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BDSwiss Demo Account – risk-free insights into Forex and CFD

BDSwiss is a popular contact point for traders who want to become active in Forex and CFD trading. The broker works with a simple website, modern trading platforms and a comprehensive range of tradable securities. In order not to take too much risk right from the start, a BDSwiss demo account is provided. Through the automatic opening during account registration, every trader has access to the demo account. In addition to full access to the trading tools and full use of the platform, the demo also provides a good basis for getting a first impression of the broker’s offer.

  • Free demo account with automatic opening
  • Credit balance of 10,000 Euro
  • No limits on the duration
  • Access to MT4 or MT5

The BDSwiss demo account at a glance – classic test account for traders

Traders who are looking for a provider with a demo account will not find what they are looking for at BDSwiss at first glance. In fact, the broker does not actively advertise the possibility of using a BDSwiss CFD demo account or a BDSwiss Forex demo account. However, traders will eventually find what they are looking for in the FAQ area. This is where the question of whether there is a demo account is taken up. The broker points out that the practice access is opened automatically when the trader registers. After the registration process is completed, the demo account can also be accessed. This is automatically provided with a credit balance of 10,000 Euro. Due to the combination of real money and demo account it is not possible to use only the free practice solution at first.


The BDSwiss demo account has no limitations. However, once the credit has been used up, the account can no longer be used for the time being. By asking the broker’s support team, there is an option to possibly receive further credit. The broker is rather reserved with a virtual amount of 10,000 euros. Other brokers offer six or even seven-figure amounts. To open the first positions and get a feeling for the risk, the amount is sufficient. The account can also be used to get an overview of the trading platform and to get to know its features and tools.

With a demo account to success?

Forex and CFD trading involves a high level of risk. Brokers are encouraged to inform traders of the risks via the website. A complete loss of the invested capital can occur. Traders protect themselves with a demo account. The BDSwiss Test Account is used to avoid generating losses from the outset. The practice account therefore brings the following advantages:

  • Protect yourself against risks: Trading is always associated with risk. However, this can be reduced by good risk management. Hedging positions has long been one of the recommendations for trading. Hedging can be done at your leisure via the demo account. Traders get a feeling for what risk management can look like and what should be taken into account.
  • Develop fun: In the first steps the focus is usually still on the uncertainty. Traders are unfamiliar with many terms, have not yet carried out analyses and do not know what a strategy can look like. The fun moves far into the background. However, trading can be discovered quite easily via the demo version. This quickly makes it clear whether this form of investment is really of interest to the trader.
  • Get to know the trading platform: The trading platforms at BDSwiss are very extensive. They are tools that professional traders also like to use. The challenge of setting up and customizing the platform correctly can be tackled via the demo account.
  • Testing strategies: Traders who have already gained experience and would now like to put together new strategies can test and adapt them at their leisure in the test area.

Registration for the BDSwiss Demo Account

The demo version at the broker is integrated into the real money account. This means that traders open an account as normal and then automatically receive the BDSwiss demo account. You should allow a little time for the registration process, as it is recommended that you also carry out the verification directly. Please enter your first and last name, your place of residence, your telephone number and an e-mail address. The trader also selects a password. Then the request is submitted. The broker then sends an e-mail with confirmation. In the mail there is a link which is selected by the trader. With the confirmation of the registration, the account is set up and can normally be used if no real money is to be invested yet.


The verification itself requires some effort. Here documents must be submitted to the broker. For example, it is necessary to show a passport or identity card. Both documents must be valid for more than three months. The broker also requires proof of address. This checks whether the address given is correct. The proof of address is an invoice. Bills for Internet or telephone, for example, or for electricity and gas are accepted. It must be completely recognizable what kind of bill it is. It is also important that the address is visible. Only after these proofs have been submitted and accepted by the broker, the verification is complete.

Get an insight into the trading platforms with the BDSwiss demo

The BDSwiss Demo Account is used by traders to get a first overview of the trading platforms. The broker works with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 and traders decide which of the trading platforms they would like to use. The MetaTrader 4 is known as the leading trading platform worldwide. It can be used as WebTrader, mobile version or as software. The interface can be operated intuitively. The goal is that also beginners quickly recognize how to become active here. Through the news, which are constantly updated, the trader stays up to date. In addition to this, he can use different analysis variants and also display the chart analyses in such a way that they lie on top of each other. The free analysis tools provided on the platform are a great help for traders in developing a strategy.


