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Crypto currency trading platform: find the top crypto currency platform in no time

Crypto stock exchanges or brokers – where is the best crypto currency trading platform? Many traders are overwhelmed when choosing an optimal crypto currency platform due to the high number of offers. Remedy can create a crypto currency trading platform comparison, with which for example the Trading places are critically eyed according to different criteria. These include the trading conditions, the offer, the services or the functionality. We have put together our experiences from the crypto-currency trading platform test and show you how to find the optimal platform.

  • Traders can actively trade at the crypto stock exchange and crypto marketplace
  • Trading of over 2,900 crypto currencies possible
  • Brokers also provide crypto financial instruments
  • Crypto currency Handelspla ttform comparison is offered online free of charge

Crypto currency trading platform: the tips for the optimal selection

What should a crypto currency platform have, so that it becomes so correctly interesting and above all profitably usable for investors? There are different platforms, which offer world-wide the trade with Bitcoin and CO. The traders have the choice between the crypto stock exchanges, which are also known as Exchanges, and the crypto brokers. Both differ in terms of the trading offers as well as the procedure for trading activities and trading costs. We have taken a closer look at which platform is suitable for which investors and present our results from the in-depth test.


The first in the comparison of trading platforms are the exchanges, because they allow investors to trade the coins directly. Since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, the number of crypto-markets has increased significantly, so that traders can now trade more than 20,000 of them. Also the quantity of crypto-currencies has increased considerably: from a former crypto-currency with Bitcoin to now over 2,900. If the traders would like to use a crypto-currency platform, there are different approaches at the exchanges to how the pricing is done:

  • as market place with fixed prices
  • as exchanges with dynamic price development

Some traders may know the character of a marketplace from the Internet auction platform eBay, because there are also auctions and offers at a fixed price. The fixed prices are determined by the sellers themselves, just as with the crypto stock exchange. The offers are provided on the crypto exchange and wait for buyers.

Trading at a dynamic market price

Trading at the dynamic market price, on the other hand, is actually based on the current situation on the crypto market. The registered users on the Crypto Exchange decide how the price develops with their behavior from supply and demand. It is important to know that the crypto currencies are subject to enormous volatility. In order for traders to find the optimal price for trading, we recommend technical analysis, because it offers the prognosis for future price developments with few tools.

Tip: Buy on downward trend

When is the best time to buy a crypto currency? The exchange rate gives a clear answer to this question, because it decides how the price development will be. The traders should therefore always pay attention to the trends and wait for the downward trend for the purchase of Bitcoin and CO. Many traders react immediately when the downward trend sets in, which of course is not wrong. However, they may miss out on even better prices. Because if you have a little patience, you can wait out the downtrend a little longer and strike shortly before the trend reversal and buy the coins at the currently lowest market price. Of course, this only applies if the traders act on the basis of the dynamic market price. With the fixed price, there is no possibility to take advantage of the price movements, but the traders trade at the seller’s designated fixed price.

Crypto currency trading platform comparison: This should have a good exchange

When it comes to choosing a suitable crypto exchange, traders have several options. The selection of exchanges has increased significantly in recent years, so we recommend a comparison of the platforms in order to actually find the exchange that meets your own ideas of crypto trading. Criteria for a crypto currency trading platform comparison can be for example:

  • Trading offer
  • Trading costs
  • Services
  • Payment options
  • Seriousness

We have already carried out one or the other crypto currency trading platform test and can state that there are above all actually renowned crypto stock exchanges on the market and the number of black sheep has clearly minimized itself within the last years. Nevertheless it can be helpful with the selection of a suitable platform to consult the different criteria and get an overview of the efficiency and offers.


Use a crypto-currency trading platform in Germany or worldwide? In fact, there are some crypto stock exchanges that operate preferentially in Germany; however, compared to the total number of crypto stock exchanges, the number of crypto currency trading platform Germany is significantly decimated. The location of the crypto exchange abroad does not necessarily have to be a negative criterion in the comparison. Because also the Exchanges outside the German national borders offer an extensive and renowned offer. It is only important that German traders are admitted to trading at all and that the capital is protected at best by segregation or other security mechanisms.


The trading offer plays an important role in the comparison of the crypto exchanges, because it differs significantly depending on the provider. Some exchanges prefer to use the most popular crypto currencies, while others have a larger selection and many Internet currencies from the long crypto list. The experiences show that above all Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and other important Internet currencies are represented with a large volume with almost all stock exchanges, which have less well-known crypto currencies however frequently the Nachsehen. Who has however straight desire on the underdogs and it would like to invest, should look for such offers with the crypto currency commercial platform comparison purposefully.

Liquidity and trading volume crucial

Not only the selection of the offered crypto currencies, but also the trading volume as well as the associated liquidity are important for the selection. What use are 100 or more crypto currencies if the trading volume on the exchange is extremely low for everyone? Then the traders run the risk that the trades can be executed late or not at all or that they feel the price fluctuations more strongly. Therefore we recommend to visit a crypto exchange, which offers a higher trading volume for the preferred crypto currencies.

Note: Since the registration at an exchange is usually completely free of charge, we recommend to register at several exchanges at the same time. In this way, the traders have the possibility to follow the latest price developments and to use the best exchange for their trading activities.


