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Bitcoin Code: serious or fraud – the Bitcoin Code experience

Up to 13,000 Euro daily and a winning rate of 99.4 percent – these are the key facts about the Bitcoin Code. We could hardly believe these statements and have therefore made the Bitcoin Code Test. The result is however not clear, because it speaks much for a Bitcoin code fake, but we cannot prove it exactly to 100 per cent. That is why we are simply sharing our Bitcoin code experiences from the test. This gives interested investors the opportunity to decide for themselves whether or not it is a fraud.

Bitcoin Code: serious or fraud – the Bitcoin Code experience

Up to 13,000 Euro daily and a winning rate of 99.4 percent – these are the key facts about the Bitcoin Code. We could hardly believe these statements and have therefore made the Bitcoin Code Test. The result is however not clear, because it speaks much for a Bitcoin code fake, but we cannot prove it exactly to 100 per cent. That is why we are simply sharing our Bitcoin code experiences from the test. This gives interested investors the opportunity to decide for themselves whether or not it is a fraud.

  • Bitcoin code should have a winning rate of 99.4 percent
  • Minimum deposit of 250 USD is required
  • Profits of up to 13,000 euros per day possible (according to website)
  • Bitcoin Code Test can be run free demo account

Bitcoin Code: the ultimate Bitcoin Code Test

“Ride the Bitcoin wave and earn guaranteed” – that is probably the most concise statement on the Bitcoin Code website of the same name. There, according to information, investors can earn daily profits of up to 13,000 Euro. With such profit prospects, we wanted to know exactly whether it is actually a realistic chance of winning or Bitcoin Code fraud. That’s why we did the ultimate test and share our results.


We do not want to participate in speculation, so we actually let the facts speak for themselves in the Bitcoin Code Test. What can investors expect?

  • A free demo account
  • Different payment methods
  • Numerous investment options

The number of daily accounts is limited to 50, with a counter on the Bitcoin Code website that shows how many accounts are still available for that day. Whether it actually corresponds to reality or was only installed for marketing purposes cannot be determined based on our Bitcoin Code experience. Anyone who wants to register with the website uses the form that is available directly on the start page. Necessary information is not only the name but also the e-mail address. This is all users need in the first step. If the aim is to actually invest with own capital away from the demo account and achieve realistic profits, additional data is requested from the account after login. A verification, as we know it for example with crypto stock exchanges for opening an account, is not necessary at first sight.


In fact, several payment options are available on the website, which do not indicate a Bitcoin code fake, since the company apparently cooperates with renowned payment service providers. The users can for example make the account capitalization over:

  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Visa
  • MasterCard

Deposits with Sofortüberweisung or Giropay are also possible. Once the equity has been booked on the trading account, investors can take advantage of the various investment opportunities: Crypto currencies, foreign exchange, stocks, indices and commodities. However, the traders are supported in their trading activities by the unique software designed by a certain Sven Hegel. This should make it possible to achieve guaranteed profits at a rate of 99.4 percent thanks to an automated Bitcoin algorithm. Such profit rates are not known from other trading platforms or automated trading systems, so it really sounds tempting. The trading software, for example, is supposed to earn users up to 13,000 euros a day and be completely legal in execution.


With such populist promises of high profits, it is easy to see that this is indeed a Bitcoin code fake. We have therefore looked to see whether viruses or other malware may be installed when the software is downloaded, which could lead, for example, to the user’s PC being played out and abusive transactions being carried out on it. However, the Bitcoin Code experience shows that no software needs to be downloaded at all. Instead, it is simply accessed online via the end devices, if desired also via the smartphone or tablet.

Bitcoin Code experience with the winnings

We personally did not make any profits from the Bitcoin Code Test, because we actually only used the login via the website and the demo account for testing purposes. Therefore, we cannot make any statement about how many profits are actually realistic and whether the published figure of 13,000 Euro per day is actually correct. On the website itself there will always be objections about how many profits individual users have made. These vary considerably between a few 100 euros and several 1,000 euros. Anyone who sees such profits will undoubtedly be keen to gain Bitcoin Code experience themselves. However, we have held back for test purposes and evaluated the offer on the basis of our neutral reporting.


If users really want to take advantage of the benefits of the Bitcoin Code software and start with their own capital, a minimum deposit of 250 USD is required. However, this circumstance is initially concealed on the website. Now we could assume that users are being fooled by this, but after the free registration, a message immediately appears indicating that this minimum deposit is required for the actual trading activity. We can argue about whether the missing information on the website without registration is serious or not – just decide for yourself.

Note: In the Bitcoin Code Test we also looked for legal information in order to at least know which company is behind this offer. However, we could not find any information on the website.

Alternative trading options to the Bitcoin Code

We cannot give a clear recommendation based on our Bitcoin Code experience, nor can we speak of an obvious Bitcoin Code fraud. Therefore, we prefer to show which alternatives are still available for traders to use interesting financial instruments.


