Buy EOS: Trading CFDs long and short – also for trading beginners

Traders can buy EOS directly from the Exchanges, even though this involves a great deal of effort: open a trading account, find a suitable EOS crypto wallet, keep sufficient equity capital available. Traders who do not want to buy EOS Coin directly find market access much easier with brokers and can speculate on the price trend of the crypto currency.

This is made possible by CFDs, which can even be used with a leverage effect, so that traders have fantastic chances of making a profit even with little equity. We show how easy it is for brokers to take profits with CFDs.

  • Buy EOS from the broker without an expensive crypto wallet
  • Traders can trade CFDs with little equity at Broker Crypto
  • Crypto CFDs have leverage of 1:2
  • Traders can try out opportunities without risk with free demo account

Buy EOS or use the exchange rate of the crypto currency profitably

Note: anyone who registers with a broker is usually not able to buy EOS online directly there, but can take advantage of the volatility of the share price. With the help of technical analysis, for example, traders speculate on the trend and use it to make profits, even with positions traded at short notice. If you need support in this, many brokers offer training courses and tips from trading professionals

One way to make profits with the crypto currency EOS is to trade at a crypto stock exchange. There, traders have the unique opportunity to buy EOS, but they have to meet a number of requirements, such as

  • Sufficient equity capital
  • Crypto Wallet
  • Registration with Exchange

Especially the selection of a digital wallet for the crypto currency often presents a challenge to the traders. The different types of wallet, which differ in terms of functionality and security, make the selection not always easy; it is time-consuming and quickly nerve-racking for less experienced users. To buy EOS Coin at the exchange, however, the wallet is a prerequisite for being able to operate on the market at all.

For all those who do not want to expose themselves to this effort or stress, there are other ways of trading with the crypto currency. Brokers, for example, offer opportunities to buy EOS at a favourable price or to speculate on the price trend. Contracts for Difference make it possible, because with their help, traders can speculate on falling and rising prices equally and even trade other financial instruments on the crypto-market. This even makes trading with different investment horizons possible.

EOS where to buy? – How traders find the right broker

Traders can buy EOS online not only from crypto stock exchanges, but now also from many brokers. The EOS Coins are usually not made available directly for buying or selling, but traders have many more options. With the help of the countless financial instruments, such as CFDs or crypto shares, almost any market situation can be exploited to the full and trading activities can be selected to suit the trader’s own trading strategy.


Finding the optimal broker for your trading activity is not always easy, but with some support and even a broker comparison nothing is that difficult. There are some criteria that have proven to be effective in selecting brokers in order to actually find a reputable provider for the trading activity. Among them are:

  • Trading offer
  • Account models
  • Trading Conditions
  • Payment options
  • Service and security

Of course, each trader prefers different selection criteria or measures their importance according to individual preferences. So let’s take a look at why, for example, a comprehensive trading offer can be advantageous or why traders appreciate the variety of payment options.


The trading offer with the brokers covers usually more than only one crypto currency. Traders can therefore not only buy EOS Coin or speculate on its price trend, but also find other crypto currencies (for example Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ripple) for trading. The selection of financial instruments is also usually very diverse, so that traders have the opportunity to trade contracts for differences not only on the underlying crypto currency but also on shares, commodities or foreign currencies.


Such diversity in trading offers gives traders the opportunity to diversify their portfolio, spread the risk and thus work on implementing their individual investment strategy. With the help of CFDs, for example, traders have the opportunity to take advantage of movements in the crypto-market in the short to medium term. On the other hand, those who use the offered crypto shares can act with a long-term orientation and at best even secure the dividend payments of the companies.


Note: Live account verification is necessary to start trading activity. Not only do traders protect themselves from abuse by confirming their personal information, but brokers also fulfill their legal obligation to verify the trader’s information by verifying it.

The choice of account models also plays an important role for many traders when choosing a broker. A free demo account is also usually offered to the live account. With it the traders can use own capital, in order to obtain genuine profits or try out the Trading conditions with the help of the demo account with the help of marketnear conditions and test the chances at the crypto market.

The registration process differs for the individual account models, because the demo account can often be opened within seconds using only the e-mail address. The live account takes a little longer, because the traders not only have to provide some more personal data, but also have to go through the verification process. The verification process can take a few hours or even a few days, depending on the number of requests received by the broker.


