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Cardano Wallet: Use Cardano ADA Wallet for staking without problems

Cardano’s algorithm is based on a completely different approach to that of Bitcoin, for example. The transactions are processed according to the proof-of-stake protocol, which the holders of the Cardano Wallet can also use for themselves. For example, anyone who has installed the Daedalus Cardano ADA Wallet on their desktop not only saves the coins, but can also act as a staker directly from the wallet. Other wallet variants, such as the Cardano Paper Wallet, do not have this function, but offer significantly more security due to their lack of an Internet connection. We show how the individual ADA Wallets are optimally used.

  • Cardano Wallet available as mobile or desktop version free of charge
  • Users can also save coins offline with Paper or Hardware Wallet
  • Daedalus Wallet enables staking in a very uncomplicated way
  • Traders can trade directly with Wallet on crypto stock exchange coins

Cardano Wallet: Daedalus Wallet and other storage options explained

The Cardano ADA Wallet also offers several ways to securely manage your coins. One of them is the Daedalus Wallet. The special feature: Whoever uses this wallet can not only manage the ADA, but also generate transactions and participate in staking.


Daedalus Wallet is a desktop based hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet for ADA. It also includes the full Cardano nodes, so staking is also possible for users. It stores the entire history of the Cardano block chain and autonomously validates all blocks and transactions. The Daedalus Cardano ADA Wallet runs on the operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

If the user decides to install the Daedalus Cardano Wallet, it will take some time to download and synchronize the block chain. A local copy of the block chain is created. The storage space required by the wallet is about six GB (based on the data in August 2019).


The Cardano Wallet Ledger convinces in the application with an easy installation and the use of the integrated nodes. In addition, maximum security is provided by local storage on the desktop, because the private keys are secure and are not stored on third-party servers. Furthermore, complete autonomy is guaranteed without dependence on servers and services of third parties and a generator for the Cardano Paper Wallet is integrated.


The Daedalus Cardano Wallet belongs to the online wallets and can be used individually for each operating system. While this wallet solution works on the desktop, there are also applications that are specially designed for the smartphone or tablet. The mobile wallets also work by downloading the application (often as an app) and accessing it online. However, the mobile wallets are significantly limited in terms of functionality and especially in terms of storage space. This is mainly due to technical reasons, because as anyone can imagine, a mobile device has significantly less memory than a full-fledged PC.


We already know that the online wallets are extremely functional. A further advantage is that these wallet solutions can also be used free of charge. The users simply need the desired software or application and can then start after installation. However, user-friendliness has its price, especially when it comes to security. Here the on-line Wallets exhibit a clear weak point. Through the interface with the Internet, hackers could gain access to the wallet and steal the coins. It depends on how well the interface is protected. This is comparable to your own WLAN and password encryption. In the case of the online wallet, too, the owners can ensure that there is a significant improvement in encryption by implementing a further security level.


It is of course possible to take advantage of the benefits of an online Cardano Wallet. Nevertheless, the owners do not have to do without protective measures and can take matters of security into their own hands. Ever more Wallet offerers make for example the 2-factor authentication available, in order to secure the Wallet more extensively. Frequently these protective measures are voluntary, with some Wallet offerers they are already integrated by default. In any case, we recommend using this additional security mechanism, as it makes access more difficult for hackers. Although 2-factor authentication still does not provide 100% protection, it does make it more difficult for cyber criminals to access the wallet. The principle is roughly comparable to that of burglars. A burglar naturally wants to open a door or window as quickly as possible. If it takes a little longer than perhaps expected, the burglars often refrain from doing so because they want to remain undetected and it is not worth the effort in the case of protracted attempts.


As a special tip in practice, access via secure networks has also proven to be a further protective measure. Although wallet owners in particular often use public networks with their smartphone or tablet to save the Internet capacity of their contract, we advise against this. Although public networks are convenient and easy to use, they are often insufficiently secured.

