • Article
  • Tips and tricks

Best of all, traders can also find out the answers to the question ‘What is EOS Coin’, for example, or obtain important information and assistance in analyzing the price trend and designing their trading strategy. The provision of a free demo account means that the information does not have to be purely theoretical, because the traders can test the knowledge they have acquired under near-market conditions.


Also the number of trading possibilities speaks clearly to our eyes for a broker. While traders can buy and sell EOS Coin on a crypto stock exchange, brokers have many more options. Among other things, traders can use the following financial instruments for crypto trading:

  • CFDs
  • Shares
  • ETFs

The contracts for differences are particularly interesting because they allow speculation on the EOS Coin forecast. Traders do not have to buy coins themselves, but instead speculate exclusively on the price trend. At EOS in particular, volatility is more pronounced than ever. Constant fluctuations have been part of the price picture practically since its introduction in 2017, which can make trading decisions on an exchange much more difficult.

Traders do not have this challenge with a broker, because trading activity is possible at any time with the right analysis of the price trend. Regardless of whether the trend is up or down or sideways, traders have the chance to take advantage of it.


Especially in highly volatile phases, contracts for differences are a real insider tip for many trading professionals. Since traders can close the positions even after a few minutes, they have the opportunity to use even the smallest price movements to generate their own profits. Due to the duration of the settlement, such fast trading activities are hardly feasible on an exchange. For all traders who like this thrill and do not want to commit themselves to buying the coins for a longer period of time, CFDs can represent optimal opportunities to generate profits with EOS.


Traders who do not want to trade the EOS Coin Deutsch directly can use the CFDs for fast profit taking. What at first glance looks quite simple and straightforward is not at all difficult in practice with a little skill. Nevertheless, we would like to put a brake on the euphoria a little, because contracts for difference are among the riskiest derivatives, so that without sufficient risk limitation, the traders can also lose significantly more. Crypto CFDs are particularly interesting, especially because of their leverage effect. Depending on the selected underlying asset, traders can use leverage of up to 1:30.


Those who prefer trading with Crypto CFDs have a maximum leverage of 1:2 as a private trader. This offers the unique opportunity to multiply the equity capital and to act on the market with rather liquid funds. We do not have to be calculation geniuses to know what more capital in the market means: the prospect of even higher profits. In theory, quite simple, in practice with the right approaches to risk limitation and profit taking as well. Inexperienced traders usually learn from brokers in basic knowledge how exactly I calculate the risks in a targeted manner. For example, it is explained how stop loss and take profit positions are traded exactly.


Particularly with successful CFD trading, it is important not only to look at taking profits, but above all to keep an eye on limiting losses. Many trading beginners make the mistake of being completely euphoric about the leverage effects and the higher profits associated with them. The main focus is on the profit prospects, but exactly such an approach is exactly the wrong one and often leads to the losses. The most important thing is to limit the risks and limit the losses.


Those who trade Crypto CFDs should therefore at best trade with Take Profit and Stop Loss positions. This way, traders can easily determine at which limit the position will be closed. Once this limit is reached, the position is no longer traded and traders need not fear losing too much. The limit also applies to profits, because without such limits, the position would theoretically run out of steam. Traders would then have no way to calculate the trading costs, because theoretically the position could be traded overnight. It goes without saying that additional costs can arise in this way. In order to avoid these unnecessary additional costs, we recommend that you only hold your positions for a maximum of one trading day.


With the help of CFDs, the EOS Coin forecast can be used optimally. But traders have even more opportunities to make use of the various investment options according to their horizon and trading strategy. Crypto shares, for example, are ideal for working on asset accumulation with a long-term orientation. However, investments in the securities also require a higher equity ratio, depending on the shares chosen. For example, if you want to invest in the company shares of Bitcoin GROUP SE, you need to allow for approximately 50 Euros per share, depending on the market situation. In the meantime, there are also numerous companies which may not belong to the crypto-market at first glance. Among them are companies from the following sectors:

  • logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Finances

For example, they use block chain technology to handle/accelerate business processes. For this reason, they are also considered crypto securities in the broadest sense. Due to the enormous (cross-sector) diversity, there is an enormous potential for investors to diversify their portfolio and invest depending on their budget and risk tolerance, even in the long term.