The trading conditions also play an important role in the selection of brokers. If the traders want to buy EOS Coin or speculate on the price trend of the crypto currency, less liquid funds are needed. In contrast to the stock exchange, traders do not have to buy the coins all at once and pay the full amount. No, it is sufficient for them to deposit a security deposit and use a leverage effect when trading crypto CFDs, for example. This gives traders the chance to realize a lot on the market even with little equity capital and they use the leverage of maximum 1:2. If you invest in crypto shares CFDs, you can even act with a leverage of 1:5.


Note: A trading calculator makes it easy for traders to determine how costly and profitable their investment with the broker is. For this purpose, online tools are usually available free of charge, which enable traders to calculate their trading costs and potential profits in no time at all.

The trading conditions at the broker are also significantly better than those at the exchange, because traders do not have to keep a wallet. The trading account is sufficient to take advantage of movements in the crypto-market. There are also crypto-wallets, which are provided free of charge, but these are often less secure. This is why many traders opt for the hardware wallet when they want to buy EOS Coin and store the digital coins securely. The traders save the associated one-off purchase price by trading with the broker.


Flexible payment options are just as advantageous with EOS kaufen, because then retailers are free to choose which service provider they want to use. Experience has shown that there are many payment options, such as

  • Credit cards
  • Electronic purses
  • Bank transfer

Credit cards are often popular means of account capitalization, as fast transactions are made mainly with Visa and MasterCard. However, the credit cards often offer a limit, which can be a hindrance, especially when the account capitalization is larger. Alternatively, traders can use electronic purses and make payments with Skrill or Neteller. In addition, there is also the possibility of making a deposit by bank transfer.

Traders can transfer even larger sums of money and are not bound to any limits. However, there is a decisive disadvantage with bank transfers: the processing time. While payment by credit card or electronic purse is realized within a short period of time, bank transfers can take several days, depending on the participating banks.


In addition to bank transfer, traders can also choose instant bank transfer to make their transactions faster. The Sofortüberweisung is offered by the service provider Klarna and is carried out like a classic bank transfer. However, the trading credit is then available on the trading account with the broker after a very short time.


Traders should generally take care not to incur additional costs due to unnecessary currency conversion. Therefore, we recommend opening a trading account in the currency that will be used to capitalize the account in the future.


Service and security can also be helpful criteria in making the right broker selection. Traders should pay particular attention to the issue of security. Renowned brokers are regulated by a competent financial supervisory authority and have a valid license. This license provides the legal framework for the trading platforms to provide their financial instruments at all. When selecting brokers, traders can, for example, pay attention to the following licenses:

  • CySEC
  • FCA
  • Bafin

Deposit protection is also important when choosing a broker, as this is where it is decided whether and to what extent customer funds are protected. In the event of a broker’s insolvency, customers’ deposits should be protected up to a certain amount. Experience shows that most brokers have sums of between 20,000 euros and 100,000 euros per trader.


Not only the trading offer or the security-related topics differ with the broker, but also the service. Many brokers provide several trading accounts, others, for example, only one live account. What many brokers have in common, however, is the free further training offer. Here there are clear differences compared to crypto stock exchange, because free knowledge in the form of videos, articles or other contents is usually not given at all with the Exchanges. For trading beginners who want to implement trading on the crypto-market in an uncomplicated way and with some (knowledge-technical) support, the entry with the broker is therefore optimal.

How traders trade EOS CFDs successfully

Buying EOS used or buying the coins directly from another trader is usually not possible with brokers. But traders do have the chance to use the price trend and speculate on it. Precisely because EOS continues to show enormous volatility in the price trend, CFDs are often a particularly interesting financial instrument. Traders can even use the short price movements in the twinkling of an eye without having to take too much risk.


CFD trading is about using an EOS price forecast for trading activity. In order to be able to make the forecast about it, the traders can use different analysis methods. These include, for example:

  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis

The technical analysis refers to data from the past and attempts to make a forecast for the short to medium term future based on this information. The fundamental analysis, on the other hand, looks at the current market situation and uses a much more comprehensive data basis. Due to the well-founded analysis, the fundamental analysis is somewhat more complex than the technical analysis, and is therefore usually only used by trading beginners with some trading experience.

