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Account currency stock exchange comparison – best crypto currency stock exchange for successful trading

The number of crypto currencies has meanwhile climbed to more than 2,900, with a rising trend. The same applies to the number of exchanges, which have also increased enormously since the introduction of Bitcoin 2009. A crypto currency exchange comparison offers investors optimal assistance in finding the best provider according to their personal ideas. A best Krypto stock exchange should above all provide attractive Trading, good conditions and interesting Kryptowährungen for the trade as well as offer at best many free services. We have tested which crypto exchange is actually suitable.

  • Trading possible at hundreds of crypto exchanges worldwide
  • Traders can trade over 2,900 crypto currencies on Exchanges
  • Wallet is required for trading on the exchange
  • Financial instruments at Krypto Broker an interesting alternative to trading on the crypto stock exchange

Exchange for crypto currency: What does it actually do?

When it comes to trading activities for crypto-currencies, brokers or stock exchanges always come into play. Investors, who concern themselves with the different trading possibilities, place themselves therefore the question, what a crypto stock exchange is actually. A stock exchange is known, for example, from securities trading, because investors can trade shares at the stock exchanges in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, New York or worldwide at several different locations. However, the crypto stock exchange is not comparable to floor trading as with securities. Instead, a crypto stock exchange is a platform where providers and buyers meet and trade crypto currencies in a non-regulated market environment. This is the main difference to securities, because the stock market is regenerated, the crypto-market is not.


Pricing on the Crypto Exchange is carried out under various conditions:

  • Market price
  • fixed price

The market price is dynamic and is determined by the behavior of supply and demand. The registered users of the Crypto Exchange have a significant influence on the price development with their trading behavior. Therefore the price varies sometimes more and sometimes less. The fixed price, on the other hand, is different, because it is determined by the sellers themselves. The offer is available at the stock exchange for crypto currency and waits there for buyers.

Crypto currency stock exchange comparison: find the best trading places

Using a crypto stock exchange for direct trading of Bitcoin and Co. is not as difficult as one might think. There are meanwhile more than 2,900 Kryptowährungen and also the number of the stock exchanges rises constantly. Most of them address themselves to international traders, so that their seat is abroad, but they allow registration for investors from Germany, Britain, Spain, and many other countries. However, it can happen that traders from certain countries are excluded or restricted from trading for them due to legal regulations. In order to avoid that the traders stand with the registration before virtual closed doors and cannot use the stock exchange for crypto currency at all, the focus on the trading conditions is likewise recommendable with the selection. So that the traders really find the best crypto currency exchange, we recommend a comparison with the help of different criteria, for example:

  • Seat and regulation
  • Security
  • Trading Offer
  • Trading Conditions
  • Payment options
  • Course schedule

Let’s take a closer look at the individual criteria, so that the selection for a best crypto currency stock exchange can be made even more soundly.


A German crypto-currency stock exchange hardly exists with the sole seat in Germany according to our experiences. Most crypto exchanges are actually based in other countries, such as Great Britain, Cyprus or Malta. Nevertheless they open their gates also for German Trader, so that these can invest likewise at the selected trading places in the Bitcoin and CO. or sell the currencies profitably. It is important for the Crypto Exchange to ensure that hedging is in place.

Note: In principle, we recommend that you use your own expertise and impression when selecting a suitable Crypto Exchange. Does the trading place make a serious impression or is there, for example, no information at all about the location or the company behind it? If the traders have a bad feeling, they should refrain from trading on this exchange.


A German Kryptowährung stock exchange has for example frequently the advantage that the investors in Germany find also a partner locally. However, this is not necessarily a decisive criterion for maximum security at an exchange. One of the security aspects is segregation, for example, because a best crypto exchange manages its own financial resources separately from the investors’ investments and offers maximum security in the management of the coins. Yes, there are indeed some crypto exchanges that provide their investors with an online wallet, but not all are equally secure. Therefore, it is important that traders know where their coins are stored and that they are protected against hacker attacks in the best possible way. If there is any uncertainty, asking for support will help, as staff should know exactly what the storage arrangements look like and what is being done to protect investors or their deposits.

Important: Investors should always make sure that the private key from their crypto wallet is in their possession. Even if the Exchange wallet is used, the private key is the access to the wallet and should therefore always be with the investors themselves.


