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Buy Tether: Buy Tether Coin & use it as a new payment method

The Tether Coin is surprising because it has a growing fan base, despite or perhaps because of the many critical voices. For example, users can use USDT as a means of payment in many sectors, which they are doing diligently. Especially in critical sectors, such as gambling or cannabis trade, there are often only a few payment alternatives. Here the USDT comes in handy. In order for traders to enter the trade, they must first buy their tether coin and manage it in the wallet. Those who do not want to go this way will also find numerous investment opportunities with many brokers.

  • Tether buying is possible with less price fluctuations
  • Buy USDT directly on the stock exchange and manage it securely in the wallet (preferably cold storage)
  • USDT is hedged with Fiat currency and therefore more stable
  • Traders can speculate on USDT price development with investment opportunities with the broker

Buying tether – with Stablecoins to success

Who is occupied with it to want to buy Tether will inevitably arrive with information to the crypto currency at the term of the “Stablecoins”. Compared to Bitcoin or other classic Internet currencies, they are significantly more stable, which is naturally noticeable in terms of volatility and trading decisions or price security.


The question arises whether the stable Coins actually form a future and the past crypto-currencies disappear from the market or are displaced somewhat. The difference of the Stablecoins in comparison to the classical crypto currencies consists of the fact that they are attached to real, stable assets. In the case of Tether, for example, it is USD or Euro. But there are also stablecoins that are linked to commodities, for example. The main advantage of stable coins is that they can theoretically be exchanged 1:1 for a fiat currency (in the case of a currency peg). This significantly minimizes the fluctuations so typical of the crypto market.


The stable coins are experiencing enormous demand as investors increasingly bet on such currencies. For example, in December 2018, the sector was worth over USD 186 billion, with real values tied to USD itself or, for example, gold. Buying tether has also become more of a consideration for many investors since its introduction in 2014, although the hack at the end of 2017 suddenly gave rise to a hard fork.

Buy Tether Coin and use it as a means of payment?

Tether can be used in many ways as a crypto currency. For example, users can pay with it or trade at numerous trading places. Especially the payment options have changed a lot lately, because users have recognized the advantages of USDT, especially in risky industries. It is therefore hardly surprising that USDT is often used as a means of payment in the gambling industry and cannabis trade, for example. It is important for users to buy USDT in advance. This is possible at numerous crypto exchanges with Fiat money or other crypto currencies.


The question remains as to why USDT is becoming increasingly popular as a means of payment alongside many Fiat currencies or existing crypto currencies. To understand this, we need to take a look at the realities of the risky industry. Often payment service providers such as Neteller, Skrill or the credit card companies do not want to be associated with supposedly negative industries (gambling or cannabis trade for example). Therefore, for such so-called high-risk industries, these conventional service providers can often also be used for the realization of the transactions. How can users still participate in gambling or buy or sell cannabis for example? Right, they have to look for alternative means of payment that would also be available with other crypto currencies, for example.


Bitcoin is the crypto currency, which was the first ever on the market and paved the way for Tether and many other Internet currencies. Meanwhile Bitcoin as means of payment arrived also in many ranges and can be used particularly on-line for the completion of payment transactions. However, it can also be observed that Bitcoin or other coins are not gaining a foothold in many industries at all, but that stablecoins are more popular instead. The reason is easily explained, because tether and other stablecoins are much safer and more resistant to exchange rate fluctuations. Since they are collateralized (for example, by currencies), volatility is lower. This is of course ideal for currency exchange, because who wants to have too high a risk based on the incalculable exchange rate fluctuations?


A look at the price development of Bitcoin and Tether also confirms in black and white that the volatility of Bitcoin is much more pronounced in many market phases. Thus it quickly becomes clear what we mean, because a volatile trend is much more difficult for traders to handle and always offers traders greater uncertainty. However, anyone who wants to pay with a crypto currency naturally wants to know as precisely as possible what the equivalent value is, and that is why many users increasingly choose the secure variant and prefer USDT as a means of payment.

Buy USDT Tether: Trading at crypto exchanges

f users want to buy the tether coin and use it later as a means of payment, they first need the coins in the wallet. How do the USDT get to the users and what is necessary? We have gone on a search for clues and present a possibility of trading at a crypto exchange in more detail.


