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Trading platforms are still the basis for traders to trade binary options, currency pairs or CFDs in the first place. The technical development in this area has been enormous in recent years, which certainly has to do with the fact that customers have ever higher expectations of the trading platform provided by the broker. In most cases, it is no longer sufficient to be able to place an order or view your portfolio turnover via the trading platform. Instead, many clients expect as many functions as possible and also information that is made available free of charge on the trading platform. Some brokers are content to offer only one trading platform, while other providers offer several options. This group of brokers includes BDSwiss, which provides several versions of the platform, simply because it offers trading in currency pairs and CFDs as well as binary options.

What makes a good trading platform?

For an increasing number of traders, the trading platform is an important decision criterion, so that it contributes significantly to the fact that customers choose a particular broker. Fortunately, almost all Forex, CFD and Binary Options brokers now offer their clients the opportunity to try out the trading platform for free. This can be done with a so-called demo account, which in principle is a mirror image of the real trading platform, except that virtual capital is used to simulate trading.

Anyone who has already used several trading platforms of different brokers will certainly have noticed that although the technology is now relatively uniform, there are some significant differences between the trading platforms in terms of functions and information. Therefore, not all trading platforms perform equally in test reports, but there are significant differences in the performance and quality of the trading platform.

Among the functions, tools and services that a trading platform should be able to offer today from the point of view of many traders are, for example

  • Clarity
  • clearly structured design
  • Usability
  • fast order execution
  • Chart display
  • One-Click-Trading (trading from the chart)
  • complete account and portfolio management
  • Retrieval of historical data
  • Display of real time courses
  • current financial market news
  • Analysis tools

This list is already very extensive, but it represents only a part of the services and functions that traders today expect from a trading platform. In the following part of our guide we would like to go into detail about the trading platforms provided by the broker BDSwiss.

Stationary and mobile trading with Broker BDSwiss

As mentioned at the beginning, BDSwiss is one of the Forex brokers that offer several trading platforms or several variants. These are both stationary and mobile trading platforms, so that traders can access their trading account and the functions of the trading platform both from the comfort of their home PC and while on the move.

In the overview, the following versions of the trading platforms are provided by the Broker:

  • MT4 for Web
  • MT4 for Windows
  • MT4 for Mac
  • MT4 for iOS
  • MT4 for Android
  • Binary WebTrader
  • Binary for iOS
  • Binary for Android

At first glance, it may sound as if the broker provides eight different trading platforms. However, this is not the case, as the list naturally takes into account that the stationary and mobile trading platforms are offered for different operating systems.

Therefore, it is useful to note first of all that the broker BDSwiss offers three basic types of trading platform, namely

  • Platform for trading CFDs and currency pairs
  • Platform for trading binary options
  • a suitable mobile trading platform or apps

Mobile and stationary trading of currency pairs and CFDs

Those who have decided to trade forex or CFDs via the broker BDSwiss can do so either via the WebTrader or via a desktop version. In any case, the trading platform offered is MetaTrader 4, which is considered the most renowned trading platform in the field of forex trading.

MetaTrader 4 for Forex Trading at BDSwiss:

First of all, the Broker offers the “MT4 for Web”, which means that MetaTrader 4 is directly accessible through the browser. This has the advantage that you can use MetaTrader from any PC, because no software needs to be installed. A small disadvantage, however, is that the functions of the “MT4 for Web” are a bit more limited compared to the desktop version, or cannot be used in the large variety as it is the case with the download version.

For those who do not need the flexibility of being able to trade from different PCs or laptops, the Broker provides the MetaTrader 4 as a desktop version. The version is suitable for computers with the Windows operating system as well as for MAC, i.e. Apple computers. The functions of MetaTrader are extensive in every version and it is definitely the most professional trading software for CFD and Forex trading. For example, there is the possibility of trading directly from the chart, numerous charts can be displayed and the trader has countless analysis tools and up-to-date information at his disposal.

The MetaTrader is not only offered by the broker in a stationary version, but also for mobile trading. For this purpose, the Broker offers two apps, one for mobile devices with the iOS operating system and one for devices with the Android operating system. Of course, the functions here are not quite as varied as with the “MT4 Web” or the desktop variant, but in our opinion they are nevertheless perfectly adequate for traders who can use all basic functions while on the move. In addition, the mobile version via the app is not lacking in speed, so there are no deficits in this area. For a list of all MetaTrader Brokers, please refer to our MetaTrader Broker Comparison.

Binary Trader for trading with binary options

The broker BDSwiss not only offers trading in CFDs and foreign exchange, but also in binary options. For this purpose, it has developed its own trading platform especially for this type of trading, which is called Binary WebTrader.

Binary Trader for binary options at BDSwiss:

This trading platform can be accessed directly via the browser, just like the “MT4 for Web”, and is used exclusively for trading binary options. The trading platform is not only provided as WebTrader, but also for mobile trading. If you have a tablet or smartphone equipped with the Android or iOS (for iPhone and iPad) operating system, you can also use the trading platform for trading binary options via app. The functions and information are useful, so you have a good tool in your hands to trade binary options as successfully as possible.

By the way, the broker also provides a demo account, without time limit and of course free of charge. In principle, all explained versions of the trading platform can be tested first, so that you can get a feeling for the functions and use of the trading platform.

Conclusion on the trading platform and trading apps

The range of different trading platforms offered by the broker BDSwiss is not as confusing as it may appear at first glance. Instead, there are three basic variants, namely the trading platform for trading binary options and the trading platform that can be used for trading CFDs and currency pairs. In addition, the broker also offers both variants in a mobile version, where the traders can access the trading platform and their trading account via the corresponding app. For Forex and CFD trading, MetaTrader 4 is probably the best trading platform in this segment. But also the specially developed Binary WebTrader is impressive because it enables smooth trading with binary options.

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