The MetaTrader 4 account balance is displayed in great detail. In addition to the summary of the balance, traders can also see in the account how high the pending profits or losses are. Having your capital always in view, even if it is currently tied, simplifies trading. Especially with risky instruments, traders must not lose track of what is happening. MetaTrader 4 is not a proprietary trading platform for brokers. Numerous brokers use this software. It is also recommended by BDSwiss as a leading platform for beginners and advanced traders. At the same time, however, the broker offers MetaTrader 5 as an alternative.

Working with the BDSwiss Demo in MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 is described as a particularly comprehensive trading software. With the BDSwiss demo, traders can check whether the model is interesting for them or whether they would prefer to work with the MT4 version. The advantages of the MT5 are broadly based:

  • daily account statements ensure that traders keep track of their account
  • The use of automated trading is possible without problems
  • Overlay of analytical studies can be used
  • Use of take profit and stop loss is offered
  • Various display options for the user interface

Traders get access to multi-asset trading on more than 350 CFDs through MetaTrader 5, which they can incorporate into their strategy. When using it, they have complete access to their previous order history and can also view the history and learn from possible mistakes. An interesting feature is the option of using the software to display a total of 100 charts directly at the same time. In this way, an analysis can be carried out in particular detail.


The analysis is the most important tool for the trader. With extensive support it can be carried out effectively and in detail. The broker offers more than 80 technical indicators that can be used via MetaTrader 5. In addition, there are over 40 analytical objects. The orders themselves can also be placed as advanced order types. Among others, trailing stop and pending are available.

Test mobile trading via the BDSwiss demo account

The BDSwiss demo account can also be used for mobile use. Since it is available in the internal trading account, only the appropriate app is required. Both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are offered as apps. The download is offered free of charge in the respective app stores of Android and iOS. As soon as the app is installed, the trader logs in with his access and can get an overview of his account directly via the mobile device. The adaptation of the interface to mobile devices is particularly practical. Thus, it is also possible to monitor the real-time prices of financial instruments via the smartphone and to carry out the complete trading on the financial markets.


Of interest to the trader is the question of whether he can also perform the technical analysis via the mobile BDSwiss demo. This possibility is offered with the registration of the account. All tools for technical analysis are also available on the mobile device. Thanks to the optimised displays, it is normally not difficult for the trader to carry out the complete analysis on the mobile phone and check whether his strategy is successful. The offer is rounded off by the fact that financial news is also sent to the smartphone in the form of push messages. Staying up to date at all times is a particularly important effect for traders. The app allows BDSwiss users to monitor their positions while on the move and to react if there is an undesirable price trend.

Discover the tools of BDSwiss

In the BDSwiss Demo it is possible to engage in trading without taking any risk. This also includes getting to know the tools of the broker. The use of trading tools helps you to develop your own strategy. In this context, traders will find the following options at the broker:

trading alerts
Traders can also use the alerts for themselves in the BDSwiss Demo Account. These are made available in real time. The broker has set up a telegram channel for this purpose. Traders can take a look at the channel at any time and learn more about the alerts. These alerts carry out an analysis of the possible price directions and thus help the trader with the analysis.

The Autochartist is the automated technical analysis that can be used for more than 300 different assets. the interface ensures constant monitoring of the markets. All traders receive a notification when new trading opportunities are discovered by the tool. The personalized presets mean that the information is tailored to the trader and can be used to build your own strategy.

Economic Calendar
As developments, dates and events with an economic reference can have an influence on prices, the broker has compiled the economic calendar. Here you can see which events are imminent. This allows traders to keep track of what to look out for when they want to find out about possible factors influencing prices.

In the BDSwiss demo account, the trading tools can be tested at your leisure.

Broker training and further education

To be successful in trading, traders should know the most important basics. Many brokers see it as one of their responsibilities to provide traders with the tools they need to learn these fundamentals. Therefore, trading academies can often be found among the traders. BDSwiss also has them on offer. The training opportunities are divided into offerings for beginners, experienced and advanced traders. The offers are structured as courses, the course objectives are precisely defined by the provider. The introductory course for beginners is structured in such a way that after completing it, traders gain knowledge of the trading platform, charts and the basics of trading.

Traders who have already gained some experience will benefit from a more advanced course and learn how to analyze trends. They gain insight into the trading tools and learn how to use them. Advanced traders will get detailed insights into indicators and charting tools through the broker, learn about new strategies and get advice on how to develop their own strategies.


