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Bitcoin Revolution experiences: The trading robot in test

Bitcoin Revolution is one of a handful of trading robots designed specifically for crypto trading. The software promises great success through automated trading, thanks to particularly precise and fast order execution. With the help of the Bitcoin Revolution crypto-robot, high profits should be possible. According to the information on the website, users do not even have to read in the background of trading with crypto-currencies, but can entrust their invested capital to the system. We look at ourselves more exactly, how that is to function, and follow the question whether Bitcoin revolution is respectable.

  • Automatic analysis of investment opportunities
  • Fast execution
  • High accuracy in the assessment of trends
  • No previous knowledge required for auto trading

The technology behind Bitcoin Revolution

What is behind the Bitcoin Revolution offer? Forex and CFD traders who are familiar with so-called Expert Advisors will know what it’s all about, namely an algorithm specialized on Bitcoin price movements. Since crypto currencies are considered highly volatile, independent analysis requires extensive knowledge of the markets, but also of the macroeconomic influences on digital currencies.

  • Sophisticated algorithm
  • Precision of up to 99
  • Higher profits also for beginners
  • One-click automation on demand

The algorithm does this for the investor. For its information, the system uses its own database, which is continuously kept up to date. This makes it possible to predict prices with an alleged 99% accuracy. For traders and investors, this means that they can make higher profits via the platform than when trading with BTC on their own. For beginners it is especially tempting that the program can be started with a single click and that no detailed preparations for trading are necessary. However, the full-bodied promises have also led to Bitcoin Revolution being accused of fraud in some reviews.

What does the Bitcoin Revolution Test show?

The test should show what the provider actually has to offer and what Bitcoin Revolution experiences investors can make. A first glance shows: Bitcoin Revolution is by no means the only trading robot that specializes in Bitcoin Trading. The fact that profitable investments are possible with the fully automated trading system without prior knowledge is not enough to dismiss the system as dubious. As with any investment in volatile financial products and derivatives, investors must be aware that there is no promise of profit. On the contrary, speculative investments – and this is what Bitcoin Revolution is all about – always carry a risk of losses, because even a very precise algorithm can be overtaken by developments in the markets. All in all, regardless of the indications that no experience in crypto-trading is necessary, it is recommended that investors first inform themselves about crypto-currencies in general and about Bitcoin in particular and also learn to understand the structure of financial instruments and the processes involved in trading. This also includes an examination of the functionality of Bitcoin Revolution.

How Bitcoin Revolution works

The algorithm behind Bitcoin Revolution analyzes the historical prices of Bitcoin, but also the market-relevant developments and stores them in a database. Against the background of this information, which the trading robot gathers, future trends in the price of Bitcoin are worked out and invested accordingly. The software itself is free of charge for the users, trading is handled by partner brokers of Bitcoin Revolution.

  • Free trading software
  • Applicable in automatic and manual mode
  • No installation of programs

The system naturally collects the information and performs the resulting analyses much faster than a trader could. Thus Bitcoin Revolution makes buying and selling decisions within seconds for which a trader would have to obtain comprehensive information. However, users must make some settings themselves – even if automatic trading is selected.

Simple registration with Bitcoin Revolution

The Bitcoin Revolution website provides some basic information about the automated trading system, expected profits and the registration process. Those interested in using the robot can register with a short, quickly completed process. It is necessary to provide the full name, e-mail address, a cell phone number and a password of your choice. Verification, however, is not necessary. A confirmation link or SMS confirmation is not sent either. Here the procedure differs from the usual procedure as known from most brokers.

After registration, users are forwarded to a partner broker who cooperates with Bitcoin Revolution. The broker manages the trading account, which must now also be capitalized. The options offered in addition depend on the respective broker, the minimum deposit sum amounts to 250 euro. This is also fully sufficient to make first trades or to use the automated trading.


Before that, however, traders can use the demo account, which is available free of charge. Because with the demo, investors have a first-class opportunity to familiarize themselves with the handling of the trading robot. Since trading is done with a real trading environment but with virtual capital, the learning process is risk-free and non-binding. Especially beginners should definitely take advantage of such a demo, as this significantly reduces the risk of later losses.

Those who are satisfied with the functionality of the system can switch to real money trading as soon as they feel ready to do so. First steps should be made here gradually. Although the prospects for returns increase with the risk that an investor is willing to take, those who take the highest risks run the risk of losing their deposits completely.

Only those amounts should be invested whose loss the trader can bear, and even these only partially at the beginning. Moreover, investors can prepare the algorithm according to their own ideas with information on the amount invested and the desired return, and will first receive a risk and profit analysis before the order is placed.

Bitcoin Revolution: Fake or Serious?

Trading robots such as Bitcoin Revolution are more frequently advertised on the Internet with alleged recommendations by celebrities or in television shows. However, these are rumors that are not true. Apart from that, the recommendation of a celebrity also says nothing about whether a trading robot like Bitcoin Revolution is suitable for every trader.

The highly volatile digital currencies do not convince every investor, and many traders initially prefer to work out the information for their strategies themselves. The fact that users can first make their first experiences with a demo account speaks in favor of Bitcoin Revolution, even without making a first deposit. In addition, you do not have to leave the decision about your own investments completely to the algorithm, because manual trading is also possible.