Before traders can even open their trading account, they must select the correct crypto exchange. Since USDT is by no means offered on all global exchanges, the choice is somewhat limited. The reason for the lower offer compared to other crypto currencies is mainly that Tether is not undisputed and is criticized for its alleged lack of transparency and currency hedging. In addition the public prosecutor’s office in New York investigates against the enterprise and accuses it fraud with one of the largest Krypto stock exchanges, Bitfinex.


Once a suitable crypto exchange (e.g. Omni or Poloniex) has been found, traders can log on to these platforms. Although the registration process is conveniently carried out via an online form, German users often do not have access to content in the local language. Therefore, the traders may have to make do with English, Russian or Chinese content. Depending on the selected exchange, different details are required for registration. Some exchanges require an e-mail address and a password in the first step, while others ask for personal data (such as name and address).


Before the traders can actually buy the tether coin, it is important that the verification of the information is done. At least every reputable exchange sets its verification processes before the actual start of trading. These include proof of identity by means of a valid identification document and proof of address (for example, with a current telephone bill). How exactly the verification process is implemented is determined by each exchange itself. Some make document upload available so that support staff can promptly check the documents and confirm the account. Other exchanges, on the other hand, also offer verification via a video telephone call, which often works much faster.


The crypto wallet plays an essential role in the trading process. The digital wallet is used to store the USDT after the purchase and to manage it securely for a longer period of time. For service reasons, some crypto exchanges automatically provide a crypto wallet with the opening of a trading account, which is kept online. Whoever uses the Tether Wallet can start trading activities promptly and without much effort, but must live with possible security risks. Often the passwords for the wallet offered by the exchange are stored on external servers and, without sufficient security, are exposed to hacking attacks in the worst case. The enormous hack of November 2017, when 31 million USD were stolen from the main wallet, shows how this can happen.


To help traders not only make a good decision when to buy the tether coin, but also find a safe storage option, we would like to introduce the individual wallet solutions with their advantages and supposed disadvantages. The online wallet, which is automatically available free of charge at many crypto exchanges, as already mentioned, is also offered by other providers as a desktop or mobile wallet. The installation of such Wallet solutions is simply possible via the software/application and is completed within a few seconds. Depending on how extensive the block chain is stored, the installation may take a little longer until the storage process is finalized. With online wallet solutions, however, there is always a residual risk due to the interface with the Internet, because without the security, hackers would have the possibility to access the wallet.

Note: To protect the online wallet a little more on your own, we recommend implementing a second security level (if provided by the wallet provider). This is the so-called 2-factor authentication, with the help of which the wallet owners at least make it more difficult for hostile access to their coins and manipulation of the wallet.


The offline storage options in the form of hardware and paper wallet have proven themselves in practice, especially for users with a high level of security awareness. Both have a different approach and differ in terms of cost and functionality, but offer absolute security. While the Paper Wallet can be generated free of charge, the Hardware Wallet is only available for a one-time purchase price.


Which wallet with maximum security is the better decision? If users want to buy tether, digital units are often stored for a long period of time. It is therefore particularly important that hackers do not have the opportunity to steal the USDT within this period. Due to the lack of Internet access, they would not have a chance with the paper and hardware wallet. However, there are differences in the application, because the Paper Wallet can be set up much faster than the Hardware Wallet. While the Paper Wallet is created online via a generator free of charge and then printed out on a piece of paper, the Hardware Wallet must first be purchased. If the users decide to use an Onlineshop, the dispatch lasts depending upon offerer frequently even several days. Thus the Hardware Wallet would be applicable only with a delay.


The differences between the wallet types also exist in terms of fragility. While the Paper Wallet with its piece of paper is naturally more susceptible to damage/soiling, the Hardware Wallet offers optimal protection here as well. The plastic housing is resistant to environmental influences and thus the Wallet can be easily transported in a handbag or trouser pocket. Whoever intends to do this with the Paper Wallet should put it on a protective foil, otherwise the piece of paper can wrinkle too quickly or be damaged by other influences.