Save offline in the Wallet Cardano – these options are available

Who wants to store in the Wallet Cardano and play it safe, should look around far away from the online Wallets. There is still the so-called cold storage, to which the two possibilities count:

  • Cardano Paper Wallet
  • Hardware Wallet

The differences between the two storage options are mainly in security and functionality. Those who use the Cardano ADA Wallet as a paper version first generate it online completely free of charge and then print it on a piece of paper. Not only the numerical sequences are output, but also the QR code, which makes it even easier to access the wallet via a scanner. Anyone wishing to use this scanner can install it as a mobile application on a smartphone or tablet, for example, and then read the code via the display and camera. However, the Paper Wallet has no Internet connection, so hackers cannot attack the digital wallet. This is a decisive advantage when it comes to long-term secure coin management. In terms of flexibility and access, however, the Paper Wallet is much more limited than the online storage variants.

Tip: To make the fragile Paper Wallet more durable, it is advisable to cover it with a protective film. In this way, the piece of paper is protected from damage or soiling and can even be carried comfortably in a handbag or trouser pocket.


While the Cardano ADA Wallet made of paper stands for secure storage, but users have to make sacrifices in terms of fragility, the hardware wallet is completely different. It looks just like a USB stick and has a plastic coating. This also makes it very convenient as a flexible and mobile storage option for Cardano Coins, without having to sacrifice extra security. The Hardware Wallet is available from various providers, but not free of charge. Whoever decides on the storage variant must calculate a one-off purchase price of approx. 100 euros for it. In return the Wallet owners get maximum security and the comfort of flexible administration.


The setup of the hardware wallet is just as self-explanatory as with many other wallet variants. Since almost all hardware solutions have a display, users can even follow the steps on the screen and work through them step by step. This makes installation even easier.

Note: Regardless of which Cardano Wallet the user uses, the separation between private and public keys should be ensured in any case. The public key indicates where the coins are sent to and the private key forms the access code, the PIN, for the wallet. It should only be in the possession of the wallet owner and should not be given to others.

FAQs about the Cardano ADA Wallet

When using a Cardano Wallet there are always some questions that come up again and again. We have collected the most important of them and give answers to them.


Yes, many wallet solutions are even free of charge. While online wallets are offered completely free of charge, offline wallet options are only available for paper wallets. Who is interested in the hardware Wallet, must count on unique investment costs.


There is no time limit on how long coins can be used in the wallet. As long as the digital wallet exists and access to it is possible, users can use the wallet without restrictions. However, it may be advisable to keep the coins in the wallet for at least twelve months, as then the taxes on the sales proceeds are waived.


There is no minimum amount of ada that users must keep in the wallet. As soon as the wallet is active, even the smallest amounts of coins can be stored in it.


No, only the person who has the private key can view the wallet. However, if hackers have gained access to the wallet by other means, access is also possible in the worst case. In principle, however, the wallet is secured by the private key.


No, there is no upper limit for the number of coins that can be stored in the wallet. Everyone can manage as much as he wants.

Where do I get the coins for my ADA Wallet?

Once the users have set up or opened their wallet, it is of course a matter of filling it with coins. The question is, where do the users get the ADA from? There are various options for this:

  • Buying the coins with equity capital
  • Exchange of coins against other crypto currencies
  • Free coins through Faucets

In order that we can have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the individual possibilities for the receipt of the Coins once, we present them more closely. The first step is the purchase of the Coins with own capital, since it is widespread with many investors due to the simple execution.


Traders can register at a crypto exchange and link the account to the wallet. Many stock exchanges even automatically provide free online wallets on their own, so that traders have even less effort. After the trading account has been registered and verified, it only needs to be capitalized and, if necessary, linked to the wallet as mentioned. To buy ADA, traders can either use their own capital as fiat currency or make the exchange with other coins. We will initially focus on buying with fiat currencies, such as Euro or USD. Due to the additional cost of currency conversion, we recommend that traders keep their account in the currency in which they wish to capitalize it.


Merchants can use different payment service providers for account capitalization. Above all, the following have proven themselves:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bank transfer
  • Instant bank transfer

There are differences between the payment service providers and, above all, the transfer time and the possible costs and limits. While experience shows that bank transfers have little or very high limits for deposits, credit cards or electronic purses usually have much lower limits. For traders who want to invest with a high capital, the bank transfer is therefore often more suitable. However, it may require a little more processing time, as the transfer can take up to five business days, depending on the participating banks. It is faster with the electronic purses, the instant bank transfer or the credit cards.


