Earn Money With Cryptocurrencies

Crypto currency earn money: How traders can get rich with crypto currency

The crypto-secret for successful trading – no, there is not THE secret how traders can reliably make money with crypto-currency. However, there are several big pieces that can actually contribute to profitable trading. Important components to make money with the crypto currency are for example: Development and pursuit of an investment strategy, sound price analysis, trading and emotions and risk management. Making money with crypto currency can also be done by investors without previous trading experience, for example by starting with a demo account and gradually familiarizing themselves with the opportunities and risks in the crypto market.

  • Earning money with crypto-currency is possible with brokers or stock exchanges
  • Risk Capital Management is critical to crypto earnings
  • Development and implementation of trading strategies is particularly important for trading success
  • Investors can earn money with more than 2,900 crypto currencies

Crypto currency earn money: the best tips for successful trade

Who would like to earn money with crypto currency, has for it innumerable possibilities, because the number of crypto currencies amounts actually to more than 2,900. In addition innumerable crypto stock exchanges and brokers, with whom the Trader can invest successfully, come. But what actually makes the trading success and how can the traders use the crypto market in the best possible way? We have put together some important tips on how to make money with crypto currency even better.


If it concerns, how the Trader with crypto currency can earn money, naturally different strategies are possible. One of them is the search for a currency with the highest possible market capitalization. The price of a coin determines not its profitability, but the forces of supply and demand. And scarce coins with limited supply (like Bitcoin) have a high value. Market capitalization is therefore an important indicator of profitable currencies, as it gives investors an idea of the total value and reflects the actual value of the project. To calculate the market capitalization, the current price of the coin is multiplied by the number of coins in circulation.

Low risk for crypto currencies with high market capitalization

If the traders do indeed decide on a crypto currency with high market capitalization, this could reduce the risk. The high market capitalization clearly shows that there is potential demand for the crypto currency. Many traders use from lack of experience above all favorable Coins, because they think that they would have to buy as many Coins as possible with their own capital funds. Theoretically this assumption is not completely wrong, but what use are many Coins in the Wallet, if there is hardly demand and associated increase in value for the crypto currency

Better estimate the potential of coins with the help of market reports

Of course, it is also possible that the traders may strike on the basis of low market capitalization and buy the coins at a low price. This could be a promising outcome with a good forecast for the future. So that the traders know however whether the prognosis for their crypto currency is actually positive or not, the view of current market messages is recommended. For example, if there are new cooperations for a crypto project or if the technology is made available to the general public, this can lead to an increase in demand. Who acquired Coins before favorably, has thereby the chance to sell more expensively and become rich with crypto currency. The best example is Bitcoin: Because at the introduction in 2009 there were almost only skeptics and nobody really knew what to do with this new currency. That’s why the price was extremely low in the beginning, in the one to two-digit Euro range. A few years later, Bitcoin even reached an all-time high of over 19,000 euros.

Making money with crypto currency works optimally with risk management

Earning money with crypto currency Experiences – is there always a guarantee for profits? Of course it would be theoretically nice if every trading strategy and every investment would end with a profit. However, this is not so in practice, as experience with crypto trading clearly shows. Traders should always be aware that although they have a high profit potential with Bitcoin and Co., they can always incur losses. Whoever is aware of this, has it much easier to make sovereign trading decisions and also to deal with losses better. It is important for successful trading activities that the risk management is right. Experience shows that traders always have a certain amount of equity capital, which they should spread as best as possible. In order to protect the capital, it is important to limit losses and take profits with you.


Traders can make money with crypto currency by taking into account the risks in their trading activities. Therefore, it is important not to use the entire equity capital for a trade, so that even in case of losses there is still enough financial leeway to trade again and to compensate the losses with the new investments/assets.


Strategic procedures and the planning of profits and losses are among the essential components of success for crypto traders. Who actually makes money with crypto currency on his success agenda should define his individual investment strategy before the real trading start and follow it consequently. At best, traders use a trading diary to record all steps precisely and to be able to analyze trading decisions more easily later.

Earn money with crypto currency Experience: buy low, sell high

If the traders want to become active directly at a crypto exchange, the aim is to buy at the best price. The trick is that the price difference between buying and selling is so great that the profits are particularly high. Therefore, it is especially important that the traders trade at the lowest price and identify this price first in the volatile crypto market. This is a challenge for trading beginners, as they often do not know exactly how the prices are analyzed and how the market sentiment is correctly assessed. At this point, we recommend using technical and fundamental analysis, although technical analysis is much easier to apply. With its help and the historical data of the selected crypto currency, traders can make forecasts and trade the future price development. The point is to identify the downtrend and to take advantage of it in the best possible way.


Every trend reverses or repeats itself at some point. Traders should always keep these two ideas in mind when analyzing prices and making trading decisions. When the downtrend begins, many traders invest immediately because they are afraid that the trend will be reversed. Of course, buying on the downtrend is better than buying on the uptrend, but those who are patient will be rewarded with even cheaper crypto prices. To earn money with crypto currency means to let the downward trend develop and to buy only shortly before the trend reversal.