The trading conditions of the crypto exchanges also differ significantly. For example, if you register with an account, some crypto exchanges automatically offer an online wallet as a free extra. Of course, online wallets are not nearly as secure as offline wallets, but it is the gesture that counts, the special service offered by the crypto exchanges. For a short term administration on-line Wallets are not at all so unsuitable, as perhaps thought. Not only with the service achievements, but also with the conditions prevail clear differences. Each exchange itself determines how high the costs for trading activities will be, which can be influenced by various factors.

Account capitalization mostly free of charge

Experience shows that the deposit of Fiat money is usually free of charge. If the profits are paid out, the traders often have to expect additional fees for this. The payment options offered are also different, because not everywhere can traders trade only with fiat money. Often there is also the possibility to make a deposit on the trading account with crypto-currencies and to use these for the purchase of other crypto-currencies.

Real-time quotes yes or no?

The position of the quotes can also vary considerably, because not every crypto exchange actually offers the quotes as a live display. Often the crypto quotes are displayed with a time lag, which of course can be disadvantageous for trading decisions. In the crypto currency trading platform comparison, traders should therefore pay attention to exchanges that offer live prices free of charge.

What do I have to pay attention to when selecting a broker?

Not only the comparison of the crypto stock exchanges, but also the brokers makes sense. There are meanwhile also ever more brokers, who do not only offer Forex or securities, but have likewise financial instruments to crypto currencies in the offer. In order to find a suitable broker, the comparison of the crypto currency trading platform is helpful also here, because the brokers differ likewise regarding the offers, the costs, the Lizenzierung and much more besides. Based on our practical experience, we have put together some interesting decision criteria that may help you to find a suitable broker.


Every reputable broker needs a license in order to be able to actually make his trading offer available. These licenses are issued by the Cypriot or British regulatory authorities, for example. With the granting of a license, the traders have at least a purely legal basis for trading in a secured environment. Nevertheless, the license itself says nothing about the broker’s reliability. Although the license is issued by the financial supervisory authorities according to strict guidelines, it says nothing about the handling of personal data or other ways of dealing with the broker. Nevertheless, traders should be careful to choose a trading platform that is actually licensed in order to protect themselves against the black sheep of the industry.

Deposit insurance usually at 20,000 euros

Serious brokers also have (depending on the license) a certain deposit insurance, up to which the capital of the traders is maximally secured. Usually it is 20,000 Euros, although brokers do even more for the security of the capital amounts of their investors. For example, they manage their own financial resources separately from the clients’ funds, thus providing additional security in the event of insolvency.


With the crypto currency trading platform comparison is likewise the Trading platform a good indication, for a renowned broker. The platforms differ in terms of functionality and user-friendliness, with almost all good brokers now providing applications from mobile devices and PCs equally. With the help of a good platform, traders can even analyze prices without much previous knowledge, using tools and indicators, and thus make well-founded forecasts and reliable trading decisions.


Trading costs are also essential in the selection of brokers, because they determine how much profit is left over at the end by trading Bitcoin and Co. With the selection of the Kryptowährung trading platform it concerns to reduce the fixed costs of the broker as far as possible in order to be able to obtain profits more easily. Since account management with a crypto broker is usually provided free of charge, only the actual trading costs remain, such as for the positions in CFD trading or trading crypto securities. If the traders want to hold a position overnight, possible rollover fees are also added.


The trading offer differs significantly among brokers, as some offer more, others less financial instruments to the crypto-market. The most important thing is that sufficient diversification possibilities are offered to spread the risk. Brokers who offer contracts for difference on Bitcoin, Litecoin and other well-known crypto-currencies have proven themselves. With such brokers, traders also have the opportunity to trade CFDs not only on the crypto-market, but also on other markets. This is optimal for loss diversification, because the crypto-market is extremely volatile. Traders should not only focus on it, but also consider other markets for optimal risk diversification. The same applies to financial instruments, although CFDs are particularly well suited for short and medium-term investment horizons. If the traders want to pursue long-term investment goals, the Crypto Securities are a good choice, for example to profit from the market with the shares of Bitcoin GROUP SE.


Not every broker offers the same quality of service, but the traders can be happy, because the free extras are increasing more and more. The service thought stands with many brokers in the center, because the competition grows and thus the traders have clearly more decision variety. In order to set themselves apart from competitors, many brokers therefore offer numerous free services, which include, for example, the free demo account or an extensive training area. Above all for Trading beginners demo account and free further training are actually worth gold, because on this basis they can extend their knowledge and become more sovereign with their Trading decisions.

Result: Crypto currency Trading platform find & Top profits obtain

The possibilities at the Krypto market are enormous, because there are meanwhile more than 2,900 different Internet currencies beside Bitcoin. Consequently, the number of crypto stock exchanges and brokers has also risen significantly, because investors are looking for more and more opportunities to gain access to the crypto-market and to trade profitably with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Co. In order to make the selection of a suitable crypto currency trading platform easier, we recommend that various criteria be taken into account. Of course, each trader has very individual requirements for his or her best platform. However, experience shows that some criteria almost always prove to be useful in the crypto-currency trading platform comparison for an optimal selection. These include for example: Trading offer, trading costs, functionality, services and payment options. Once you have found your optimal platform, you can actually make profits with the right analysis of price movements and the ideal trading time on the market, although there is of course no guarantee of profit, since the crypto-market is also subject to enormous fluctuations.

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