The webinars are a supplement to the courses. Webinars are held live. Traders register for participation. The current topics can be viewed on the website. Among other things, BDSwiss regularly offers a breakfast exchange with further information. The webinars are led by the broker’s analysts. They deal with the question of how exactly different parameters affect the assets, what this means for trading and how traders can use the information for their own benefit.

Overview of tradable assets at BDSwiss

In order to be able to weigh up whether the broker’s offer may be of interest to a trader, a look at the tradable securities is recommended. The tradable values are not only interesting for experienced traders. Beginners also think about which tradable values they want to use for their portfolios. A variety of trading instruments is therefore an important basis for being satisfied with a broker. BDSwiss offers the following stocks:

  • Indices: The most important stock indices in the world are made available for trading by the broker. You can choose from national and international indices.
  • Forex: Forex trading is one of the most important basics of the broker. The currency market is considered to be particularly liquid. For this reason, the trading activities on the market are particularly extensive and attractive for traders. It is important to hedge positions correctly. A BDSwiss demo account can be helpful here.
  • Commodities: Commodities have been traded for decades. The sometimes relatively stable prices ensure that some commodities are often used as hedging. But they are also used to generate returns. BDSwiss offers trading in gold, natural gas and oil, among other things.
  • Shares: The offer is rounded off by trading in shares. More than 100 different international shares can be traded via the broker.

Digital currencies offered by BDSwiss

The trading values at BDSwiss also include digital currencies. These are currently only offered by a manageable number of brokers. Digital currencies, also known as crypto-currencies, cause strong price fluctuations. The price fluctuations can provide a high return. However, they can also lead to heavy losses. For this reason, digital currencies are considered particularly risky and are used by traders who are willing to take this risk. The digital currencies are traded with CFDs. This means that traders do not need a digital wallet. Instead, they bet on the prices. The price fluctuations are the point of particular interest in this case.


The selection of digital currencies is versatile. The crypto-currencies went on the market with Bitcoin about ten years ago. In this context, it quickly became apparent that the need existed. Soon other digital currencies followed suit. Brokers also recognized the opportunities that currencies offer traders. In the meantime, more and more brokers are offering to trade the currencies. BDSwiss is one of them. To the trade offer belong meanwhile:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Neo

The digital currencies are traded as a currency pair with real money. This makes them part of the Forex product range. The broker specifies the margin requirement, the swap short and the swap long. The minimum and maximum trade sizes are also recorded. Listed on the website are the combinations that are currently available for trading.

Customer service at BDSwiss – different ways to contact us

If questions arise as to how risk-free trading via the broker can be carried out, or if there are problems with deposits and withdrawals, it is necessary to contact customer support. This is offered by BDSwiss in German and other languages. In principle, support is available in nine different languages. By offering local numbers, the costs for the trader should be kept as low as possible. With regard to telephone support, a “call back” is also provided. This means that customers can ask for a call back. This offer is particularly interesting when there is no time to remain in the queue. As soon as an employee is free, he or she calls back. Support is available around the clock five days a week.


In addition to telephone customer service, there are also other contact channels that can be used. For example, employees are available via the media “WhatsApp and Telegram”. A live chat is also offered via the website. This can provide fast and effective help in the event of acute problems. The various communication channels are offered via buttons on the website. After selecting the respective button, traders can find out what the next step is to be in order to speak to a customer service representative.

Conclusion: The BDSwiss demo account must be searched

Unlike other brokers, BDSwiss does not advertise directly with the offer of a test account. Instead, traders must actively search to find out if there is a possibility for a practice account with the broker. However, this offer plays an important role for beginners who would like to start trading without risk. In recent years, the opinion that BDSwiss does not offer a demo version has become increasingly widespread. However, the broker points out on its website that this version is available. Whoever registers an account will automatically receive the practice version.

The demo account is classically structured and has a credit balance of 10,000 euros. However, the sum is sufficient, especially for the first steps on the trading floor of Forex and CFD. If you are thinking about investing more money, you will reach the limits here. A request for support can possibly ensure that the virtual credit is replenished.

However, to get to know the trading platform, open the first positions and work with leverage, the demo offer of the broker can be considered sufficient. Therefore, this possibility is especially interesting for beginners who, in combination with the offered education and training, would like to make their beginnings secure. The low effort as well as the full access to the tools and the trading platforms ensure that the demo account from BDSwiss can do well in a test and is also recommendable for the trader.

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