An exchange for crypto-currency provides, according to experience, many Internet currencies for trading, but there are significant differences in the trading platforms in terms of quantity. Some Krypto stock exchanges concentrate with their offer exclusively on the popular Kryptowährungen as for example Bitcoin, Litecoin and CO. Others however set on as large an offer variety as possible. The meanwhile more than 2,900 available Kryptowährungen at the market has however according to our experiences none of the Krypto stock exchanges completely in the offer. If the investors already concentrated on specific crypto currency, this should be considered naturally also with the selection of a suitable Exchange. If the dealers would like to trade for example less well-known Coins, the selection of the stock exchanges is clearly more limited, so that the crypto currency stock exchange comparison supplies possibly fewer results.


The selection of payment service providers is also a distinguishing feature for a best crypto currency exchange. The most common means of payment for accounts capitalized with fiat money are

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Bank transfer
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

The differences are mainly in the speed of execution and the possible costs. The fastest way to deposit is by credit card or electronic purse; the longest takes the bank transfer, as merchants can expect processing times of up to five business days. There are also significant differences in fees, as deposits are not free of charge everywhere. Some exchanges also charge additional fees when paying out winnings. Who would like to save these additional costs, should set on as free a crypto stock exchanges as possible with the selection of the offerers.


In the crypto currency stock exchange comparison it is noticeable that the position at the stock exchanges is also variable. The prices should of course at best always be set live, but a look at practice shows that this is not self-evident. Same applies to the free current data basis. Fortunately, many exchanges offer free real-time prices, but this is where the wheat is separated from the chaff, as there are also crypto exchanges where traders have to pay for the live prices. The effects between live prices and delayed prices can be enormous, because the crypto market in particular shows volatility. If, for example, the prices are transmitted to the traders with a delay of a few minutes, this can of course have a negative effect on trading decisions. If the traders analyze the charts on the basis of the currently provided prices and come to the conclusion that trading is worthwhile now, the time lag and volatile phases when updating the prices can already present a different picture.


An important component in the comparison of crypto exchanges are also services and extras. There are conveniences that many a trader does not want to do without. In addition count apart from free analyses or current market messages also calculatory, in order to compute the profit or the possible risk. In the end, it is important to know what the traders themselves expect from their preferred exchange. So there are also traders who want free account management or easily accessible support. Depending on which extras are required for the personal selection crypto exchange, investors should set up their filter function in comparison.

Use the best crypto currency stock exchange for trading: How it works

Once the traders have decided on a crypto exchange, trading can theoretically begin. However, before this can happen, a few more steps are necessary:

  • Account opening
  • Verification
  • Link to Wallet
  • Account capitalization

At the stock exchanges, accounts can now be opened very conveniently online using a form. Traders simply need to provide a few details, such as name, e-mail address or date of birth. This makes it clear that, according to many prevailing opinions, anonymous trading at the crypto exchanges is not possible. Also the anonymity with the completion of the transactions is not ensured with all crypto currencies, because in the block chain usually the transactions are stored, so that they are observable for the other users. However, the traders do not have to worry, because the correct name of the transaction partners cannot be found in the block chain. Instead, there is only the amount transferred and the public wallet address. Meanwhile there are however innumerable crypto currencies, which actually set on anonymity and Privatsphäre, and with which the users in the Blockchain do not see these information no more.


If the traders want to start trading on the Crypto Exchange, verification must also take place after the account opening. This ensures that there are no abusive trading activities with a pseudo account. For the verification, besides the valid identification document, proof of address is usually required. Dealers can easily upload the relevant documents and have them checked by the support team.


After the trading account has been successfully registered and verified, there is hardly anything standing in the way of the start of trading. A best crypto exchange provides its traders with a free online wallet right at the beginning, which the traders can of course use for direct entry. Then also the linkage with the Wallet does not have to take place, because the stock exchange already has all relevant data. However, if the investors want to store larger quantities in the wallet or keep them for a longer period of time, we recommend not only using the online wallet, but also having recourse to secure storage options.