To ensure that the analysis is successful, many brokers provide support in the form of tools and indicators. As a proven means the functions of the Metatrader have become generally accepted with most brokers. The trading platform is characterized by high functionality and user-friendliness and can even be used for mobile devices.


The Metatrader has a high speed with the charts and provides all information in real time. Traders will find the full range of order types and can even view the full trading history. In addition, the customizable true color scheme and the configurable graphical objects and indicators. Additionally, traders have the opportunity to receive audio notifications or financial news. Technical analysis support is provided by a wide range of technical indicators and analytical objects. In order to be able to forecast even better, traders also have the possibility to use different time frames (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1 and MN) and several chart types.


With the right price forecast, traders lay the foundation for their trading success. If you forecast the price correctly, you can open your position either long or short and even close it again after a very short time. To help traders better control risk, we recommend trading with Stop Loss and Take Profit positions. In this way the traders can not only limit their losses, but also take their profits as quickly as possible. The overriding principle when trading CFDs should always be the protection of equity. Therefore, for a long-term activity on the market without margin, it is important that traders always invest only proportionally and never trade the entire equity on one position.


Tip: For all traders who are afraid of trading activity in volatile phases, it should be said that even successful traders once started small. With the help of the free demo account, for example, traders can try out the price analysis optimally without having to take any risk. With the help of the brokers’ basic theoretical knowledge, traders can even carry out real tests under near-market conditions and even wrong trading decisions remain without consequences for their own capital.

The crypto currencies often have an enormous volatility, which often makes direct trading at the stock exchange difficult. Especially the volatile phases are however really interesting for traders, because the constant price movements offer many more possibilities to achieve higher, flexible profits. Traders can buy EOS and make optimum use of the volatility with the broker’s trading activities, even if the price is subject to enormous fluctuations every minute.

Since the positions can be closed even after a short time, traders have the chance to take the profitable movements with them without having to make a long-term commitment (as is the case with crypto stock exchanges). Instead, the traders use their short to medium-term investment horizon and can optimally take the profit opportunities on the crypto market with them by taking several positions on the trading day.


If the traders decide to trade CFDs, they can even use a leverage effect. This is another advantage compared to the classical investment opportunities of a crypto stock exchange. For example, traders can trade EOS CFDs with a maximum leverage of 1:2 and thus move a lot on the market with significantly less equity. The leverage makes it possible for traders to provide only one security deposit and then receive the rest from the broker as provisional financing. If the position runs for the traders, they benefit from the maximum leverage and achieve higher profits. If the position runs against the traders, however, the leverage effect can also result in higher losses if the sufficient security was not provided beforehand.


The leverage effect is underestimated again and again, especially by trading beginners. They look primarily at the high profit opportunities, but forget the hedging. Crypto CFDs have a low leverage of maximum 1:2 compared to other underlying instruments, and those who trade Crypto Share CFDs can even use a leverage of 1:5. When trading the foreign exchange CFDs, it is even up to 1:30. Of course, the leverage is tempting, but also carries an enormous risk of loss. Therefore, traders should gradually familiarize themselves with the leverage and use the free demo account as an exercise at best.

Combining CFDs with other financial instruments helps with diversification

Contracts for Difference are a good option for all traders who have a short to medium term investment horizon. In order for traders to achieve optimal diversification, we recommend that they also use financial instruments with a longer investment horizon. For example, traders can invest in crypto stocks and thus pursue a long-term investment horizon. Diversification with different underlyings is also optimal for spreading risk.


If, depending on their investment strategy, traders decide to trade crypto shares in addition to CFDs, they invest in the asset by paying the purchase price once. The advantage of shares is that the long-term investment horizon allows the traders to optimally balance price fluctuations. However, there is another possibility to take advantage of short-term downward trends in crypto stocks, for example.

Traders can trade crypto stock CFDs and even generate profits; apply a leverage of maximum 1:5. By using the stock CFDs, traders have the opportunity to make sure that the losses in the portfolio are manageable or that they can be better controlled. Of course, crypto stock CFDs are also not without risk, so traders should be extremely cautious about using the maximum leverage.

