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Buy Ripple: CFD-Trading also as an optimal entry for beginners

Buy Ripple Coin – choose stock exchange or broker for it? If traders choose the stock exchange, it requires considerably more effort than with brokers. Not only the trading account is required, but also sufficient equity capital and the crypto wallet. In addition, traders often have to do without support in price analysis or further training at the exchange.

The brokers are completely different, because here also Trading beginners are cordially welcome and are optimally prepared for their trading activities. With the help of CFDs, traders can, for example, buy ripples or trade rising and falling prices, even with little equity.

  • Buy Ripple with the CFDs and trade flexibly price development
  • CFD trading with leverage (max. 1:2) possible
  • Traders can take full advantage of Ripple Price volatility with CFDs
  • Demo account allows you to try out the potential of CFD trading in no time at all

Buy Ripple: CFD trading often the more lucrative option

If you want to buy Ripple directly, I have to search for a crypto wallet, open an account, select a crypto wallet and link it to the account and keep some equity. Especially the selection of the crypto wallet can be a challenge for traders due to the variety of wallet types and often takes a lot of time. However, the Ripple Wallet is a prerequisite for the purchase of Ripple Coin, which means that traders cannot avoid this important step. Who would not like to take the temporal expenditure on itself, that finds alternatives to the direct purchase of the crypto currency. Brokers make for example different financial instruments available, with which it is possible to speculate among other things on the course of the exchange rate. To the Trading-Optionen with the broker belong:

  • Ripple CFDs
  • Crypto Securities
  • Crypto ETFs

Why is trading with a broker like some traders so much more suitable than, for example, direct buying at an exchange? We show the advantages and conditions, compare the trading possibilities with each other. Based on this experience, it quickly becomes clear why Ripple buy Germany or worldwide at a crypto exchange does not seem to be the best choice, especially for short-term oriented traders with some risk tolerance, because the volatility can quickly put a damper on investors’ trading ambitions.

Where can I buy Ripple?: Broker and stock exchange in comparison

Where Ripple buy – the answer to this question is completely easy: All Trader, who actually want to acquire the Coins directly, find in addition opportunity in addition with numerous crypto stock exchanges. Who can do however without the possession of the Coins and would like to use instead the course of prices for itself and its profits, that finds also with the broker many possibilities for it.

Meanwhile there are countless crypto exchanges and brokers, so that the selection of a suitable trading platform is not always easy. A comparison of the providers can help to make a quick selection based on individual criteria. But which exchange or which broker is suitable? Every trader naturally has very individual requirements for his trading platform. Some prefer a high quality of service, others prefer favorable conditions or a comprehensive trading offer.


Traders should, for example, ensure that they have a valid license when selecting brokers, as this ensures that the provider is controlled by a financial supervisory authority and thus the legal framework for the trading offer is in place. When choosing a crypto exchange, liquidity is the most important factor. If an exchange has a low liquidity of a certain crypto currency, this can be disadvantageous for the traders, because low volume also means a higher risk that for example the trades are delayed or not executed at all due to the lack of trading possibilities.


When it comes to selecting a suitable trading platform, the trading conditions are also important for investors. The cheaper the transactions can be realized, the better of course for the traders. In the comparison of broker and stock exchange it shows up that the direct purchase is often much more expensive than trading with a broker. If the traders would like to buy directly Ripple, then different costs can result for it:

  • Transaction costs for network
  • Costs for buying from the wallet
  • Trading incidental costs, for example for real-time price fixing

Costs for account capitalization/currency conversion

Above all, the costs for transaction processing in the crypto network are not to be sneezed at, because this is how investors ensure that processing takes place in the block chain. If the traders would like to have additionally a particularly safe Wallet, then no way leads past the hardware Wallet. But in addition, unique initial costs are due, which are not to be likewise neglected with the ripple Coin buy.

Further costs result from the account capitalization, if the traders use for example the bank transfer. Often the currency conversion costs are a major factor that drives up trading expenses. If the traders want to use PayPal or another electronic purse as a means of payment to buy ripple, experience has shown that the additional costs for currency conversion or processing via the service providers are often eliminated.


Compared to the possible trading costs of a crypto stock exchange, if the traders would like to buy Ripple directly, the costs with the broker are vanishingly small. The traders do not need for example a Wallet, because most brokers do not make the direct purchase or sale of the Coins available.