Traders have the opportunity to combine the investment horizon with each other at the Broker and, for example, trade crypto shares together with crypto CFDs. The reason for this is simply explained: risk diversification. Even if the crypto shares may appear to be less risky than CFDs at first glance, traders are not spared from a downward trend in their shares, even if they have a long-term orientation. However, traders can take advantage of this supposedly disadvantageous circumstance by trading Crypto CFDs on the falling price.


Another fact that speaks for the trading activity with a broker are the countless analysis possibilities. Although crypto stock exchanges also offer support in price analysis and provide, for example, current data and market outlooks, there is often a lack of free tools and indicators that the traders themselves can use for price forecasting. Every successful trader knows how important a sound price analysis is.

In order to learn them also from the beginning and to be able to make an analysis with little effort even as inexperienced traders, many brokers offer tips and basic knowledge. For example, traders can use numerous free indicators and tools as well as current market data for technical or fundamental analysis. Above all the trading platform, the Metatrader, has proven itself particularly. It is available not only as a useful tool for the trade of the foreign exchange, but offers also optimal possibilities for the technical analysis of the crypto courses. Traders can use for example:

  • Several Timeframes
  • Different chart types
  • Countless analytical objects (including lines, channels and geometric figures)
  • Technical indicators

So that the analysis is possible without large hurdles completely easily, traders can use also a free demo account, in order to try out for example whether they are correct with their prognosis or whether there are questions of understanding to clarify. Even if a forecast is not correct, the trader application can be completely reassured by the demo account, because real losses are not even generated.

Can really every trader become a broker?

Getting started with trading activities sounds temptingly simple, doesn’t it? Surely there are some skeptics who have their doubts that the trading possibilities with a broker should be really so simple. So let’s take a look at whether it is really so easy for anyone to start trading with a broker. First of all, the trading requirements include the trading account. What is required for this?

E-mail address

Anyone who has an e-mail address can register with the Broker at least with a free demo account. Be honest, almost everyone has an e-mail address these days, right? Therefore, everyone can become active with a demo account without having to spend own capital. To get to know the trading offer and the possibilities on the crypto market, the demo account is completely sufficient.


If the traders do not want to trade only under near-market conditions, equity capital is of course required. In contrast to trading activity on the stock exchange, however, experience has shown that traders need much less from brokers, since EOS Coin does not have to be purchased directly. Various service providers are also available for account capitalization, with which the traders can make their deposits. The brokers cooperate with renowned service providers so that the traders can rely on reliable processing.


All traders of legal age can become active with the Broker. Traders who have not yet reached the age of 18, for example, can therefore not trade at the Broker. Who would like to become active nevertheless as a young person at the Krypto market, that can ask also its parents to work together with it on the fortune structure if for example the pocket money is to be invested as efficiently as possible. The parents open then the Trading account for the young people under 18 years and can provide together with their new generation for the fact that perhaps with or other crypto CFDs the starting signal for the successful Trading-future is put.


The nice thing about trading activity at Broker is that all traders are welcome. It doesn’t matter whether they are ambitious traders or less experienced investors, the start is almost always possible with the help of the brokers and their training opportunities as well as tips and tricks. Also dealers, who are perhaps first somewhat sceptical and would like to examine the broker first on heart and kidneys, have in addition with a free demo account the possibility. For genuine profits the demo is not made, nevertheless traders have the chance to try out their chances at the crypto-market themselves and to obtain genuine profits with a live account and own capital when convinced.