Trading strategy as a tool for trading success
If the traders want to buy EOS Coin or speculate on the price trend of the crypto currency, a strategy is helpful. If he acts completely without a plan, he runs the risk of making the wrong trading decisions out of emotionality or ignorance of the current market situation. The strategy is always dependent on various factors, because every trader has different prerequisites. Various factors are decisive for the design of a trading strategy:

  • Trading experience
  • Equity
  • Risk appetite
  • Investment Horizon
  • Purpose of the trading activity

Trading experience plays a particularly important role in the trading strategy, as this is what determines the level of difficulty. If the traders have just registered with the broker and have no previous trading experience, the strategy should of course be as simple and understandable as possible.


The amount of equity is also necessary for the details of the trading strategy. If the traders have more equity available, the strategic procedure can of course be a bit more extensive and perhaps riskier. If, on the other hand, the traders would like or can only fall back on less equity capital reserves, the trading strategy is also adapted to this in the best case. For traders, this means less risk and, above all, usually less diversification. CFD trades are also traded with less volume due to the lower equity capital, which of course also has an effect on the amount of profits.


Risk taking or conservative? Which investment opportunities traders take advantage of depends largely on their risk appetite. Crypto CFDs offer enormous profit opportunities and can be used flexibly. However, they are also known as high-risk derivatives, so that other financial instruments are often more suitable for conservative traders. In order for traders to try out their risk appetite for themselves, we recommend using the free demo account with a broker to test for themselves where the risk limit lies. If the traders decide to make CFDs despite the increased risk, this does not have to mean that they are exposed to a loss and net and double bottom. No, even crypto CFDs can be secured with a little skill and with the right trades to limit losses and still take profits quickly.


The investment horizon is an essential component of any good trading strategy. Brokers have different financial instruments, which can be optimally used depending on the investment horizon. Contracts for Difference are suitable for traders who pursue a short to medium-term investment horizon and want to see fast trading results. However, if you want to act on the market with a long-term orientation, you should rely on alternative financial instruments. Crypto shares or ETFs are recommended for this purpose. The combination of different financial instruments even makes it possible for traders to spread the risk and invest across the market.


What purpose do traders pursue with their trading activity? Answering this question is the essential prerequisite for choosing the right trading partner and financial instrument in the first place. If the traders really want to own coins, for example, registration with a broker is often not the right way to go; experience shows that brokers do not offer direct trading with EOS and Co. All traders who really want to own a crypto currency should therefore look for the way to the Crypto Exchange.

Accompanying with it naturally also entrance hurdles and a certain own capital funds quantity are presupposed. For all traders who do not want to take on this effort and who do not necessarily want or want to own coins, brokers offer a comprehensive potpourri of different financial instruments. With the help of the speculative CFDs it is possible to use the course of the price even during volatile phases. Crypto Shares, for example, offer the possibility of profiting from the crypto market in the long term by purchasing company shares; securing dividends.


No matter what trading strategy the traders use, one thing is especially important: no emotions when making trading decisions. If traders act on the basis of gut feelings and without taking into account analyses and current market data, this can quickly lead to losses. Emotional trading decisions can lead to success, but traders owe their success to chance. However, coincidence is not a good advisor for consistent profit generation, so traders should rely primarily on reliable results in price analysis or current market news.

Conclusion: Buying EOS is even easier with brokers

Buy EOS directly is of course possible at leading crypto exchanges, although traders must meet extensive requirements: Trading account, sufficient equity, crypto wallet. The selection for the crypto wallet in particular can take a long time, as there are countless wallet types and providers. For traders who want a faster start of trading with flexible investment options, brokers are the better choice. Direct coin trading is usually not possible here, but traders can still make the most of the crypto market.

With the help of EOS CFDs, for example, it is possible to speculate on the price trend, even in highly volatile phases. Traders need little equity capital for this and see trading results after a short time, as CFDs are usually traded intraday. In addition, brokers also offer other interesting financial instruments related to the crypto-market, such as securities or ETFs.

For all those who want to try out their chances with the crypto financial instruments themselves, there is even a free demo account available at most brokers. What to wait for? Now finally take the chance to start trading for free and test the first crypto CFDs with the demo account.

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