Instead, only a trading account is required, which is even free of charge with almost all brokers. Also the expenditures for the Wallet procurement or the course positions are void. Many brokers offer real-time quotes as a service, allowing traders to make additional savings and use their equity for CFD trading or investing in other financial instruments.


Traders can even pre-calculate their trading costs with many brokers and adjust their investments and investments according to the calculated result if desired. Brokers often provide a trading calculator free of charge as a service to enable investors to make even more targeted trading decisions. For example, if you calculate with a certain profit, you can vary the individual parameters in the calculator and see how much equity or which levers are necessary, for example, to theoretically achieve the desired profit. But be careful, because CFDs belong to the high-risk derivatives and, like all other financial instruments, are always subject to a residual risk.


Many traders are looking for alternatives due to the low interest rate policy of central banks and the associated poor conditions for conventional investment and investment opportunities (including overnight money or time deposits). Is trading on an exchange or with a broker the better option? There is no blanket answer to this question, because it depends on what the trader wants to achieve with his investments. Who would like to possess the Coins actually and pay with it or exchange them against other crypto currencies, that must buy Ripple with the stock exchange.

Above all Trading beginners place this however frequently before a genuine challenge, because not only the registration, but also the decision for a Wallet or the course analysis are connected with an enormous expenditure. Anyone who has had little or no contact with the crypto-market or Ripple so far often has to deal with the topic much more intensively and invest more time.


In comparison to the start of trading at stock exchanges, the broker’s trading activity can be successful after only a few seconds. The reason for this is the free demo account, which is provided free of charge by almost all renowned brokers. The verification for the account model is omitted instead, the traders simply log on with their e-mail address and can then speculate on the Ripple price trend. Although no real profits are made with the demo account, the brokers’ solution is unbeatable compared to the stock exchange for fast trading entry.


Where can dealers get more support if they want to become active in the crypto market? broker or stock exchange? A look at the practice quickly reveals which trading option is actually the better one in this respect. Experience shows that the stock exchanges hardly provide any training opportunities or supporting tools for trading activity price analysis.

Brokers, on the other hand, are completely different, as they allow easy entry without major access barriers. The traders can also start as less experienced traders with an account, but do not even need a lot of equity. In addition, there are many opportunities for further training, even often free of charge. The traders learn everything there is to know about the crypto-market and get useful tools for price analysis.


Many brokers also offer the opportunity for traders to learn from trading professionals. Free webinars are offered again and again, in which different topics are treated. These include, for example:

  • Analysis of the current market situation
  • Demonstration of the possibilities for technical and fundamental analysis
  • Trading tips from professionals

Through the training opportunities, even less experienced traders have the chance to improve their knowledge of crypto trading and make more informed trading decisions themselves. Who would like to use the theoretical knowledge more optimally, which combines the training further offers at best with the demo account and tries to convert the learned and under market conditions in practice. This quickly shows how good the understanding of the knowledge imparted actually is and where there is potential for improvement.


Also with regard to the trading possibilities, experience shows that brokers have an advantage over crypto exchanges. If the traders would like to buy only the Ripple Coin, concentrate on the crypto market or even exclusively on this one Internet currency, then the stock exchange is of course a good possibility for it. However, if resourceful traders want to take advantage of the benefits of diversification, then the broker comes off much better because of the many trading possibilities. The traders can not only buy ripple or speculate with the CFDs on the course of prices, but also trade other financial instruments and markets. For example, there is also a choice of the following:

  • Securities
  • ETFs

Incredibly many diversification possibilities there are however also with the difference contracts themselves, because these can trade the dealers not only on ripple or other crypto currencies, but also on foreign exchange, raw materials or securities. It is not unusual for a broker to have more than 1,000 financial instruments, which of course offers infinite diversification possibilities. Traders can use thereby not only the advantages of the crypto market, but also discover the other markets for themselves. The combination of different investment horizons is just as easily possible due to the multitude of trading possibilities. As a result, traders can not only act in the short or medium term, but also work on asset accumulation with a long-term investment horizon.

Why are Ripple CFDs so interesting?

Especially the trading of Ripple CFDs is becoming increasingly popular. The question arises why, because contracts for difference are regarded as high-risk derivatives. Of course, CFDs are always associated with a residual risk, because the speculation on the course of the price is even riskier due to the volatility of the crypto currency itself. Nevertheless, more and more resourceful investors are discovering how the risk can be limited and the CFDs can still become a success.