The strong interest in the potential of crypto currencies even among inexperienced investors naturally leads to operators occupying a market niche with appropriate trading software. Who invests in crypto currencies, must keep itself regarding the associated loss risks before eyes that also an extremely professional software solution cannot conjure such as Bitcoin revolution. Last but not least, this is also a speculative investment – with all the associated risks. For this reason, beginners are always advised to invest with little money at first and in this way make their first experiences with the markets. And a certain background knowledge does not hurt even if you want to make use of automatic trading systems! In addition there are further possibilities of profiting from the course development of the Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, also without Bitcoin revolution.

Bitcoin act on their own initiative

Who is interested in the Potenzial of Kryptowährungen, the vollmundigen advertising promise of automatic commercial robots thereby however distrusts, does not have to throw the shotgun in the grain. There are enough other possibilities of acting Bitcoin. In addition first the physical acquisition of crypto currencies belongs, which one can buy just like a Fiat currency. For the purchase of Bitcoin or other coins, a certain readiness is necessary to familiarize oneself with the technical basics. Because the functionality of the coins and the handling of an electronic purse, the so-called wallet, must be understood. Crypto-currencies are traded via stock exchanges specializing in them, which execute the purchase and sale according to the wishes of the investor, largely automatically, or via marketplaces where transactions are carried out with more personal initiative. In both cases one acquires crypto currency or subunits of it or can also sell it again. However, as with the purchase of Swiss francs or pounds sterling, a profit is only generated here if the exchange rates of the currency concerned rise. Since this usually happens only in the third and fourth decimal place, one must invest a lot of capital in currency trading. This also applies to the strongest and therefore meanwhile quite expensive crypto currencies.

Crypto trade via financial derivatives

Alternatively, coins can also be traded via derivatives. In this case, a Forex and CFD broker provides access to the markets, trading financial derivatives on currency pairs. These are formed from a crypto currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple against a fiat currency.

  • Trade crypto currencies physically or via derivatives
  • CFDs on Coins with strong market capitalization
  • Bitcoin certificates
  • Futures

Various financial products are offered, which have in common that one does not acquire the underlying asset (for example Bitcoin), but participates in the performance. It can be speculated under circumstances not only on rising, but also on falling prices, in view of the strongly fluctuating courses of crypto currencies a quite interesting option. Besides contracts for difference on crypto-fiat pairs, futures on crypto currencies are tradable. In addition, Bitcoin certificates are also issued by several quite renowned banks. Investors therefore find a wide range of options. An essential advantage of derivatives trading is the fact that it does not involve the long-term commitment of capital on a large scale, but that trading is carried out on each trading day, in the form of so-called day trading.

Profit from the Bitcoin price with CFD trading

CFDs are among the most popular financial products for short-term trading. The abbreviation stands for contracts for difference. CFDs owe their origin to an idea of resourceful brokers in Great Britain, who wanted to avoid the stamp duty on stock transactions with contracts for difference. CFDs do not trade the underlying asset, but offer the trader the opportunity to participate in the price development – through the difference between the time of purchase and sale. The special thing about CFDs is that traders can not only go “long” with CFDs, i.e. speculate on rising prices, but conversely also with “short” positions on falling prices. Originally developed for shares, CFDs are now available on almost all conceivable underlying assets from all asset classes.

Crypto-CFDs are also available – basically a variation of the Contracts for Difference to forex pairs, where one component is formed by a digital currency. Trading is done with so-called leverage, which means that a trader only deposits a portion of the capital that he actually wants to move. In forex trading, the leverage can be up to 30 times the margin, but in crypto-CFDs the leverage is limited to a maximum of 1:2, due to the volatility of both the coins and the difference contracts. Although crypto-CFDs are still a relatively new product, they are being used by more and more CFD brokers as part of their trading offer. A reputable broker will also help their traders get started with a demo account, educational resources and well-positioned customer service.

Conclusion: Experience Bitcoin Revolution with the necessary caution

Bitcoin Revolution is an algorithmic trading system that allows investors to invest fully automated. The offer promises worthwhile returns even without previous knowledge, due to the highly developed software used here. The functionality of the algorithm is unaffected, in fact such software can achieve convincing results. However, investors should always be aware of the volatility of the products and the risk of loss. It is also recommended that traders familiarize themselves with Bitcoin Revolution first. Afterwards – with Bitcoin Revolution or other providers – free, non-binding demo accounts can be used to get to know the functions and handling of the software. This step should not be skipped. Since the minimum deposit at Bitcoin Revolution is not too high at 250 euros, investors can decide for themselves whether they want to leave the investment completely to the algorithm. Before placing orders, a profit analysis is first carried out. In any case, only capital whose loss can be absorbed should be invested. Those who may not trust the software can use alternatives, such as Bitcoin trading with “real” coins via crypto exchanges and marketplaces, but also trading with crypto derivatives such as CFDs. Whoever identifies a reputable CFD broker by means of a broker comparison will usually find a competent contact person here with offers of assistance to facilitate the start.

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