In order to buy Cardano, experience shows that traders need equity capital. Exactly how much depends on the crypto exchanges and the intentions of the traders themselves. In practice, most Exchanges have little or no limits on the amount of equity they can deposit. This does not mean, however, that there are minimum requirements for the purchase of ADA. For example, if you want to invest 100 Euros, you can purchase a certain number of Coins depending on the current market price. Proportionate purchases are also possible.


The Crypto Exchanges not only offer payments with Fiat money, but also allow the exchange to be made with Bitcoin or other coins. However, not all exchanges offer this service, so traders should look for Exchanges that offer this service when selecting them. Some exchanges even provide exclusively the exchange with other coins. For reasons of flexibility, however, we recommend that you choose a provider where payment is possible with Fiat money and crypto currencies.


Bitcoin is a crypto currency, which is exchangeable against numerous other Coins with many Exchanges. In addition also ADA belongs. For 0,1 Bitcoin the Trader receives for example 18753.064271 ADA (depending upon market price). Who holds 1,500 ADA in the Wallet, that gets for example for it 0.007535 Bitcoin. Whether bartering against other crypto coins is actually worthwhile depends on the respective market situation. Sometimes it is better to invest with Fiat money into the crypto currency and sometimes the exchange against other Coins is of advantage. Before the traders make their decision, we recommend a current market analysis to check exactly where trading is more profitable. It is also advisable to compare different crypto exchanges (at least two), because the prices vary at the different trading places due to the trading behavior of the registered users.

Fill Cardano Wallet with free coins from the faucets

Another possibility besides buying or exchanging the coins is to receive the free digital units from different providers. The so-called ADA Faucets are available as a website or mobile application and distribute free coins. What do the users have to do for this?

  • Visit the website or mobile application
  • Registration with public wallet address
  • Fulfilment of the tasks/requirements

Some platforms give out the coins completely free of charge without any specific requirements or conditions. However, experience shows that this is the minority. Most websites and applications require a small expenditure from the users. For example, users have to answer questions, test games or other applications or give feedback on content. Smallest amounts of coins are then spent for this. The amount depends on the individual faucets. The users can also combine several platforms with each other and thus accumulate the coin amounts in the wallet even faster and in a more targeted way in order to sell or exchange them later on at a profit to the crypto exchanges.

Note: Some faucets charge additional fees at payout, which of course reduce the amount transferred to the wallet. However, in order for users not to have to pay too high fees, we recommend that they compare the conditions carefully before using the faucet and change the faucet if necessary. If you do not want to have ADA as free coins, you can also use Bitcoin faucets and exchange the coins for Cardano at crypto exchanges.

How do I trade successfully on the Crypto Exchange?

The right Cardano ADA wallet is an essential step to be able to trade successfully on the Crypto Exchange. But how do the traders proceed to get the coins into the wallet and how are the coins successfully sold?


Buying the coins at the crypto stock exchange is a challenge for many traders. However, the traders need not be afraid at all, because with a little skill and preparation the purchase is much easier. It is important that the traders not only rely on a good crypto exchange, but also analyze the prices before the purchase. The price for ADA should be as favorable as possible in order to be able to sell profitably much easier later. Who pays attention to use much own capital funds skillfully and to acquire as many Coins as possible with it, that implements its commercial strategy consistently. When buying, traders can look out for a downward trend, because it symbolizes the declining demand of investors for ADA. The reasons for this can also be interesting.


The demand for ADA can fall, for example, if traders are unsettled by bad news. If, for example, hackers have again cracked ADA wallets and stolen coins, many exchanges are initially limited in their ability to act on the trading volume of Cardano. Traders can also be unsettled by this. But there are often other reasons for downward trends. For example, if there is a pessimistic mood for the crypto market, almost all digital currencies are often affected.


When it comes to successfully selling the coins, numerous factors play a key role. For example, it is important to keep an eye on the Cardano prices. Traders can look for an upward trend, as it shows that the demand of traders for ADA is increasing. The reasons for this are also varied again. If you follow current market news, you can at best recognize interesting market developments early on, for example when positive news about the crypto market or especially about Cardano comes up. As soon as an Internet currency comes back into the public eye through media coverage, this often results in increased attention and a price increase. However, traders should not sell at any price and let themselves be infected by a euphoric market sentiment signaled by the uptrend.