Traders can hold accounts with the crypto stock exchanges in various major currencies. For some exchanges this is USD, for others it is Euro, and for others it is even possible to choose from different currencies. For example, if traders want to use EUR to buy tether, it is advisable to capitalize the account with this currency. As proven payment service providers, the following providers, among others, are available at the exchanges:

  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Visa
  • MasterCard

If you want to use PayPal when buying tether, you may have to search a little longer for a provider, since the electronic purses Neteller and Skrill dominate. With the help of the bank transfer or the Sofortüberweisung the dealers can often also make a deposit, whereby the bank transfer lasts according to experience the longest from all Dienstleistern. Depending on the participating banks, deposits are made within up to five business days. In addition, possible currency conversions may result in additional costs. In order to avoid costs, traders can pay close attention to what currency is offered for the account capitalization. If you want to buy or trade Tether USD, you should at best make the deposit in USD.

Note: For all traders who would like to trade with a higher volume in the market, bank transfer as a deposit option can be an advantage. Frequently Neteller, Skrill, Visa and MasterCard offer too low limits, so that traders, for example, cannot transfer the desired equity to their trading account and thus use the crypto-market.

Buy Tether Coin: When is the ideal time?

Registration with the Crypto Exchange and account capitalization have been completed – congratulations. Now the traders can actually act on the market and buy the coins. The main focus is on price observation, although we recommend not trading solely on the basis of price analysis. Although the volatility of USDT is significantly lower due to currency hedging, price fluctuations do occur. In order for traders to find an optimal time to actually buy tether at a favorable price, we recommend that they follow the news situation closely in addition to the price analysis.


Traders can use the price analysis to get an idea of the situation and, for example, use the historical data to make at least a rudimentary forecast for the future. However, such statements are never 100 percent reliable, because the market always retains a certain volatility. Nevertheless, technical analysis can help to make price estimates even with little trading experience. For this purpose, there are numerous indicators and tools available, which can be used free of charge to chart the crypto stock markets, for example to identify resistance or support and its interruptions. Based on this, traders can draw conclusions about possible trend developments (up and down) and act accordingly. The purchase is particularly recommendable with a downward trend, since the investors have less interest in the crypto currency and thus also the price gives way.


In addition to technical analysis, there is also fundamental analysis, which is based on current market data and economic information. This is why fundamental analysis stands out clearly in comparison to technical analysis. Nevertheless, it can help to make trading decisions more soundly based. Those who want to practice fundamental analysis have the opportunity to do so at selected brokers, for example, and even isolated crypto stock exchanges now offer numerous aids to the analysis methods.


If the traders have determined on the basis of their analysis that it can be worthwhile to invest in coins now, they should take a look at the latest news before the actual trading activity. Frequently the crypto currencies can be infected by the unrest or positive mood at the entire market. However, it is also possible that a price can be adversely affected by negative headlines (from governments or other institutions). This was shown, for example, by the indictment by the New York State Attorney General’s Office of the tether exchange rate. As soon as this report became known, the share price had to give way, because investors were unsettled. Such situations are naturally optimal for the buyers of the crypto currency, however such situations are also uncertain, because nobody knows whether the charges turn out to be true or untrue and which makes the possible result at the court with the crypto currency itself.

Tether buy also off the stock exchange possible?

Tether directly can buy the Trader almost exclusively with crypto stock exchanges, although there are naturally also alternative Tradingmöglichkeiten. Brokers, for example, provide interesting financial instruments with which the traders can speculate on the course of prices, for example. It is also possible to invest in company shares around the crypto market and thus pursue a long-term investment horizon. Recently, the tether-based Bitcoin Futures of the crypto exchange OKEx have even provided more investment opportunities.


While trading on a crypto exchange is primarily designed for traders who want to invest directly in the coins and use them, for example, as a means of payment, the financial instruments at the broker are particularly well suited for risk-loving traders. Above all, crypto CFDs offer investors an easy way to enter the crypto market, so that they can profit from it even with little equity capital and without much previous knowledge. If you have a little risk appetite in your luggage and are not afraid of supposedly risky derivatives, you can move a lot in the market with just a few euros and the leverage. If traders decide to trade USDT CFDs, for example, as a private trader they can multiply their equity by a maximum of 1:2. If the position does not go against the traders, higher profits are possible as a result. However, the leverage also offers the effect in the opposite direction, so that the focus should be on equity protection. In order to optimally limit losses, traders can trade with stop loss and take profit positions, for example.