Trading strategy a must, not only for CFD trading

To ensure that trading on the crypto-market is crowned with success in the long term, we recommend that you always act with an investment strategy. A strategic approach is especially beneficial for trading CFDs, but this also applies to all other financial instruments at the broker. A strategy is never set in stone, but always changeable. Traders should always adapt their strategic approach to the current personal situation market situation. But how easy or difficult is it actually to develop a trading strategy? To get your own trading strategy off the ground, various criteria are crucial:

  • Trading Experience
  • Risk appetite
  • Investment Horizon
  • Equity

Every trader is individual, so that for example not every investor has the same risk tolerance as other traders. That is why every trading strategy should be individually structured. If you have no trading experience at all, we recommend that you start with simple strategies to first get to know the trading scenarios and to familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of the crypto-market.

For example, traders can use trend trading to do this and open positions, for example, always in the direction of the trend. If the traders then have some trading experience, they can also trade against the trend or even act more speculatively with hedging. So that the trend prognosis succeeds, we recommend to let for example the resistances and supports be indicated in the chart picture, which can be used optimally with the Metatrader for it.


Risk appetite also plays a major role when it comes to developing an investment strategy. Traders should be honest with themselves and ask the question: Am I willing to take risks or do I prefer conservative investment opportunities? The answer to this question is crucial for the further course of the strategic approach. Anyone who answers this question with ‘risky’, for example, can make optimum use of crypto CFDs and use the EOS Coin forecast, for example, to generate their own profits. If, on the other hand, traders answer the question ‘conservatively’, it is advisable, for example, to trade CFDs without leverage or to resort to other financial instruments (including crypto shares) altogether.


The investment horizon is also crucial when it comes to setting up your own trading strategy. A distinction is made between three horizon options:

  • In short
  • Resources
  • Long

The short and medium-term investment horizon is particularly popular with CFD traders, as positions are only held for a short time; usually closed within one trading day. This gives traders the opportunity to see immediately at the end of the day how successful their trading decisions were or were not. In addition, the closing of trading after one day offers the advantage of better control of trading costs. If the traders decide on a long-term investment horizon, crypto stocks are often the means of choice. However, for greater diversification, they can also be combined with Crypto CFDs to balance out short-term price fluctuations.


The equity capital of the investors naturally also plays an important role in the strategic procedure. For example, if traders have a lot of liquid assets, they can diversify their investments/assets much more. This means they can act in the short, medium and long term. However, if the traders have only little equity available, it is important to concentrate on the essentials. The focus may then not be on diversification for every trader, but primarily on generating profits while protecting equity. EOS Coin CFDs are particularly suitable for traders with little equity capital, because the positions can already be traded with little trading credit. The leverage effect nevertheless gives traders the opportunity to operate on the market with considerably more capital and to achieve even higher profits.


Many traders shy away from making decisions, especially at the beginning of their trading career. Often they lack the necessary confidence in their own abilities for analysis or the trading activities themselves. Many brokers react to this and provide the reluctant investors with help of a special kind.

For example, traders can benefit from the knowledge of trading professionals, which is conveyed in various webinars, for example. There is also the possibility for social trading, where traders can exchange ideas with other like-minded investors and investors and discuss current market events. Often, interesting approaches and impulses for own trading strategies result from such discussions.

Conclusion: EOS Coin CFDs also ideal for trading beginners

Traders have the opportunity to benefit from developments in the crypto-market through trading activities at the broker or the exchange. It is particularly easy to get started with the broker, because the traders need little equity capital, no EOS wallet at all and can open an account in a matter of seconds. The coins do not even have to be purchased directly themselves, but instead have the opportunity to speculate exclusively on the EOS Coin forecast. This is made possible by crypto CFDs, which can even be traded with a maximum leverage of 1:2.

Even a small amount of equity becomes a lot, because the leverage serves as a multiplier and opens up even higher profit spheres for the trader. However, even without sufficient loss limitation, the leverage can still hold significantly higher risks. It is therefore important to protect equity as much as possible and to trade stop loss and take profit positions, for example. If you want to try it all out in peace, you can start with a free demo account with many brokers and see the opportunities on the crypto-market for yourself through the flexible difference contracts.

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