With the wallet types we distinguish between and and hot storage, offline and online wallet. The difference is mainly the level of security, because online wallets are much less secure than offline wallets, for example. This is precisely why an offline wallet is the better choice for the long-term management of coins. The hackers have no chance to access the wallet and steal the coins because there is no Internet connection. Instead, the wallet owners control their transactions exclusively themselves and decide when and how they are processed. As an offline wallet, users can use the following options:

  • Hardware Wallet
  • Paper Wallet

The Paper Wallet is free of charge, the Hardware Wallet requires a one-time purchase price. But it is much more comfortable to use, because it is not larger than a USB stick. The Paper Wallet offers the same high functionality, but as a piece of paper it is much more susceptible to damage or soiling.


Why are the options for hot storage available at all if it is much less secure than cold storage? Of course, online wallets also have their authorization purpose, because they are not per se always insecure. Only if hackers manage to gain access to the online wallet are they exposed to the risk of coins being stolen. However, wallet owners can themselves increase the level of protection and, for example, only access the wallet via secure networks or regularly run a virus scan on the end device. Nevertheless, there is still a residual risk, which of course we do not want to conceal. However, online wallets are better suited than offline wallets for short-term storage or quick access to coins.


Also for Wallet owners, who would like to actually use a crypto currency as means of payment, on-line Wallet proved itself. Bitcoin, for example, can be used as a means of payment in some stores, which naturally requires fast processing. An offline Wallet would unnecessarily slow down the settlement process, so that the online Wallet is also the better choice for this purpose. In order to minimize the risk, however, the owners of the wallet should keep only the smallest amounts of Bitcoin and store the majority in the offline wallet.


So that the users can acquire at all actively Bitcoin, Dash, Ripple or other crypto currencies, the account capitalization must take place. For it usually Fiat currencies and meanwhile also ever more Kryptowährungen are available. The investors can decide themselves, which payment possibility they use, at best even both options combine with one another. If traders decide to deposit fiat money, the base currencies should be kept in mind. For example, if the trading account is held in euros, it is recommended that the account capitalization is also in euros to avoid unnecessary costs due to currency conversions. Many crypto exchanges located outside of Germany offer account management in several base currencies, but some only in USD.


If the traders decide for a crypto exchange, where the account management is offered exclusively in USD, there might be additional costs due to the currency exchange. The exact amount depends on the current exchange rate and the participating payment service providers. Experience has shown that the costs for bank transfers are significantly higher than, for example, for deposits with credit cards or electronic purses.


A best crypto currency stock exchange sets not only on security as well as a respectable Trading-environment, but cooperates also with renowned Zahlungsdienstleistern. Therefore with most crypto stock exchanges actually the well-known Dienstleister stands such as Neteller, Skrill, MasterCard or Visa as well as Sofortüberweisung for the selection.

Finding the right trading time: A good crypto exchange helps

If the decision is fallen to trade directly Bitcoin and Co. at a crypto stock exchange, it concerns to be as profitable as possible. Where do the investors actually start and on what is to be respected? Especially for traders who are at the beginning of their trading career, trading at a stock exchange is new territory and they are quickly overtaxed. A good exchange takes away the fear of investors and supports them in many ways in their trading activities. For example, many crypto exchanges offer training opportunities or tutorials to explain step-by-step how trading on the crypto market actually works and what the traders have to keep in mind. It is crucial to find the ideal time for the trading activities.


The analysis of the crypto price forms the basis for gaining an overview of the current market and price situation and preparing for trading. A trader should never invest in a crypto currency on the basis of his gut feeling or hearsay, but should always look at its current price development. Who employs it skillfully, which experiences much, which goes perhaps beyond the bare trend line from the course picture. Investors can see for example, which Potenzial is in the crypto currency, if they look at the developments of the last days, months or even years. In addition the view of the market capitalization is interesting, because the more highly this is, the more in demand is the crypto currency and the more probable it is that the prices can rise due to the high demand and the sales become profitable.


In order for the less experienced traders on the crypto-market to recognize interesting developments, it is important to include the prices. The easiest method of analysis is the technical analysis. This is because here the data of the past is used to forecast the future. Traders can use tools and indicators, for example, to see what opportunities their investments may have in the future, taking into account price developments. Is the trend rising, falling or even remaining at the same level? For the purchase of a crypto currency a downward trend is naturally advantageous, because in this way the price sinks and traders can acquire more Coins for the same own capital funds quantity. If, on the other hand, the price is in a sideways trend, this is less suitable for trading, because it is hardly possible to take advantage of the right time to act. An uptrend is completely unsuitable for buying. Unless the traders speculate that the trend will continue to skyrocket and they therefore strike at the beginning of the uptrend in order to then trade the uptrend profitably as quickly as possible.