Of course, traders can also invest in crypto securities with brokers. This is all about the long-term investment horizon and the purchase of company shares. Tether itself does not have any securities of its own, but investors can use numerous companies across industries to do so. The purchase of Bitcoin GROUP SE shares is also possible, for example. As the block chain technology is finding its way into more and more companies, it is hardly surprising that even securities from logistics, health care and other industries count as crypto shares in the broadest sense. This naturally increases the diversification opportunities for traders, which in turn helps to spread the risk. However, the traders must be aware that when investing in the securities, they have to pay the entire amount for the securities once. This is the main difference between CFDs and shares.


In practice, it has proven to be a good idea for traders to invest in crypto securities with a long-term investment horizon in mind, but to trade crypto securities CFDs at the same time. If, for example, there is a downward trend in shares, this initially means a loss of profile for the investors. However, with clever trades you can help to limit or even compensate the loss. Crypto share CFDs are particularly well suited for this purpose, which the traders can even trade with a higher leverage of 1:5. But here too, it is important to limit the losses as much as possible, because the leverage is also extremely risky.


The investment possibilities at the Krypto market and in particular to Tether or Bitcoin increase ever more. This is also shown by a new Bitcoin future, which was set up on the basis of tether by the OKEx exchange. In an official press release dated November 14, 2019, the exchange announced that in future it will offer USDT-based futures trading with a leverage of up to 1:100. There is already a simulation for this, which started on November 5, 2019. The traders can get an overview of how the Bitcoin future is performing and follow the developments.


With the introduction of the Bitcoin Future on a tether basis, the exchange is responding to the growing demand from less experienced investors. Since the classical investment possibilities, like daily deposits or time deposits do not yield yields any longer, many investors look for alternatives. With the help of Bitcoin Futures, it should be easier and more efficient in the future to take advantage of the benefits on the crypto-market without great risk and, above all, to calculate profits better. However, the introduction of the Bitcoin Future is not the end of the story for the exchange, as further assets are in preparation. Since the crypto exchanges are subject to competitive pressure, it is possible that other exchanges will follow suit with this introduction of the Bitcoin Futures and provide similarly interesting assets.

Digression: Tether as culprit for market manipulation? – the criticism continues

Many investors do not yet see the role of Tether in the crypto market as convincingly as perhaps hoped. This is mainly due to media reports, according to which many experts are certain that Tether triggered the crypto boom in 2017 due to market manipulation. If we take a retrospective look at the mood in the crypto market, we can see that there was indeed a negative mood for many Internet currencies until 2017. Many investors were unsettled because of hacking attacks, allegations of manipulation and other negative headlines around Bitcoin and Co. Only since 2017 has there actually been a noticeable turnaround, so that demand on the crypto market is increasing. But is this simply based on manipulation or is there really increasing trader interest?


US economic researchers John Griffin and Amin Shams caused quite a stir with their 2018 opinion on USDT and the crypto-market. According to them, both want proof to confirm that the Stablecoin Tether and the Bitfinex crypto exchange have contributed to the generally positive crypto sentiment with manipulative actions. If this assumption would be correct, that would be naturally fatal and the confidence of the investors and investors probably a further time shaken. Transaction processes on the crypto market were analyzed in the period from March 2017 to March 2018, with the crypto market at times accounting for approximately 330 billion USD as an entry point for Bitcoin trading. Of course, Bitcoin is the driving force of the crypto industry par excellence, but even the mother of all crypto currencies has not yet been able to seduce such enormous increases in trade.

Result: Tether buy not only at crypto stock exchange possible

Tether buy is for many users the first step to use the crypto currency as a means of payment, because it is gaining popularity with more and more industries. Especially in supposedly high-risk sectors, such as the gambling industry or cannabis trade, USDT is becoming increasingly popular as a means of payment. However, for buyers to be able to pay with the coins, they must first be present in the wallet. This requires trading on the Crypto Exchange, where traders can buy the tether coin at a low price. Due to the stability of value and the hedging by a fiat currency, the volatility is also significantly lower and in the worst case the exchange 1:1 (for example against USD and Euro) is possible without any problems. However, if traders do not necessarily want to own tether directly or use it as a means of payment, there are still many opportunities to benefit from developments. Brokers, for example, offer CFDs, securities or futures, which allow traders to pursue not only different investment strategies but also investment horizons.

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