Also because of the easy access requirements and the understandable basics of CFD trading, the derivatives are suitable even for less experienced traders, if they know how to limit the risk. For all those who would like to try CFD trading for themselves, we therefore recommend starting with a free demo account. In this way, traders can determine for themselves under conditions close to the market whether the opportunities and risks of CFDs match their own idea of trading activity.


Contracts for differences have the main advantage that they can be traded even with little equity capital. Compared to investing in crypto stock exchanges, traders need less equity capital, because they only need to deposit a security deposit when trading CFDs. However, if you want to buy coins directly, you must of course raise the amount yourself as equity. Especially with particularly expensive crypto currencies, the direct purchase can quickly become expensive. How much equity capital the traders actually need for CFD trading is basically up to them, since most brokers hardly demand minimum amounts for trading activities.

The price analysis for optimal CFD trading is very simple

Price analysis is just as important when trading on the stock exchange as it is for brokers. However, the traders have much more assistance with the broker than with the stock exchange. How do even less experienced traders manage to create a price forecast in order to use their trading activities? If you need practice in this, you can start with the free demo account of the brokers and even under near-market conditions you can examine the prices based on historical data, for example with technical analysis. A look at practice shows that no previous knowledge is necessary for this.

Traders can, for example, as with the Metatrader trading platform, have various graphic objects and indicators drawn into the chart picture and thus assess the trend development. Even if the price is perhaps not moving in a pronounced trend, position trading is possible. In such a case the positions are held just a short period and are hedged with the stop loss and take profit positions.


The data basis is also important for the course analysis. Traders should especially prefer live prices based on current information. This creates a sound data basis, which of course also improves the quality of the forecast. The more soundly the price forecast for Ripple is, the more successful the trades will be, because traders have a lower risk that the price may turn out differently than forecast.


If the traders would like to buy Ripple or speculate on the course of the crypto currency, it is also important to pay attention to possible factors for the course fluctuations. Of course, forecasting historical data is one way to speculate, but it is precisely the volatility in the crypto market that can quickly turn the tide. Various factors are responsible for the price movements, such as

  • Decisions of banks/central banks
  • News / Decisions of governments
  • News from the crypto exchanges
  • News on the crypto market

Decisions of banks/central banks can influence the exchange rate of a crypto currency, because for example the interest rate policy of the ECB influences the demand on the crypto market. Since there is no more interest for the conventional investment and investment possibilities such as daily or time deposits for example, many traders look for meaningful alternatives. The crypto-market is therefore experiencing increasing popularity, which of course also has an effect on price movements. If there are reports from the banks, these can have a positive or negative impact on the price trend, which traders should always consider when making their trading decisions. In order not to miss any current news, we recommend to use the news services of the brokers, because they are often even provided free of charge as SMS, e-mail or push notification.


Government decisions also influence the price of Ripple and Co. Many countries are still skeptical about the crypto currencies and even prohibit or restrict trade and mining. If there is a similar news report by a state government, this can cause the exchange rate of the Internet currency to fluctuate enormously.


The messages from crypto exchanges are also affecting the price of Bitcoin, Ripple and other digital currencies. If an exchange decides, for example, to include a crypto currency in the trading offer, this often means a positive impulse for the price trend, since there can be a significantly higher potential demand. The same also applies vice versa, however, if an exchange announces, for example, that the trading volume for a crypto currency will be reduced or completely eliminated. Then suddenly potential traders fall away, so that this can also have a fluctuating effect on the price trend. Therefore, it is important to keep the messages of the if the traders want to trade the CFDs.


In general, the news from the crypto market is decisive for whether and how a share price develops at all. Not only the decisions of governments, stock exchanges or banks are interesting, but also general news. These include news about crypto wallets or successful or attempted hack attacks. In the past, traders often had to witness how their insufficiently secured wallets were hacked by criminals and the coins stolen. This loss was not only painful for the market, but also for the traders. Some crypto exchanges even had to suspend short-term trading due to the brilliant hacking attacks, as enormous coin holdings were stolen from the respective wallet at one fell swoop. In this way, the exchange lost the trading volume and was no longer able to maintain the corresponding trading volume. There was no other choice than to suspend trading at least for a short time.