The calculation of the selling price is particularly important, because this is how the traders generate their profits. Profits are made when the price of the sale is significantly higher than the expenses that the traders have incurred in generating the coins. However, those who have received ADA free of charge via the faucets can of course sell much more conveniently.

Note: If the wallet owners do not want to use their coins for selling, but want to be active as a staker, they need as many ADA as possible. The more ADA a user has, the more he can process and finally earn.


The calculation of the selling price is particularly important, because this is how the traders generate their profits. Profits are made when the price of the sale is significantly higher than the expenses that the traders have incurred in generating the coins. However, those who have received ADA free of charge via the faucets can of course sell much more conveniently.

Note: If the wallet owners do not want to use their coins for selling, but want to be active as a staker, they need as many ADA as possible. The more ADA a user has, the more he can process and finally earn.

How do the price differences in crypto exchanges come about?

If you look at the prices of individual crypto exchanges, you will quickly notice differences. There are not only numerous different types for a Cardano Wallet, but also countless global trading platforms. This makes it all the more important to compare them before traders even start flirting with registration. The price differences can be easily explained: The registered users determine the prices with their trading behavior and form their own small market. Since the crypto-market is generally not uniformly regulated, the price differences are the result. In addition, media moods or general developments on the crypto-market also have an effect on the developments.


It is important for traders to compare different stock exchanges in order to compare prices easily. There are also significant differences in the price setting. Not every stock exchange, for example, offers live prices in every case, as they are often displayed with a time delay. Some exchanges do provide live prices, but not free of charge. In order for traders to have a realistic chance of making a meaningful comparison, we recommend that they always look for live data.

Tip: The trading volume is also interesting and important for crypto exchanges. If the traders want to trade ADA at an exchange specifically, it should have a high trading volume in the crypto currency. This gives the traders a lower risk of delayed or even cancelled order executions.

ADA trading with brokers?

If traders decide to look for an alternative to the crypto stock exchange, brokers are often the main players. However, hardly any coins are offered directly for trading; instead, traders use various financial instruments to trade on the crypto-market. The CFDs are especially popular because of their flexible application possibilities and the low capital expenditure. For example, they only need a few euros to open a position at all. With the leverage they even have the chance to make more out of their capital and for example to trade a maximum leverage of 1:2. This doubles the capital on the market without the traders actually having to raise it. However, if the position is lost, the traders also have significantly higher equity shares without loss limitation. This is exactly why CFDs are among the risky derivatives.


The difference contracts are not as heavy as you might think. The entry requirements are extremely low, although of course a little prior knowledge and experience is advantageous. So that the traders can collect these skills without risk, many brokers offer a free demo account with virtual assets. In this way, traders can actually trade ADA CFDs and practice price analysis under near-market conditions. If they make the wrong trading decisions, they learn at best without losing their own capital. The next time and when using their own money it will hopefully work better. Such exercises are not only possible with CFDs, but also with other financial instruments on the crypto-market, such as crypto shares.

Conclusion: Use Cardano Wallet also for staking (“mining”)

The Cardano ADA Wallet also offers several options. For example, users can use their own Daedalus Wallet, which runs on their desktop. This makes it very easy to manage the coins online and even staking (similar to Cardano Mining) and earn additional coins. The wallet is not only available for PCs, but also for mobile devices, although the storage volume is much more limited due to the technical components. Although online wallets have the advantage that traders can use them free of charge and retrieve them at any time, there are decisive disadvantages in terms of security. In order to store the ADA as securely as possible, even in the long term, the offline wallets are better suited. These include the free paper wallet and the hardware wallet, which is subject to a fee. For those who want an optimal mix of high security and portability, a hardware wallet can be really interesting. Traders, who would like to use Wallet however particularly at home, can fall back also to the free Paper Wallet. For all, which do not only store their Coins in the Wallet, but with them also profits to obtain want, are suitable for example interesting course developments at crypto stock exchanges.

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