Patience is required not only when buying the crypto currency, but also when selling it. Often the crypto market is so volatile that a decision to sell is not so easy. For example, if the price is in a downward trend or persistent sideways trend, traders should not sell, of course. Often the price developments of Bitcoin and Co. put traders to a real test of patience that they have to pass. Who brings along something calmness and waits for the correct development at the market, is recompenced with profits. Traders should remain calm in such situations and not sell their coins from the wallet under pressure because they are perhaps afraid that the market will no longer move in a profitable direction. In principle, every trend changes at some point, the only question is when.

Choose a secure wallet

Many traders are uncertain about the coins in their wallet. They are afraid that the hackers might steal them and therefore sell them hastily. Of course, this should not happen in the best case scenario, so that the selection of the crypto wallet is also crucial for trading success. Especially if the market does not offer any possibility to realize the sale, it is important that the coins can be kept safe even for months. Therefore we recommend offline storage (among other things with hardware or paper wallet). This gives the traders maximum security that hackers cannot get hold of the coins due to the lack of online access.

Control emotions and earn money with crypto currency

Making money with crypto currency is possible if traders control their emotions and do not let themselves be infected by the history of the market. Trading psychology plays an essential role, because experience shows that many investors are afraid of missing something and therefore react emotionally. Instead of relying on the results of price analysis, they act out of fear or gut feeling. Every investor knows best that such trading decisions are rarely crowned with success. Especially trading in communities often leads to traders pushing each other and making decisions through emotionality. However, we recommend not to trade with the masses and not to be infected by such supposed emotional recommendations.


Fear, uncertainty and doubt are also common causes for traders to make rash decisions. Especially the volatile crypto-market influences the traders again and again when making decisions. Many investors simply cannot stand the price fluctuations, as they often frighten them and bring uncertainty. Based on this feeling they react rashly and buy or sell hastily without actually analyzing the price. Those who are lucky can make money with such emotional decisions, but fear or anxiety are usually bad advisors.

Become more confident in trading decisions

One way that traders can deal more confidently with the volatile moods of the crypto-market is to practice trading decisions and price analysis. It is important that the traders trust themselves and do not listen to the emotionality of others. Those who want to increase their self-confidence for trading decisions should at best practice as much as possible. Demo accounts or training opportunities are available free of charge from brokers, so that the analysis of price trends or basic knowledge of the crypto-market can be learned and consolidated without much effort.

Calculate losses consciously

Many traders make the mistake of trying to avoid losses in their practice activities with the demo account. If the first losses are then made when trading with their own capital, which is completely normal, the traders are surprised and often overwhelmed in terms of their emotionality. Therefore, we recommend that when trading with the demo account, you consciously enter loss-making situations and calmly arrange your trades in such a way that losses result. In this way, the traders at least know how this feeling is felt and what effects this has, for example, on their self-confidence when making trading decisions. Based on this information, traders have the chance to learn and become better with every trading decision, in order to protect their own capital in real trading as much as possible.

Making money with crypto currency only works with sufficient knowledge

Trading entry into the crypto-market is made easier than ever for investors today. Therefore, more and more inexperienced investors are taking the opportunity to profit from the movements on the crypto-market. Theoretically, this is of course a good idea, because conventional financial instruments no longer offer the profits as they did perhaps just a few years ago. Nevertheless, traders should not underestimate the entry into crypto trading and, above all, should not overestimate themselves as traders. It is important to have knowledge of the crypto market and movements. Above all, it is the volatility that keeps setting the prices of Bitcoin and Co. in motion unexpectedly and thus steering supposedly safe trading decisions in a completely new direction. Only those who hone their basic knowledge and constantly expand it know about the opportunities and risks on the crypto-market and can use them specifically for themselves.


Earn money with crypto currency – many trading professionals have already collected successes with Bitcoin and Co. Many of them let also other traders participate with crypto brokers. Thus for example frequently free Webinars are offered, with which the professionals analyze the current market situation and not rarely from the sewing small box plaudern, in order to give to the interested investors important Tipps also on the way to arrange the trade at the Krypto market still more successfully. Traders should always use such offers, because where does one have the opportunity to learn first hand from professionals?

Result: With crypto currency money earn is not at all so difficult

The trade with Bitcoin, Litecoin and the more than 2,900 other crypto currencies can become profitable with the suitable preparation. The Trader can trade the Internet currencies for example directly with Krypto stock exchanges. Another possibility is offered by brokers, where the traders can trade crypto CFDs or securities. However, there is no success formula for profitable trading. Nevertheless, with a few simple tips, traders can significantly increase the sovereignty of their trading decisions and, at best, make even more profits. It is important that the traders not only provide themselves with sufficient equity capital, but also manage this optimally and do not risk too much. Emotions are a no-go in crypto-trading, as is the lack of market analysis. Whoever deals with the current price development and pursues his or her individual trading strategy can trade chances and risks better and is on the best way to earn money reliably with crypto currencies.

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