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Invest in crypto currency: Crypto Currency Investment Made Easy

In crypto currency invest becomes interesting for ever more Trader, because conventional plant and Investmentprodukte offer hardly still profitable results. Therefore many investors concentrate on the crypto market and decide to use its volatility. Investing in crypto currency is not as difficult as one might think. Although there are more than 2,900 crypto currencies (and the trend is rising), the multitude of possibilities increases the chances of investors to make profitable trades. We show, where the traders have the best chances for it and which crypto currencies are optimally suitable.

At Krypto stock exchanges Bitcoin and CO. can be traded directly

  • Crypto financial instruments can also be used by brokers
  • Krypto Wallet is required for direct trading
  • Traders can invest over 2,900 crypto currency worldwide
  • Invest in crypto currency: Working with BTC & Co. on asset accumulation

Is it really a good idea for traders to consider investing in Bitcoin or other crypto currencies? We went on trace search and show, why crypto currency Investment can be contrary to conventional financial instruments actually a genuine alternative or often even the better choice. In addition we look at ourselves, which investment possibilities there are at all and which the dealers need for it.


What are we talking about when we say that traders can invest in crypto-currency? Trading Bitcoin and other Internet currencies is possible either directly or indirectly via various financial instruments. But traders have the choice of the following trading options:

Crypto Stock Exchange/Exchanges
Crypto Broker

Which investment or investment opportunities the traders choose depends on their personal preferences. Should the crypto-currency actually become personal property or is it sufficient if profits are made by speculating on the course of the exchange rate? Depending on the answer to this question, the choice of investment and investment opportunities is determined. There are also differences in the required equity capital, the willingness to take risks and other extras that the traders need for their investment. For example, if the traders decide to trade on the crypto stock exchange, a crypto wallet is mandatory to manage the coins there.

How to invest in crypto currency: the choice of stock exchange or broker

In order to understand, where the investment in crypto currencies is actually better suitable, we look at both variants, stock exchange and broker, more near. The crypto stock exchanges make the beginning. Investors have with crypto stock exchanges the possibility of negotiating the Coins directly to buy or sell them. There are different types of exchanges to choose from:

  • With marketplace character
  • Trading at dynamic market price

Traders can choose a crypto exchange and determine how prices are provided. If the crypto exchange has a marketplace character, the purchase price is already fixed in advance, because it is specified by the sellers. The traders can look around on the basis of this information and use the price that fits into their own budget and trading strategy. If, on the other hand, the traders decide to use the dynamic market price, it will naturally change depending on supply and demand. It is therefore important to control the price trend, as volatility is very high for Bitcoin and Co. To buy on crypto exchanges, the traders need equity capital and their wallet. Which wallet they choose and how much equity capital is required can be determined by each individual.


For the deposit of the equity capital at a crypto stock exchange the traders can use for example Fiat money or other crypto currencies. The amount of the equity capital should always be adjusted to the personal financial circumstances. The own capital funds should always be only so high that the traders can finance their personal life also in the case of loss without problems further.


For trading on a crypto stock exchange, not only the equity capital is required, but even more important: the crypto wallet. It has the task of keeping the coins safe after the purchase and of disclosing them in the sale or other use of the coins. There are different types of wallet from which traders can choose:

  • online wallet
  • Offline Wallet

Especially the online wallets are very popular because of their easy handling and free provision. However in practice weaknesses show up. In the focus are above all the safety gaps, which can accompany with on-line Wallet. The Trader does not have 100 percent protection with on-line Wallet, because hackers can provide access. In the past, such attacks have hit hundreds of wallet owners and they have lost millions of coins. The confidence of many investors in the crypto market was shaken as a result, which was also clearly reflected in the drop in prices. In the meantime, wallet providers have upgraded and also offer increased protection for online wallets, for example through 2-factor authentication. Nevertheless, there will never be the same level of security for offline wallets, for example.

Cold storage preferred

We prefer offline wallets, which include hardware and paper wallet, for storing the crypto currencies. Due to the missing connection to the Internet, hackers have no chance to access the wallet and steal the coins. With the offline Wallet there is however a substantial disadvantage: The hardware Wallet is not available free of charge, but the users must acquire it once.


In addition to the trading opportunities on the Crypto Exchange, there are also numerous opportunities with brokers. The investors proved in the last years that they find financial instruments to Bitcoin and CO. extremely interesting, because the number with brokers rises continuously. In the focus are above all the crypto CFDs. Because these actually offer the chance to invest with little equity and under leverage in the performance of the crypto market. The advantage over crypto stock exchanges is obvious: The traders need less equity and not even a wallet, because the coins are not purchased directly from the broker.

Invest flexibly with brokers in crypto currency

The flexible trading options are a great advantage for brokers, because traders speculate on the price trend and thus have the chance to make optimal use of the volatility. The price fluctuations in particular often make it much more difficult to find the right time on the market to buy or sell on the crypto stock exchange. With the help of crypto CFDs, this becomes much easier, because the positions can be closed again even after a few minutes, so that even the smallest price fluctuations can be profitable.

Crypto securities for a long-term investment horizon

The broker also offers the possibility of investing in crypto securities in addition to CFDs. Shares are a good opportunity to pursue a long-term investment horizon and, for example, to collect dividends from companies that deal with block chain technology or the implementation of the crypto currency in their own systems.

Invest in which crypto currency?