Although technical analysis is a good way for trading beginners to get a comparatively easy introduction to price analysis, it has one disadvantage: current market data is not taken into account in the forecast. This can of course lead to distortions in the forecast, especially in the volatile crypto market. Fundamental analysis compensates for this disadvantage by including current market data in the analysis.

Sell to crypto stock market: This is what traders need to consider

Of course, the traders at a crypto exchange can not only buy coins, but also act as sellers. There are various ways of setting prices for this. The sellers can, for example, set a dynamic market price and thus manage the sale, but run the risk that the market price is against them and the hoped-for profits fail to materialize. A further possibility is to set the price for the sale themselves and thus do justice to a marketplace character. Once set, the sellers can then wait for the buyers and sell their coins at a fixed price.


Selling on the Crypto Exchange can be profitable. It is therefore understandable that more and more investors want to act as sellers themselves. The prerequisite for this is the possession of the coins in the wallet. Let’s ask the legitimate question how they end up there at all. On the one hand, traders can of course buy coins at the crypto stock exchange at a low price and then sell them profitably when prices rise. But there are many more possibilities that are perhaps not all known to the general public. We reveal our insider tips on how to generate and sell coins (free of charge) without buying them at the exchange.


One of the main ways to obtain coins is through miner activity. Many crypto currencies work on this principle, so that the transactions must be confirmed by other user networks. This requires an enormous amount of computing power, which the miners provide and receive coins as a reward. One of the best known crypto-mining methods is Bitcoin mining, which is highly controversial due to its high resource requirements and is not worthwhile for every miner. To enable users to calculate exactly whether the effort is worthwhile at all before the activity, we recommend using a mining calculator.


Less complex and often associated with much more fun are the so-called faucets. These projects are offered as mobile applications (via an app) or as a website and actually give users free coins. Sometimes users don’t have to do anything at all, but instead automatically receive the coins as credit in their wallet for advertising purposes, for example. Sometimes, however, it is also necessary for users to actually perform smaller tasks and receive coins in return. The tasks include for example: Participation in surveys, feedback on applications or games and much more. However, the number of coins spent is extremely small, so users need to be patient to collect a larger amount in their crypto wallet. But if you combine several faucets with each other, you can secure free coins much more efficiently.

Alternative to crypto stock exchange: Trading with brokers

Many investors decide to trade at the crypto stock exchange, because they want to act directly with the coins. There are, however, other possibilities, of which one or the other is perhaps not so well-known. Who does not want to or must invest necessarily directly in Bitcoin and CO., finds for example with the Krypto broker likewise interesting financial instruments, in order to profit from the course. Traders can trade Bitcoin, Dash or Litecoin CFDs, for example, and thus speculate on the price trend. The advantage: The investors do not need a Wallet and usually also clearly less own capital funds, because the CFDs can be traded already starting from few euro. In addition the risk is void that the Coins can be stolen from the Wallet, because with the CFDs only the profit is made on the course of the exchange rate; the investors do not possess the crypto currency directly.


In addition to the crypto CFDs, crypto shares or funds are also interesting financial instruments. The number of crypto securities has increased significantly in recent years, as the spread of block chain technology has also expanded significantly. This is why more and more companies are implementing the advantages of the block chain and are therefore counted in the category of crypto securities. The number of crypto funds is also increasing continuously. With their help, traders can invest directly in various underlying assets without having to invest too much equity. This is an optimal solution for diversification.

Conclusion: Crypto currency stock exchange comparison presents best Exchanges

A best crypto stock exchange has a lot to offer to investors, especially free of charge. This includes, for example, that the trading account is available free of charge or that the price is based on live data. In order to be able to make a selection for a suitable crypto stock exchange, the comparison is recommended, because not only the number of crypto currencies rose in the last years to over 2.900, but also the number of stock exchanges. They act above all internationally, offer in addition, to German investors the possibility of trading Bitcoin and CO. directly. Alternatively, the traders can buy the coins at the exchange and later profitably sell them or use the coins as a means of payment as for example with Bitcoin. Anyone who does not want to go through this effort will also find many interesting opportunities at Crypto Brokers to profit from the developments on the crypto market. CFDs, crypto shares or funds are especially interesting for flexible investments and investments.

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