Buy Ripple Coin and use the optimal trading strategy

Successful traders not only have an eye on the market or are good at price analysis, but they start preparing for trading much earlier. It is part of this process that traders prepare for their trading activity with a proper trading strategy. Depending on the market situation, the strategy helps them to use the appropriate financial instruments and make optimal trading decisions. However, strategy is not the same as strategy, because every trader has individual preferences or investment goals. Among other things, the following are necessary to develop a strategy

  • Trading experience
  • Investment Horizon
  • Equity
  • Risk appetite

Trading experience plays an essential role in the development of the trading strategy. Traders who have already worked for the broker and have previous experience, for example, can take a much more complex approach to strategy; combining different investment horizons and financial instruments. However, for traders who are at the beginning of their trading career, it is recommended to use a simple strategy. In this case, it is recommended, for example, to analyze the trend of Ripple and then trade with it.

Traders can, for example, speculate on the uptrend with the CFDs in case of a forecasted uptrend and vice versa of course with the downtrend. There is also the possibility to trade against the trend or to take advantage of price fluctuations with the help of so-called hedging, but such trades are actually more suitable for traders with a little more prior experience, as they can often assess the market more quickly.


The investment horizon is also decisive for the trading strategy. Traders can act in different ways:

  • Short term
  • Medium-term
  • Long term

For example, CFDs are best suited for short-term oriented traders as well as for medium-term oriented traders. However, the situation is different for long-term oriented investors, because for this purpose the contracts for difference are less recommendable, especially because of the volatility in the crypto-market. Instead, crypto stocks are suitable for acquiring company shares and, for example, taking the dividend payments of the companies with them. If you are particularly clever, you can even combine several investment horizons as a resourceful trader and use the falling price of crypto stocks, for example, to make a profit yourself. The crypto shares CFDs make it possible, because with them the traders can even use the downward trend and an increased leverage of 1:5 on top of that.


The available equity capital is also of particular interest when implementing an optimal trading strategy. For example, if traders have sufficient liquid assets, much more capital can be moved on the market, but rather diversified. Traders can, for example, try out a risky trade without having to fear that all capital will be lost. However, if you only have limited liquid assets at your disposal, you should of course proceed with less risk, because after all it is important to protect your equity as much as possible and still try to build up profits step by step.


The risk appetite of investors also determines how a trading strategy is implemented. This raises the question of how risk-taking traders actually are. It is important that the traders themselves are honest in answering this question in order to choose the appropriate financial instruments and make trading decisions based on the answers. For risk-seeking investors, for example, Contracts for Difference are ideal because they offer not only maximum flexibility but also enormous profit opportunities. Due to the leverage, traders can make additional profit even with little equity, although the leverage also means increased risk.


Conservative traders can of course also trade contracts for difference, but they have to accept the increased risk. Who does not show this readiness, that should trade at best alternatives to the CFDs, as for example ETFs or securities. So that the traders can convince themselves that the CFDs are perhaps not too risky as thought, there is the possibility to use the demo account.

Why not try it out in practice, even under near-market conditions, to see how many opportunities and risks are actually associated with contracts for difference and how they can perhaps even be precisely controlled in no time at all? For such a test track, brokers provide, for example, a free demo account, with the help of which traders can act without risk and with virtual credit.

Conclusion: Buy Ripple or speculation on price development even with leverage

The traders can buy Ripple Coin and/or speculate on the course of the Kryptowährung, without having to spend thereby much own capital funds. The Top offers make it possible with brokers, because there for example the crypto CFDs are available. Contracts for Difference offers the possibility that the dealers with little own capital funds and with a maximum leverage of 1:2 speculate on the course of the exchange rate and can trade even allegedly difficult market situations (among other things with the sideways trend).

In contrast to crypto stock exchanges, they do not even need a wallet or a high equity ratio for this, because when using leverage, the broker spends part of the capital brought into the market and still offers fantastic profit opportunities. If they are not optimally secured CFDs however and the risk is limited, they belong also to the risky derivatives, which traders should naturally know.

In order to get an impression of the chances and risks of CFDs on the crypto-market, we recommend using a free demo account as an uncomplicated and above all non-binding introduction. Why not start with the broker’s virtual balance and try out for yourself what possibilities the crypto-market has to offer?

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