The Bitcoin Code offer is based on a software whose algorithm is supposed to make it possible to generate profits with a high probability. In practice, however, no investment is associated with exclusive profits, but losses are always incurred. Nevertheless, traders can take advantage of the crypto currency, for example, and trade profitably directly on the exchange coins. Whoever manages to acquire Bitcoin at a low price can use it to pay his bills from some providers or sell it at a profitable price. It depends on how the price analysis is performed and which market situation is currently prevailing. Trading Bitcoin is not always advantageous due to its volatility. We recommend using technical analysis as the easiest way to get started in price forecasting, because it gives traders the chance to spot downtrends. Those who manage to buy the coins at the best price can sell more expensively as demand increases, thus generating reliable profits. However, traders do not find an algorithm, such as the one used in Bitcoin Code, for example. Instead, they have to make their own efforts in price analysis, but with the right tools and indicators to support them, this is not at all difficult.


We still have a real insider tip, which is so completely different from the occasion of the Bitcoin Code. The users can earn for example Bitcoin also free of charge and do not need for it even own capital funds. The chance can be seized with the help of the Faucets, because the Websites or mobile applications pour out the Coins either automatically or after the fulfilment of some small tasks. Each Faucet project determines the exact amount itself. However, since the amount of coins is very small, it can take a little longer for the wallet to contain many coins that are worth selling. Users can approach it more skilfully if they register with several faucets at the same time and thus significantly increase their chances of earning money.


Mining is another option to get a Bitcoin. The users must operate for this however clearly more expenditure than for example with the Faucets, receive for it best case in addition, clearly more Coins. Activity as a miner is important in order to process the transactions in the network and thus contribute to the up-to-dateness of the block chain. However, Bitcoin Mining in particular requires a lot of computing power, so that conventional PCs at home can hardly realize this. Therefore, users often have to purchase expensive hardware and also pay a lot of electricity costs. Despite these expenses, it is not guaranteed that mining will actually become profitable. To bundle the computing power, we recommend joining a mining pool.

Trading different financial instruments with a broker

The Bitcoin Code experience shows that users can trade various financial instruments on the Website. In addition to foreign exchange, these include securities, commodities, indices and crypto currencies. Brokers also have a similar offer, although the algorithm with the high profit rate is naturally missing. Nevertheless, the broker offer is a good alternative to the Bitcoin Code offer. The brokers have the main advantage that they are regulated and the traders know what the security of their investments is like and that this is actually behind the offer. We were unable to find this information in our test, so that there is certainly the suspicion that it is a Bitcoin code fake.


If the traders decide to trade one of the many financial instruments with the broker, there are also numerous possibilities for the crypto currencies. Bitcoin CFDs, for example, are becoming increasingly popular with investors because they allow traders to take full advantage of the volatility of the price. Since the positions are usually only held for a short time, the smallest price fluctuations can also be taken along and even sideways trends can be traded profitably. Traders find an automatic mechanism for this with the broker only to a limited extent. Although there are automatic trading systems, they do not promise profit rates of 99.4 percent, as is the case with the Bitcoin code.


According to the Bitcoin Code, it almost seems as if no losses are incurred and as if the investors had no risk at all. The practical experiences at the market show however somewhat different, because even professional traders do not reach such enormous success ratios. Anyone who wants to invest in Bitcoin or other assets should always calculate and limit a risk precisely and take profits with them in the best possible way. It is important for brokers to limit losses, especially when trading CFDs, and to use take profit and stop loss positions, for example. Traders set the levels for profits and losses beforehand and can at best rely on the positions being closed when these levels are reached. Such precautions are ideal for all traders who trade as a hobby and cannot constantly follow the markets.


The principle of the Bitcoin code relies on an algorithm that is supposed to work on the basis of Bitcoin and makes losses almost impossible. These systems are of course not available from brokers, but traders do not have to do without automation and support for trading decisions. For example, there are well-known trading platforms where indicators and numerous tools for price analysis are available. This enables traders to make their trading decisions on a much more informed basis. If even more support is needed, they can turn to the EAs, which are even available free of charge. With the help of the automatic systems, promising situations in the market are analyzed and the traders have the option of trading automatically or taking action themselves based on this information.

Conclusion: Bitcoin code in test not the best solution for profits

We wanted to experience Bitcoin Code ourselves, as this novel concept is constantly appearing in the media. It is a specially developed software that is designed to achieve profit rates of 99.4 percent based on Bitcoin Code as an automated system. Admittedly, at this value we too would go into raptures, because this virtually eliminates losses in trading decisions. Realistically speaking, however, we have to admit that even professional investors cannot achieve such figures, because losses are always a given with every investment. Due to this fact, we are not sure whether this is a Bitcoin code fake or actually a completely new concept for traders. Whoever wants to try it out for themselves can use the free demo account for the risk-free Bitcoin code experience. To actually generate profits, however, a minimum deposit of 250 USD is required. Then, according to promises on the website, up to 13,000 euros will beckon daily. Such statements are ambivalent, so we rely on conventional and proven investment options. Many brokers, for example, also offer these, even with automated trading systems.

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