Invest in which crypto currency? – After the selection for a stock exchange or a broker is made, the main question is which crypto currency is suitable for trading activities at all. Since the first release of Bitcoin 2009 there are now over 2,900 crypto-currencies on the market, so the selection is indeed enormous. Is every crypto currency suitable for investment or what should traders pay attention to? Depending on the trading decision, it is primarily the purpose that the traders pursue with the purchase or sale. If a crypto currency is actually to be used as a means of payment, the selection with Bitcoin is significantly smaller. This is because there is no other crypto currency recognized as a means of payment in stores.

Note: Even though Bitcoin may be permitted as a means of payment in some stores and service providers, the crypto currency is not an officially recognized currency by the regulatory authorities. The same applies to other crypto currencies, so that the tax treatment of crypto winnings is not subject to any official legal basis.


The traders can actually invest at the Krypto stock exchange in many crypto currencies, although even with the largest offerers long not all Internet currencies are available. That is also hardly possible, since the number continues to rise nearly monthly. The most well-known Internet currencies, to which also Bitcoin ranks, are however with most crypto stock exchanges negotiable. If the traders buy for example the Coins favorably, they can sell these later profitably with price rise.


If the traders decide for the activity with the broker, they have clearly more possibilities to actually invest in the crypto market. This is made possible by the low trading costs, because the traders only need a small amount of equity and can therefore trade significantly more financial instruments. Experience has shown that the range of crypto CFDs offered by brokers can be expanded, but that trading opportunities are also increasing due to the growing demand. If the investors have the courage to invest in the risky derivatives, they can trade different crypto currencies very flexibly and use their price developments for the generation of profits. Positions are usually only held for a short period of time, because the profits are mainly generated by flexibility and as many positions as possible (at least in hedging).

Tip: Combining different financial instruments

In order to make the best possible use of the opportunities on the crypto-market, we recommend that investors combine various financial instruments. For example, traders can trade Bitcoin CFDs paired with Ripple or Dash CFDs and even invest in crypto securities for the long-term investment horizon. In this way, maximum diversification is achieved, spreading risk and traders minimize the potential for loss. In order to try out the many trading possibilities as well as to test them without risk, we recommend using a free demo account with a crypto broker to take the first trading steps with virtual assets and to learn from possible mistakes in trading decisions.

Invest in crypto currency without having to use equity capital

Apart from the question “into which crypto currency invest” is above all the question about the necessary capital expenditure for the investors and investors particularly interesting. How much do I have to take actually into the hand, in order to be able to invest successfully in Bitcoin and CO. To this we have a surprising answer: in the best case nothing at all. Yes, it is indeed possible to acquire coins without equity capital and then sell them profitably. In practice, there are countless projects that run on websites or mobile applications. A goal is it with them to advance the acceptance and spreading of the Kryptowährungen and to spend for it free Coins. However, some projects actually also have a marketing purpose, because the users are asked for their opinion and have to answer questions or rate games, for example.


The Crypto Faucets are not only available in Bitcoin, but also in many other crypto currencies. Thus the users have actually the chance, itself different free Coins secure and can the projects even parallel take up. There is no limit to how many and which of these faucets the users can actually use. The only requirement is the wallet, because that’s where the coins are transferred to after they are issued. We would like to point out that only small quantities of the coins issued are provided free of charge. Of course, this requires a little patience to actually accumulate enough coins in the wallet to make the sale worthwhile.

Lend crypto currencies and make profits with it

Invest in which crypto currency and then lend it? There are meanwhile actually platforms, with which the borrowing transactions are offered to Bitcoin and CO. This new business model developed however actually only in the last months so correctly, because the demand for borrowed Bitcoins as well as other Kryptowährungen rose substantial. If the traders want to invest in crypto-currencies and pursue the goal of actually lending them, it is important to decide on the currencies that are actually frequently in demand for the lending transactions. The experiences show that it is above all the Top 10 of the crypto currencies, as for example Bitcoin, Dash, Ripple, Litecoin or Ethereum.


How high the profits actually are in such lending transactions varies greatly. Criteria for profitability are, for example:

  • Conditions of the platform
  • own conditions for loan business
  • awarded crypto currency
  • Crypto Quantity
  • Rental period

On some platforms, the users themselves can determine the conditions for the loan transactions, on others this is done by the platforms. It is important that the contracting party is checked/reviewed carefully before the actual loan transaction. After all, security should have top priority in order to get the borrowed coins back after the loan period and, above all, to get the contractually guaranteed remuneration from the loan transaction.

Conclusion: Investing crypto currency is also possible for less crypto-affine traders

Where to invest and in which crypto currency? To these questions there is no uniform answer, because there are meanwhile over 2.900 crypto currencies at the market, tendency rising. It is important also, which ambitions the dealers at all with their Investment/the plant focus. Who would like to have actually Bitcoin or other Kryptowährungen in the Wallet, can use for example the financial instruments of a broker only rarely, because it concerns with such platforms hardly the direct purchase of the Coins. For this above all crypto stock exchanges are predestined, whereby their conditions and the Trading offer can vary clearly. On the other hand, if the traders want more flexibility and only want to use the price trend on the crypto market, the financial instruments of the brokers are a good option. Crypto CFDs or securities offer optimal possibilities to follow the short, medium and long-term investment horizon, while requiring significantly less equity capital than, for example, direct trading. Do you want to try out your trading opportunities with the broker yourself? Try them yourself with the free demo account.

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